Tyas Social Project – Going Palliative

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#TyasSocialProject #8

Pita Kuning going Palliative Care, focuses on Psycho-Social based activities.

After 3 months trial practices from October to December 2016, also show casing pur new service to media and donors on January 2017 we tried to review on the learnings we have up til now.

Information, knowledge, lessons, each case we found have let us fill in and also improve the structure of our service formulation.

However we have still a lot to learn, absolutely, nevertheless there are concrete cause and effect all in written. To find solutions of problems and how to handle them, what to do, why do we need protocols and operational supporting activities also division of support will lead to so many things, including the operational cost needed.

Again, knowledge management. How it is important for a single method taken from the learnings of 5 chosen child, within 3 months assisting activities and distribution fund supports. My hope, within time it will improve and progress with the same objective, to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their family.

After that 3 months learning, we then know and understand more expecially on children with cancer, nursing and care taking. Based on KPKN childhood cancer countermeasures,

we have found and finally understood that all these times what we have done through our activities are actually building efforts and how important palliative care was. The understanding back then was not yet been educated. And the comprehension of what is Palliative Care is also misunderstood.

Palliative Care is not only for cancer patient that are in later stage but needed right from the start. Palliative Care cannot be replaced by any medical treatment but as an aspect that completes each other, even needed after the patient is passed away for the family that has impacted.

Palliative Care is a series of efforts in trying to reduce the pain, trying to help accept the fact of having cancer with patient and their family, trying to help overcome the impact made by the disease in the end to improve the quality of life for the child with cancer and their family.

To improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their family as our main goal meaning, we aim for family productivity. When a member of the family is sick or could not perform normally it usually impact the the balance of the family’s daily routine. If many family are defected their ability to perform in their daily lives, hence the quality of life a community or a region as result there will be in a limp. Trying to seek the best solution comes from a bigger dream. We want to be a part of a better Indonesia.

For us finding the alignment of our main purpose and our background history as well as our need to grow was eventually taken from the 3 months trial activities. It was indeed a relief.

Of course by going palliative there will be some adjustments needed for the organisation. But wherever we are, working anywhere, there are no guarantee on what changes would might had happen, at anytime. For me, the most important as I am still at my service, is the main purpose why I am here in the first place. And therefore the main objective has not changed. Still within and align with the promise, the agreement for this organisation to have a strong platform, to become better and the have the opportunity to help more children with cancer in Indonesia.

Pandji Pragiwaksono, Founder and Council of Pita Kuning once said, “we, still have many opportunities and have the ability to be flexible in our own lives. But, the children we are helping do not. Always give space to grow within this organisation. Solely and purposely for the children.”



For Pita Kuning we still need to do so many things in order to get the ideal Palliative Care based services. Through our skills and our capacity.

We then started to joint partnership and try to affiliate with a lot of parties so that we can rise above, be strong and steady to give the best that we can do of each year’s goals.

In managing our service combine both on volunteering and hired workers, the supporting cost we need also would be an important aspect.

We also need to partner and educate the awareness those who wants to join together for the same cause, helping children with cancer. My hope that Pita Kuning could be a part of the larger ecosystem of childhood cancer countermeasures in Indonesia. and also can be able to partner with anyone who share the same mission.

Currently, I am proud that Pita Kuning has started to collaborate with other foundations that has the same understanding on the importance of palliative care.

Rachel House Indonesia and Rumah Harapan Valencia are 2 foundation that has the same mission as Pita Kuning.

Rachel House Indonesia mission is to provide palliative care for children living with life-limiting conditions, allowing them to live with joy and dignity in a non-discriminatory, safe and loving environment. Rachel House helps children in Indonesia with AIDS and Cancer from underprivileged families through medical support that was referred by doctors. It was a fortunate coincidence, that the new CEO of Rachel House, mba Kartika Kurnisari is our dear friend from Putera Sampoerna Foundation.

Hand in hand we work together to help children with cancer. Now together with Rachel House from the medical side and Pita Kuning from the psycho-social side. Starting from early assessment up til bereavement we support palliative care needs for each of our child with cancer and their family. We also have amonthly monitoring meetings to review progress and learn the needs ultimately to have a good management case system and could help each other fill in the gap in support to help those in our care, at Jabodetabek.

As with Rumah Harapan Valencia we agreed to take care together those child with cancer within the pyscho-social activities. Mba Silly invited us to continue our support to other cities in Indonesia. Pray to make that happen.

Small Note : In the social activist world, it is never impossible to work together. What we are doing is to help those in needs. Whoever is lacking will be supported by others. And of course the spirit of competition will never die. Ramya Prajna, a social impact enthusiast and educator says, competition within the social initiative world will push productivity and therefore makes the industry becomes lively and more exciting.

To manage well, we also started to learn on the true role of Social Worker. We met with an expert of Social Worker, mba Nurul Eka Hermawan . Mba Eka, as she is called, as work and a consultant for the Social Department and International institution for many years. Through her experience and guidance we started to recruit Social Worker to be our case manager for our children we have at Pita Kuning. They also become the bridge to each multidiscipline parties of Palliative Care, according to the needs of each child. They are also the coordinator of volunteers as each group of volunteers support each appointed child with cancer and their family in a group of 3-5 by weekly assisting programs.

Pita Kuning team with Mba Nurul Eka (expert on Social Worker) and mba Ita D Azly (Family Psychologist)

Currently, Pita Kuning has 3 Social Worker that are dedicated to be the coordinator to volunteers and communities. They are true millennials. Isn’t that incredible ?

I do hope, each child gets a continuance story through their case management that can be shared. To be used as a monitoring learning or a proof of concept for us every case always has a goal objective to reach both psycho-socially.

And in the end, I truly believe the impact of what we do will make a full circle of hope for the sustainability of Pita Kuning as part of the childhood cancer countermeasures ecosystem. All for the best in doing good together.

And that is why it is time for me to let go.

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Tyas Social Project – the formulation

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#TyasSocialProject #6

How did we formulate Pita Kuning new product of service cornerstone.

Making changes needed in Pita Kuning, producing a new machine for Pita Kuning, besides the re-organisation needs we need a formula for the new product service. Product hear means Pita Kuning main service activities. The foundation for Pita Kuning ecosystem. The main purpose and why we are here today.

It is important to review the form of what is best suited hence give real benefits for our children with cancer and their parents but also if possible becomes one long lasting productivity align with the type of organisation and also our operating systems.

That is why in terms making the changes needed or building foundation, I made an analogy as we are developing a new machine.

In the early stage we would raise questions like, what is the right way to give support  our children. What is not yet available yet very much needed for children with cancer from underprivileged families.

The other question are, how can the right services give benefits to those who needs help ?

In the early assessment and recommendation which was understood both the importance and reason behind the problems including who are the stakeholders and therefore direct the trajectory of this Foundation.

As we enter an early phase we understood that we need to develop many joint cooperation. The process of getting to know and working together either way as temporary or long run has to be accepted and then could avoid an wrong expectations in building ones formula of servicing activities later on.

To me, what was needed,

  • A framework of a learning process and early research,
  • An activity that could build some sort of prototype or maybe “proof of concept”
  • And an activity that could produce a service through a work of process.

I would admit it will take a long journey understanding where we are now and what have Pita Kuning done in the past.

We have done quite a lot. At that time what we have done was a concept by the name of Kliniko-Psycho-Social.  A series of servicing activities that supports activities of clinical, medical, psychological and social.

What was lacking here ? Are there any obstacles in operating it? To understand completely meant to review to the core as if we were to opening a new page. Us, the new people were getting an opportunity to learn from the start.

But what about all that has happened and with the servicing activities before ? The fact is, there are no data. No written knowledge as those experience was with those who had the experience. When that person no longer with the organisation, all the effort and all the information vaporised with them. And therefore it takes a lot of effort for the new guys to learn let alone to continue the journey.

Understanding the fundamental of these services are based on those trust given based on the facts what has sustain in the lives of this organisation with its stakeholders.

So where do we start ?

There are a few important aspects in the process of building a service. I divide them into 2 parts of the framework :

First, a base formulation of a framework that we can later on needed to fill according to the learnings and needs we gathered in the field.


Secondly, people who are experts in their fields. A Task Force for Pita Kuning services program.

The Formulation Service Pita Kuning

To me, the understanding for formulation becomes crucial for an organisation driven by a social or  humanitarian by volunteers because of the health aspect, meaning what we support is childhood cancer. Therefore the key is knowledge management. The objective are,

  • Structured and systematic,
  • Follow a purpose as based,
  • Form in composition and aspects,
  • Able to see the progress and each of the changes.
  • Taken from what we learn in the field based on patient habits and their families that also manifest by the learnings as we gathered in the field.
  • Based on varied of situation and condition we have at Pita Kuning.
  • Regularly monitored and measured each time we progressed.

I would give a parable from point A as the base structure. Describe as a framework, ideas and early assumptions. And point Z is the ideal form. That would give a solution life cycle that supports each other.

As an example, point A can totally be changed into point C but the goal as to be a sustainable media to support Indonesian children with cancer from underprivileged families can never be changed.

The end goal is sustainability of course. Pita Kuning wants to be able to take part on childhood cancer countermeasures in Indonesia, especially for those who really needs help.

How to do all the list above ? The answer was, knowledge management.

As we progress and learn, I become aware that many findings became something that we need to change on our service. I only hoped, who ever is the future leader could follow the discipline in recording methods that we have started here.

Knowledge management is essentially important for an organisation especially when the fast changes happens as the same spirit as the people who wants to support us.

The new Pita Kuning Philosophy

  • The Ribbon symbolises our commitment in advocating our thrusts, and in achieving sustainability in our operations.
  • The color Yellow represents the positive energy and passion as we demonstrate who we are, what we do, and why we do it as an organisation.
  • The name Pita Kuning embodies our pledge to spread awareness on and aid children with cancer, as we wholeheartedly perform our duties to provide sustainable programs with our partners that share the same goal, which is to improve the quality life of children with cancer and their families.

Lets continue.

In August , the formulation structure was like this :

In my head, my structure of thinking, I divided into a few stages :

  • First stage, a form of assisting method with education as supporting base activities.
  • Second stage, a form of assisting method for child with cancer who needs help (underprivileged background)
  • Third stage, an activity of giving funding.

All three stages are activities are an entity on its own. However each of them would benefits the formulation lifecycle we are aiming to build.

When developing a product services, in our case for social cause, we need to figure out how or what should become the basic form from an assisting model activities. For me, at that time, I would think it would be best to be

  • modular, because of their modular construction these are easily replaced, enabling quick refurbishment and turn round.
  • has an educational base activities each modules. Wether be it to educate the medical aspect or any other knowledge supporting the assisting activities for the child and family that supports the child needs.

However, what we found later on was the educational aspects seeks more than that. From the assisting formulation sides, we divided into 2 parts. A division to manage the volunteer and a division to manage the support knowledge needed for this assisting activities. How and what do we need for this ?

  • And on the distribution of support fund, the formula needs to have a measurable and clear aspects on its own.

As we learn from managing the process, in order to achieve that life cycle aspect that we want.

So since  2017, the development of our servicing product becomes this, a palliative care services focuses on providing pyscho-social benefits.

Ho we proceed,

What happens between August 2016 to the end of 2016 ?

After we have agreed on the formulation structure, we then have to figure out how to fill in with exercising some trial activities. We had 2 months to prepared everything up to a point where we need to choose 5 candidates for us to help.

Why within 2 months, we aim to share what we have learn to external parties by a certain date. Based on the plan, there were some steps to conquer in objective to build a new machine prototype, the 1st draft formulation of our product services.

By October 2016, we started to learn from our assisting activities and distribution support of funds for 3 months til December. Our hope, from all the learnings and findings gave us a much more clearer picture of what does it takes or how to describe “tepat manfaat” or the fight support/benefits, specialising in childhood cancer for underprivileged family.

We then also open ourselves to meet with other foundations and institutions or communities that has some relation with childhood cancer. We tried our best to approach and open ourselves to inputs and also incidents happened in the past, before our time of course. After all, we are all new to this. It doesn’t matter for us because we basically we all have a commonality, a huge desire to learn.

By the end of 2016, the next step after exercising the trial prototype, we presented our ide, this new concept, to the ourside world. Through media media luncheon show casing and sharing our stories. On the same day, we also gathered donors that have work with us also to share what we have done and also to introduce the new team.

In the end, this is an experiment of how media and donors see us with this new concept and how the potentials in the future in humanitarian social driven cause. We also knew it is important to share progress as we are fully aware of the responsibility to the public and those who have supported us.

Who is us ?

As I begin to carry on change management, I have met with a lot of people that has the same pathways with us, with our mission, people who have the same mission with us. We eventually met with people that Pita Kuning needs right now, that fits in with us, people who wants to help also people who wants to join.

Before i share more about these people, how it went from the beginning, I want to share 2 videos of Jack Ma that I felt have the same thinking as I do.

Similar in two ways.

First, search for people who is smarter than you.

A similar understanding with Jack Ma was about the misconception about being a leader that does not mean you have to know everything. I do not have any background in health nor do i have any experience in childhood cancer. I am not an expert in building business and I am aware of that. But I was trusted with this mission based on my experience, my ability, my skill set, to build a fundamental ground works that this organisation needs.

Why ? Because,

In search for the best in the field might be easy. It was necessary meeting the needs of change management at Pita Kuning. If we get it right, it would be an advantage for Pita Kuning. But to search for right people considering our resource and conditions we have,  was a challenge on its own. Usually, those who has the both the capacity and the leaderships skills has its own challenge.  And that leads to the point no 2.

Hal kedua, search the right people.

Pita Kuning is not for everyone. The key to finding the right candidate has to fit in with the needs with want for Pita Kuning .

  1. They have to have a capacity in the field, meaning experience, skills, knowledge to build Pita Kuning, and also accustomed to a work in a structured form and manner.
  2. Have a spirit of start-up, a sense of entrepreneurship. This means we a cannot afford for people who only care for doing their part but also help and support other parts when needed. Everybody needs to be able to do everything at the same time.
  3. Compassionate is a must. Having the heart who wants to help others. Pita Kuning is sosial philanthropy. What is means is the work is mainly to help other people. This person MUST have a liking to help other people. That person has to have that sense of understanding, what is reality and a great acceptance of certain condition that are very different.

These three aspect are not only for volunteers but also hired worker and anyone who wants to join us. We are on a mission to search the right candidate for the job.

“Pita Kuning embodies our pledge to spread awareness on and aid children with cancer, as we wholeheartedly perform our duties to provide sustainable programs with our partners that share the same goal”

Nevertheless, those who has leaderships quality in them are not only bright but has their own idealism. Has the experience, and not afraid to speak out. Critical and with their own character.

Those who has their own determination, expectations and style of work. Of course there will be some sort of “ego” friction, one common thing that would happened. But one thing that made be so proud was the fact that each and everyone one for those whom I have asked to join, I shared Pita Kuning story, then eventually joined and witness the activities would have a rather difficulty in letting go Pita Kuning.  Those who understood what Pita Kuning represent would loved and wanting more to contribute.

I would make an example like playing ball. Just like any other organisation we keep the ball going, together, from one part to another, and so it goes on. Here, at Pita Kuning, everytime I would see that ball being passed, the person who is handling the ball would want to take good care of it. That is how I’d admired Pita Kuning team, again, without any exception. I am at my most admiration and a privilege to be a part of them. Incredible people.

They could of course choose their paths another way, but they chose to stay or help in any way they can. Whatever it takes.

And how about millennials ? Most of the team members of this organisation are a millennial so what do i have to say based on my experience with them, and you may quote me on this,

“give them a great cause and the opportunity to have a huge responsibility. give them the power”

In particular to those who has supported building the new formulation of Pita Kuning, some has great contribution they have given. Who are they ? Go to click The Task Force.

Next, Going Palliative Care.

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Tyas Social Project – The beginning of change

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#TyasSocialProject #5

What happen when making a change for Pita Kuning.

After we have agreed on the findings and direction in December 2015, the options on “re-established” Pita Kuning is the next planning to do.

The next plan were, to develop a description or a reference action plan that we are going to do. What do we need to do the changes we need to do for the Pita Kuning organisation.

On each planning I always wanted to have a pattern or some sort of guidelines that I could use to relook or look back, to see where we are. The guidelines is essentially my framework to re-look and adjust according to what happens later. What will happen in the field or the learnings throughout the journey.

So I can look again, gathering all that has happened and go thru step by step all the details that should’ve happen. After all it is a plan. Execution is another thing. Planning also is a part of what you envision could be executed.

Tips. Planning and executions. 2 very different activity yet each has to stick together. Connect with each other. Answers one another. We adjust, adapt, re-arrange the plan just to fit in the main goal, the condition, the findings we received along the way. Putting pieces together, building one thing in to another, just like playing puzzles. All to make something a sense of meaning.

At that time, the objective of the plan had only 2 goals. Better management and rejuvenate of the product services.

Those are the most immediate things that we need to discuss together.

  1. How to build a new engine
  2. How to show the engine works
  3. Launch the engine.

On the early discussions between planning and executions, we always, me and the leaders imagine the importance of community based partnerships.

A unity of strength and depend with each others strength towards the same goal, helping Indonesian children with cancer. What a wonderful world it is when we all come together and focus on the bigger picture.

Aside from that, based on the understanding we could never be here forever, a healthy rotation, giving new opportunities to new people who comes with fresh new ideas  and continue the journey with all their compassion.

One of the promise I shared was this journey that we would embark will be seen compelling and for those who are involve, be it hired worker or volunteer can inspire each other. And therefore will not be a burden to avoid the saying of “a life time helper”.

That was the plan. So what actually happened ?

 Paving the way.

Ploughing if I may say. From all my findings and conditions that was agreed with the shortcoming and weaknesses of Pita Kuning, I need to made some activities that was about opening doors or a pathway to understand.

Orangtua Pasien Kanker Anak RSKD, 21 Juli 2016

Pita Kuning, Love Pink, CISC

YOAI, Yayasan Kanker Anak Pertama di Indonesia

From getting to know and establishing relationships, I have got meaningful insights. Findings of what is lacking that needed to be filled by us, Pita Kuning. Given by parents of the child with cancer as well as by other foundation friends. My approach was personal and with a kinship way of mannerism. It might seems humble and naive but for me as a human being, sometimes what we need was something simple.

And I feel, these approach was what made Pita Kuning accomplished and gain that relationship. Wether with new or old, in the end open our chances for people to get to know us, the real Pita Kuning, who we actually are. We, as in the people. People connect with people. It is important for people to relate with us. It is a necessary approach hence we are an organisation that supports humanity. No matter how ugly or you get slam on the door honestly for me it is ok. Someone needs to do it, might as well be me. I remember my father once said “it takes a bigger person to have a bigger heart Tyas”. Smile.

I feel Pita Kuning needed the kind of leadership that has the ability and humility it needs. The leader must meet the challenges by meeting with those who are in those situations with us. In difficult times like making changes or the need to change we need to build relationships, we need to learn and feel what it means to be inside an association, to a possibility fuse or combined action, build alliances.

Besides that it is like playing legos or puzzles when a part of the information existed, there are still a lot to be filled, and yet the process of changes needs to be executed and with the exact form of organisation clearly is yet to be identified. What I do have is a vision. A vision of what I would like this foundation to be. So I stick to that. Focus on that.

Just like any organisation, we, the board of management and I understood clearly that we are determine about the changes that we have to make. That is to make the best of what we feel could support this foundation in the long run. We see the potential of what this organisation can do. So the planning of this should be as ideal as how an actual business plan should be.

However. At that time. There are so many loop holes that needs to be filled in in order to develop an actual ideal business plan. We were not yet normal. But what is normal anyway nowadays.

Nevertheless, we agreed on the fact that those holes are somewhat cavity or errors and weaknesses, shortcomings and mistakes. That doesn’t matter now, however. The most important for me is that we all agreed, identified and work our way to change. So for me there is no way than not to go forward. Will just need to figure out somehow, so just…. Go.

Change Management.

Essentially the next action is change management. Reorganisation. Our internal context of the organisation. For all the reasons I have told earlier, what we need to do, what to expect.

On this case, to figure who we are might be easier but to fit with the needs currently needed in Indonesia might be different.

Change management. is a collective term for all approaches to preparing and supporting individuals, team, and organisation in making organisational change. It includes methods that redirect or redefine the use of resources, work process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly change a company or organisation.

Some people understand the importance of change management. Some feel it is unnecessary.

Well it is entirely up to the who is leading the change. Before entering Pita Kuning, I too had experience change management in my previous work place. So I knew how it felt to be the old guys and the new guy in this matter. It’s never easy. There are no easy way to do it. You just try you best but you cannot make everybody happy. And then again, it is not your job too. At this point the job is a smooth transition as possible.

Maintain the questions coming in to you. That’s a good thing. For those who do otherwise or might I say “messing up” don’t even bother. They are monkeys and they are not your circus. I said in my head.

1st list to do is series of announcements and open discussions to cater questions and have time to explain also moderate the conversation happening in a way that you want the narration to be.

So throughout January til June I announced and take efforts in meeting with all sides of the stakeholders.

The announcements are basically, why need to change, what to do and how to do it.

No matter how this is a change. It doesn’t matter how small it is or what size of the organisation. And, for any organisation there is a need and responsibility to announce the changes we are heading and agreed together for the main purpose. That means together we all understood and ready to work together for the betterment of this foundation.

Stakeholders Pita Kuning was consist of so many counterparts, first and foremost our child with cancer and their family, the donator, volunteers, experts on childhood cancer, like doctors, nurses, hospitals, psychologist other foundation and communities that carries the same missions including other parties involves and joint cooperation with Pita Kuning, such as children’s driven community, education and so on.

How easy it was ?

From January to April.

  • As much as possible recruitment internal team identifying their skill and willingness to move together to the direction that we want to go. Agreed to be volunteering skills like IT, HRD, then also in the lookout for candidates of hired workers that has not only the experience but also the heart to do social related work.
  • Finding partners that could support the new formulation of service. Let it be from a skill set professionals such as doctors, psychologist, leaders in volunteering area who has established their own independent social initiatives organisation, meet ups with children and education communities. Gathering knowledge and information.
  • Identifying Pita Kuning owned narratives and initial content for transitions. And also announcing on ready medium like our website and social media.
  • Take the effort to meet and engage with each stakeholders.
  • Transitions on legal and also finance.

April May

As things beocmes more clearer, one of the founders, Pandji Pragiwaksono and I met with the Foundation’s trustee Pakde Indro Warkop who was acting as the controller for Pita Kuning. The meeting and discussions went nonstop for full 2 hours and ended with an Amen by him of all the planning and of course take note of his well wishes.

Grand Indonesia, April 2016

We begin hiring in May 2016. And started many activities that was very different from before. And that is when #sayaPitaKuning started. #sayaPitaKuning means I am Pita Kuning.

#sayaPitaKuning is one subtle way, to fix and grow all together a sense of ownership towards this organisation. As this is a 8 year old organisation, there are many supporters that never left all of our existing channels in social media. However it was long never any updates. To me this was very interesting. There was a chance that people wanted to still be a part of Pita Kuning.

#sayaPita Kuning started from sharing those who are inside this organisation to those who are new. The intention was to refresh the memories of the supporters that was online of the purpose and what we have done, as we also continue later becomes a bridge to the new things we would like later to share.

To awaken the old Pita Kuning that was never had a voice. As the voice was supported when there was events or activations by the voice of influencers.

To manage an organisation that as build upon caring for humankind has a very impactful togetherness sense. As the fact is that there are still people following and not wanting to un-follow each channels on social media proves the needs to know more and wanting to care hence a sense of fondness towards this organisation consider them wanting to be a part of Pita Kuning.

On the understanding of how a community grow we can all agree that the intention they join in the first place was because of a similarity, a same likeness that made the same evenness. That similarity is what started them to attract  and join a community. Either way of because of the same likeness, habits, or circumstances. As usually, the most vigorous bond of them all is when they have a same circumstances like cancer.

Pita Kuning main purpose was to help children with cancer from underprivileged families. Those to have a commonality experience in cancer, a parent of cancer patient, have a passion in volunteering and children who are sick. These circumstances makes a Pita Kuning community have a strong bond. As the cause is also strong. Because it is for humanity. A direct reason without any limitation or any other reason other than helping a child with a sickness.

There were never any big campaign at that time. But we started from sharing about the new things at Pita Kuning.

Volunteering recruitment for instance and also searching for hired worker for operational staff members. There were also some introducing activities of the old and the new members at Pita Kuning. And those activities was executed together starting from 2016 onwards. Every pictures of meetings, any internal or external activities we would highlight #sayaPitaKuning.

What I need to highlight is that Pita Kuning that has been here for years and years but apparently was lacking or minimum activities in introducing themselves. It was only when chance of an event or external activities like fundraising with support from outside the organisation.

For me, we need not to wait or ask to start a conversation, we do not need to fear if ever that door will not open, we do not need to hesitate for whatever the pass might have happened, as we start by saying, “hello, I am Pita Kuning, I want to be a part of the childhood cancer countermeasures support group.” Am I right ?

“Revive” Pita Kuning is the main goal on change management stage.

Other ways in are doing activities right where there are crowd full of noise. Or when there are communities activities like events and such.

We then started to activated all social media channels we owned. Highlighting who we are, what have we done, where are we heading through stories planed by Pita Kuning editorial content. For us, what matter to be known and being highlighted since in pass those social media are active only during big activities or campaign.

Yes we had a huge following but that was because of the support of our leaders and supporter of our influencer friends during a fundraising campaign.

Whereas other than fundraising, I am sure that Pita Kuning friends on social media wants to know more. Or else they would not hold on to us, stick with us, on all our channels of social media.

On offline, we also chose places, venues, that has “a crowd” or “a buzz” worthy quality or a community based value that we can tap into. Hoping that doing the activities on those specific places could add youth supporters, refresh in new taste of social liking, grow a new sense of curiosity and be quite favourable of what we are preparing for the future of Pita Kuning.

As example, we do our activities at Loop Telkomsel, Makaham, Jakarta Selatan. A place for youth community open for all and free. Its a place where youth can hangout and utilised their community activities.

On this occasion, we use this place for our recruitment process. Hired and volunteer shortlisted are bing interviewed here.

Pita Kuning was build by young volunteers passionate to help others. That understanding will never change. And we would like to affiliate ourselves with any youth activities, togetherness, applied in all our efforts.

#SayaPitaKuning Lets always do good together.

Loop Telkomsel, May 2016

Buka Puasa Bersama Old and New Team, 15 Juni 2016

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Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Belajar menabung bagi si Kecil

Belajar menabung atau belajar menghargai uang bagi si Kecil adalah sesuatu yang selalu menjadi agenda setiap orangtua.

Saya sendiri belajar dari pengalaman diri sendiri maupun memperhatikan kearifan kerabat dan keluarga saya dalam pentingnya menabung. Saat ini anak saya memasuki umur 6 tahun. Umur dimana dia sudah dapat menentukan pilihannya sendiri, kesukaan maupun apa yang diinginkannya.

Tidak jarang dia meminta untuk dibelikan suatu barang atau pergi ke tempat yang dia inginkan.Memiliki anak yang independen berpikir memang salah satu tujuan kami sebagai orangtua. Tapi kamipun ingin agar anak kami belajar untuk mengerti pentingnya untuk menghargai hidup dan belajar untuk terbiasa berusaha sendiri. Survival skills and fighting spirit akan kami coba untuk mulai ajarkan secara perlahan, one step at a time.

Mungkin cerita saya dapat mencerahkan bagi orangtua yang sedang mempersiapkan buah hatinya belajar menabung. Anak jaman now sangat kritis, tentu akan banyak pula pertanyaannya, “Kenapa harus di bank, Ma?”Bagi orangtua yang tentunya banyak yang perlu diketahui saat memilih tabungan untuk anak.

Mulai dari, memperkenalkan bank sebagai tempat untuk menabung hingga apa saja yang perlu disiapkan saat menabung di bank ?Kami mulai dari kemauan anak untuk menabung. Sejak masuk TK, anak kami diperkenalkan untuk menabung di celengan. Jadi sudah mulai mengerti dasar itu. Nah, memindahkan pengertian menabung di bank adalah sebuah proses tahap selanjutnya.

Saya mulai dengan pertanyaan seperti, Why do you have to save your money, evan ?

  1. Buat beli mainan !
  2. Buat pergi liburan !

Dua hal yang sederhana mengawali evan untuk menabung. Tapi ada hal lain yang menurut kami penting dan mulai kami ajarkan, adalah pengertian konsep

  1. Save for a rainy day
  2. Menabung untuk masa depan, dan
  3. Menabung untuk berbagi pada teman yang kurang beruntung

Masih belum bisa dipahami anak berumur 6 tahun saat ini. Tapi kami rasa saat ini adalah waktu yang tepat untuk mulai belajar. Pelan-pelan, berproses, one step at a time.Nah, sebagai orangtua di era digital tentunya saya mencari ke google, saran-saran mudah dalam mengajarkan anak untuk menabung juga memilih tabungan yang terbaik untuk anak.Beberapa hal penting menurut saya bagus untuk ditanyakan pihak bank antara lain,

  1. Jumlah Setoran awal kecil
  2. Jumlah saldo minimum
  3. Buku Tabungan atas nama anak
  4. Mendapatkan kartu ATM
  5. Desain menarik
  6. Biaya-biaya yang berakibat menabung.
  7. Promo menarik bagi anak
  8. Fitur Tambahan ; asuransi, fasilitas lain, orangtua dapat sms notifikasi

Dalam pencarian bank yang tepat tentunya saya berawal dari bank yang saya gunakan sendiri. Selain itu saya pun mencoba mencari di internet. Terus terang informasi walaupun cukup banyak tapi tidak terlalu lengkap dan menarik. Sehingga saya memutuskan untuk menabung di bank yang saya gunakan saat ini.Awalnya, saya ke CIMBNIAGA. Tapi ternyata tabungan anak cukup tinggi nilai komersilnya seperti,

  1. Setoran Awal Rp. 200.000,-
  2. Jumlah saldo minimum Rp. 1.000.000,- untuk mendapatkan bunga
  3. Dikenakan biaya admin tiap bulan

Selain itu,

  1. Tidak ada design menarik
  2. Tidak ada promo
  3. Tidak ada ATM
  4. Tidak ada fitur tambahan

Akhirnya kami mencoba ke BCA terdekat di rumah kami. Temuan kami,BCA tidak memiliki tabungan khusus untuk anak, namun ada TABUNGANKU. Sebuah tabungan yang dikhususkan untuk menabung dan hanya menabung. Sehingga, TABUNGANKU tidak bisa transfer ke luar bank BCA, bilamana diambil uangnya melalui ATM lebih dari 3 kali akan dikenakan biaya.Nama yang tertera dapat menggunakan nama anak (tentunya QQ nama orangtua yang membuka rekening ya) dengan syarat membawa KTP, NPWP dan Akta Lahir anak, semua dalam keadaan asli bukan kopi.Tapi bukan hanya itu pada akhirnya kita tentukan pilihan untuk memilih TABUNGANKU tapi juga karena

  • Tidak ada batasan setoran awal
  • Tidak ada saldo minimum
  • Tidak ada biaya admin tiap bulan
  • Mendapatkan ATM
  • Dan yang paling penting, proses membuka rekening menyenangkan bagi anak karena diajak terlibat dan waktu prosesnya hanya makan waktu kurang lebih 15-30 menit.

Si kecil diperbolehkan untuk ikut tanda tangan, dan ikut serta menghitung tabungan yang dia bawa. Walaupun sebenarnya kamipun sudah mempersiapkan dari rumah ya :))


Ada baiknya anak diberitahu proses yang akan dilakukan sebelumnya, diajak untuk mengerti agar tidak kaget dan sepakat ikut dengan rasa senang. Juga jangan lupa bawa barang-barang yang dapat membuat dia sibuk apabila perlu menunggu.

Terima kasih Bank BCA ! Tunggu kunjungan kami berikutnya ya. 

Tyas is now Partner at Bangwin Consulting and a Writer/Blogger. For project enquiries :  tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Some walks you have to take alone

Some walks you have to take alone.

Bagi saya kata-kata ini sangat cocok dalam perjalanan saya pribadi.

Sebenarnya ini adalah sharing yang diambil dari pengalaman lama. Tapi hingga kini saya terus gunakan karena saya telah menemukan pola fitness yang terdiri dari diet dan olah  raga rutin yang kini menjadi gaya hidup saya.

Banyak yang bertanya, terutama teman-teman lama saya yang kini berumur diatas 40an. Bagaimana sih menjaga badan atau kurusin badan.

Saya selalu katakan pada setiap teman yang bertanya, tiap orang berbeda.

Karena perjalanan tiap orang menuju sehat, hanya dapat dilakukan sendiri, dalam perjalanannnya sendiri.

Dasarnya adalah bahwa setiap orang berbeda.

Didasari oleh perbedaan gaya hidup, memiliki kesukaan masing-masing, dan memiliki keadaan dan kebutuhan tubuh yang berbeda satu sama lain.

Pada akhirnya, teman-teman akan tersadar bahwa sebenarnya jalan menuju sehat selayaknya adalah sebuah perjalanan untuk mencari diri sendiri.

Kalo ditanya perjalanan saya, terus terang cukup panjang.

Dimulai dari pencarian olahraga yang cocok bagi saya. Yang saya suka dan mau terus melakukannya.

Lalu saya menyadari pentingnya persiapan. Apa yang saya perlu lakukan agar efektif dan tidak yoyo. Tips saya untuk mulai dan bertahan fitness journey.

Menurut Personal Trainer saya, makanan tidak semua menggemukkan, semua makanan harus di coba. Harus dirasakan. Mana yang berefek terhadap badan kita mana yang tidak. Pilihan makanan sehat tentunya paling baik. Dan lagi-lagi, tiap orang memiliki tubuh yang berbeda. Belum tentu satu makanan yang saya anggap mudah buat saya naik berat badan akan sama dengan orang lain atau makanan lain. Dan karena makanan sangat penting bagi saya, saya pun mencari tahu pilihan-pilihan makanan yang cocok bagi lidah saya dan kemauan saya untuk mempertahankannya.

Pada akhirnya sayapun dapat membuat rencana fitness yang terbaik untuk diri saya sendiri.

Dan akhirnya mulai perjalanan #TyasFitnessDiary

Terus terang akhir-akhir ini saya sempat naik 5 kilo. Walaupun saya tiap hari berolahraga dan pada kenyataannya bagi yang melihat tidak terlihat gemuk.

Walaupun demikian, saya sadar diri. Karena pada akhirnya in the long run, kualitas hidup yang baik adalah yang saya cari. Terutama bagi tabungan di masa tua.

Yang saya lakukan adalah kembali ke pola yang sesuai dengan saya. Diambil dari #TyasFitnessDiary.

There is no greater feeling to have the ability to see yourself clearly.

Understanding what you need, what you want.

Knowing what makes you anxious and what makes you feel content.

And have the strength to say no and avoid people or things just to keep yourself in a good place.

And that my friends, is self-care.

lebaran tahun ini saya belajar

Pada dasarnya saya adalah pemerhati. Maksudnya saya senang memperhatikan orang. Dan tiap kalinya, membuat saya jadi refleksi diri. Apabila waktu lagi ada, kita jadi lebih peka memperhatikan, dan mata lebih jelas melihat.

Setiap lebaran kita selalu bertemu banyak kerabat dan saudara baik jauh maupun dekat. Ada kalanya tahun lalu kita tidak sempat untuk bertemu tapi tahun ini mendapatkan kesempatannya.

Apa yang saya pelajari lebaran tahun ini ?

Ada tiga hal penting yang membuat saya tertegun, senyum.

Pertama, age appropriately. (geli sendiri)

Umur tidak akan berhenti untuk bertambah, setiap tahun kita dapat melihat evolusi teman maupun saudara. Cerahnya wajah, warna pada rambut, sehat jasmani dan rohani, bagaimana masing-masing mempresentasikan diri, tindak tanduk cara fikir yang terucap. Sangat terlihat jelas tertangkap didepan mata. This is obviously, purely my thinking. Mine only, let me clear this out, yes. But looking at others made me think and reflect on myself.  What is done good, what to keep up, what to keep working on it.  What i like, what i do not like. What to be and what not to be. Learn from others, making a better self. So that we age appropriately.

Kedua, grandparents gone digital. 

Now this is funny. This is something new. Keberhasilan para grandparents transform digital. Mendengar ibu saya yang berumur 72 tahun berkata,”aku lihat dari youtube ! Aku belajar dari YouTube !” rasanya bangga bangeeeeeettd. Hahahahahha.

Ketiga, seeing today’s consequences.

All and all, this year, saya mendapat sedikit pencerahan.

Realisation in a good way. Looking at others made me realised somehow, someway, I’ve managed to make some good choices in life. Bertemu banyak orang from many walks of life made me understood that you and me today, are the consequences from the decisions we’ve made years and years ago. After all this time, questioning was I right to make that choice, did I do it right?

In the end you’ve come to wise up and recognised what kind of life you want to have now, and for the rest of your life. Career. Family. Passion. Life. The quality of life. Be specific. The kind of husband, the kind of wife, the mother, the father, the daughter, the son, the kind of family you want. When now or in your 40ies, 50ies, 60ies, 70ies, 80ies and so on. The decision you made in your teens, 20ies, 30ies will show later in life. That is today. Seeing today’s consequences. Right in front of you.

Life is a process. For those who want to mend, fix to become better there is still time. Hard work but it is possible.

For my nieces and nephews, look around you and pick your favorites. You don’t need to take it all in. Just pick the ones, the parts, the things you like best and forget the rest. Pick a lot. Register in your mind, make a vision and then hold that vision. Tightly. Pelajaran ada didepan mata.

Learning is a truly a gift. Pain or happiness is your teacher.

You really have to love yourself to get the best quality of life you want in this world. Fight for your life.

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone ! See you on my next post.

Tyas Branding Project

Your name is your brand. And what is more important than that. After  20 years building brands for companies and organisations,  I felt the responsibility to take care of my own brand.  My very own important asset, my name.

Who is Tyas Handayani ? She is a marketer, experienced in building brands, creating forms of communications, transform digital social media, e-commerce and developing changes in social foundation.

Agree with David Aaker on one of his article at LinkedIn, every professional should look to his or her past career as future direction and identify some influential signature stories which he called, the “Who am I stories”. I do care about my journey as a professional. With many roles I’ve done in the past, my defining moments like choosing career paths, success or failures, and very importantly my contributions not to be vaporised, misunderstood, or worst case be forgotten.

Introducing, Tyas Handayani and her signature stories, an actual strategic management journal using my own methodical or conceptual models from her latest projects.

Tyas eCommerce Project

The role was Strategic Partnership. The goal was  conversion to e-commerce system for existing and new sellers. Through these stories you will see process in creating and educating trial practices for books and music industry including managing two of the biggest merchant categories, Babies and Kids. Also, as Project Manager for the Counterfeit Project.


Tyas Digital Project

To lead digital transformation for a corporation. Managed to spearhead with all functions on the organisation, how to educate the organisation from Top Management to the individuals.

Established the digital centralised services that includes centralised content management, digital community management, digital payment gateway, digital partners, digital asset management and digital campaigns.

Tyas Social Project

The need to make a change and build a solid ground work for the foundation’s sustainability was the main reason I was appointed as Chairman for Pita Kuning, a foundation for Indonesian children with cancer from underprivileged families.

Lead the restructure for the new service positioning and brand platform that involves a process of product management, change management, community management, knowledge management and communication strategy.

(to know more about each story, please click project name or picture)

As a partner consultant, I love to share, give advise, sometimes have the opportunity to teach on branding and social media. Consequently, it is crucial for me, to be consistent about what I say and what I do.

In a world full of noise I found a way to share my story without any interruption, being my own narrator, editor and moderator on my own platform, my blog and social media. It is who I am, or you can call it my product. In the future, as brand transcends into many possible directions who knows what it might become.

It is never about how many likes or quantity followers I get. But the type of content I put on my channels or the quality of content that represent me as a personality. How I interact to those who wants to engage with me and vice versa. As I believe those channels could lead to networks or opportunities but most importantly, trust and credibility.

So I am going to continue sharing my point of views and experiences in all my projects. My aim for higher purpose is searching new opportunities and projects as it becomes my platform and a doorway to grow. Ambitious in doing good, addicted in bettering myself and be more knowledgable. I consider myself a work in progress in search of meaningful work, work that matters and work that allows me to make an impact. To be a service to the world. To express in a form of compassion.

Through this combination of story and missions, creating projects that build me as a whole hence reflecting my future-self. By doing that, I call it the Tyas Branding Project. Stay tune.

Read also , to the customer you are the company

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Update 31 May 2019 : from Seth Godin mini book on instagram, titled “your job vs your project”. Go swipe to understand.

Get it ? Now go find your projects. Welcome to project world.

Community Management on e-commerce with Muhammad Fikri

#TyasEcommerceProject #4

Interview with Muhammad Fikri, Head of Community Management Bukalapak

Let us open this post with one question. Why is Community Management essential for eCommerce ?

If you had the chance to read my story #TyasDigitalProject and listen to my interview with Bangwin about basic internet communication then the understanding might have been established. Why I really put forward digital community management as an important influence on any digital and social media activities. The concept of social media will always be my fundamental reason why we need to understand digital community.

Quoting Bangwin “Social media is a user based tool. When user become many it grows into a community. That is why, managing the many users on social media is similar like managing a community or through community management approach.” Abang Edwin is a online business consultant also an expert on digital community.


As a translation to the above quote, I would put take any digital business model to synergies face to face with the people who is using those products, those people on social media who has the same liking and are making conversation about the product are the representative digital community of the product.

Any similarity with multiply.com ? Well according to Fikri, Bukalapak is a market place. Social Market Place. Bukalapak does not sell things and our performance will be determined by the good experience between buyers and sellers. Our business model is to bridge between buyers and sellers at Bukalapak.

What a pleasure and lucky for me, one of my former staff members from PSF’s digital and social media team, Muhammad Fikri is now the Head of Community at Bukalapak. Bukalapak is one of the biggest market place that are influence by social commerce similar like multiply.com in those time.

To learn more about Fikri, open his blog https://defickry.com/about-fikri/

That is why I approach him to share his point of view and story on implementing Community Management at Bukalapak.

Let me share you on this short interview here.

Question :

Hallo Fikri, how are you ? Thank you having an interview with me. First things first, can you share a little bit of your community experience background please?

Fikri :

My experience on community was built from early on in life. From elementary I had boy scounts and on that early years being a scout my spirit in being a part of that community was awake and build upon. Because as part of the scout community we are taught to on how to be a leader and be led by a leader. Both important skill set to take part in any community activities. Sometimes, we see there are so many activists that were reluctant to be call upon as leader. However there has to be a leader no matter what right ? So the understanding and the exercise was fundamentally necessary.

My participation on scouting organization continues till I was in college. I was the chairman for UGM Scouting Committee 2006-2007. And another important thing being a part of a community was “contributions”. So my contributions were community service. Helping out a village outside Yogyakarta, its sorta like KKN mini or a community service program, we start with problem assessment, that review what do we have, what can we do, learn how we can contribute and measure the impact of what we have done. And that is what I mean on the important of skill set to be used till now.

Question :

Your experience on Community Management is quite a lot. Could you share your participation, in what industry and also your contribution on each of your experience ?

Fikri :

Since I am passionate in writing I’ve also established network with the blogger community. In Yogya I was a part of Cah Andong community of Yogya-nese bloggers with names like Ndorokakung, tikabanget and many more has been good friends ever since.

Originally I am from Palembang, therefore I am also a part of the Wong Palembang blogger community and in Jakarta with the Jakarta Blogger Community.

With this I gain nationwide network. It really paid off as I moved to Jakarta. My network was already established and become easier for me to get work opportunities, freelancing and side jobs all from the blogger community. Including a part of the Social Media 10 years from that that time I become a part of the pioneers of digital networks.

Me being me, always single and passionate to know more, learn more, I also took part on Rotaract building common interest in helping youth through education.

On June 2013, I was invited by US Embassy to participated in Global Service Leaders’ Inspiring a Culture of Service program in the US for two weeks. Given the opportunity I met with people in volunteerism and service-work in Indianapolis and Chicago as well as joined in an international conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington D.C. That experience led me to believe that the community building we progress here are more advance because of the nature of the people of Indonesia. And I had the chance to share.Having those experience and because I like to take part of some community movement, I believe I am a community person. You could say I am self-proclaim as a community person but I am. I associate with so many people, I this case a social butterfly hahahahahha. People would say, oh Fikri, he’s all over the place. On every event. Essentially that sense of community building DNA is inside me. And I see everything from a community sense of perspective.

As a community person I know the nature, I understand the people, understand why and what’s in it for me that makes people active, the objective and how people come together.

Question :

Okay, please share us your personal understanding about Community Management. The fundamentals.

Fikri :

To me, community management is a way or an influencing way like as part of marketing. If we are to reach a certain objective one of the way to strategise from marketing is through community approach.

As it is an approach, we must approach through listening, sometimes to be humble means being at the same level of understanding like being a friend, humanise a brand or a company.

When we are a part of a company we would understand there are stakeholders that we need to accommodate for example users, buyers, sellers and so on and there are also some functions within the organisation such as marketing, customer service with their own roles and responsibilities. Through community approach, we can share suggestions and inputs towards both sides. As friends we can share attention to the users and feedbacks to the company. As long as there are no transactional trade involve in the process and just influencing for the betterment of process and in then we could divert the solution to Customer Service for instance.

The success factor determine on Community Management would be in overcoming problems and challenges of the company’s face. A militant means “die hard” supporter for the company that open heartedly, without any hesitation or pay and any condition willing to help for the needs of the company. Evangelists. That could be one level indicator success rate on community management.

To grow and make evangelist is certainly not easy. Needs process and will be tricky since it cannot have any transactional factors. Sometimes there will come perception on free vouchers or get opportunities on discounts services but of course that cannot be.

Question :

So would you say it is important or vital for any business to get in digital use influence community management ?

Fikri :

It is very important. Because we manage people. People who uses our platform. And it will be a long term investment. The result might happen after 3 years. However, progress each year can be reviewed. Bukalapak is a data driven company we have our measurements metrics between the community management programs and the results benefited for all pelapak (sellers) at Bukalapak.

How to measure will be determine of course based on the business model and the industry. In terms of bukalapak automatically numbers of transaction is the main goal. Secondly how active we have been will also be an element of factor.

For us how we measure effectivity on each city is also very important uniquely for Indonesian nature we always need to meet up. However, we are active engagement online, if we do not meet the “sense of belonging” will never not happen.

How many attendees, equals how many new store.

How many complain, how many traffic, numbers of comments, and so on.

Those numbers of people on each occasion will be manage by each functions of the community team. So yes, there are divisions of functions, all established by needs and findings along the way. In this case, those new people entering bukapalak needs to be coached and who’s going to do it, in Bukalapak we have our engagement team with sets of responsibilities one of them is to make sure whatever effort we have done will leads to the goal of the company.

The key is to find a common interest between the member of the community and the company’s goal. And the most important is to know why people would be loyal or what we call the “sticky-ness effect”.

But also, community management can also minimize that sense of corporate point of view for Bukalapak. We don’t necessarily gives solution. But we build that bridge to those who might have that ability in the company.

Question :

For Indonesia, might have something to do with our culture difference and how we communicate ya Fikri ?

Fikri :

You are right. Different city, different ways. Bali and Manado will have a total different approach. In Bali meetups in consider rare since they have so many custom tradition activities all around the clock. What become accustom or habitual living should be consider in measuring the quality and quantity success rate.

Question :

What are the challenges met on a daily basis. Can you give examples and how to overcome those challenges ?

Fikri :

Challenges in terms of managing a community are mostly finding leaders. The community leader or the evangelists. As you know the character of each province is very different from on to the other.

And of course there are some rules of the games that one leaders and their members have to commit. Anybody can of course enter another same community like Bukalapak but not the leader. Remember, no transactional activities. Nobody gets paid.

So just like any other community development we empower each community city or region to develop themselves. We assist and support knowledge every step of the way, but the executions is in their hands. They have the power. Bukalapak can only contribute. Empowerment, encouragement and contribution. That’s the essence !

Note. The basic understanding on community is that those who come together are those who has the same the same liking, has join similarity and understanding, but the most strongest bond of community are the ones who has the same circumstances or fate.

Question :

Okay let’s get to the understanding between Digital Community and Community Management do you think there are any difference ?

Fikri :

No difference. We manage people like we manage a village. If we look from Bukalapak perspective, what is the actual reason that someone wants to be a part of Bukalapak community ? Because fundamentally they are a group of traders or merchants. They have the same interest.

“Bukalapak has always been committed to support MSMEs. And want to always be a part of the growing support in Indonesia. To be a part of their growth, to give a platform, a medium to learn and improve their knowledge, their ability not for Bukalapak but for their own prosperity. Bukalapak wants to be a part of them as they are a part of Bukalapak.”

We want to be able to give knowledge that benefits on their performance online selling at Bukalapak. If their performance increase, it will of course impact their welfare. When “what’s in it for me” are answered, it becomes easier for us to take that relationship wherever we want.

So when it comes to business we use community approach in order to maximize their attempt in doing better and gain profit. But do not use the marketing strategies on approaching them. If it was marketing there are always transaction that leads to how many do we need to budget and how do we calculate into awareness or reach or perception or leads. But in community results are more long term for any quality or quantity measurements. For short term is by using community approach, we reduced problems, gain understanding, productivity, feedbacks for our products and of course loyalty.

Question :

How about joint collaboration between Community Management and Marketing. What kind of teamwork would you do ?

Fikri :

The Community management division is under merchants’ departments. Therefore, we are marketing department’s stakeholders. So we collaborate based on brief to marketing on our agenda activities. However, there are times when marketing has their own agenda or activities and they would ask support and collaboration is usually done as a team.

Community has so many branches and can be an influence in so many ways so sometimes our BOD would seem confused.  Hahahahahhaha. Questions would raise like why are you all over the place, what’s your North Star Metric ? For example, we can be the bridge between the sellers and our product team that could help develop new features or get instant feedbacks. That is one KPI. KPI on optimising a product development. Another example is complaint to Customer Service for our priority seller from the Bukalapak Community.

Question :

May I understand how many are the registered online sellers are your member of the community ?

Fikri :

We have around 2,2 million registered online sellers on Bukalapak. The member of Bukalapak online sellers’ community has not reach 5% yet. We give priorities to those are members, yet there are layers of benefits based on how active the members are. Those who are not active will not get the list of privileges. However,  they are influencing other members. (smile). We manage people.

If it was a machine there are automation, there are AI and other learnings.

But in community management, is about relationships.

My division, the community management division including me is 19 staff.

With 4 function, Program, Partnerships, Content and Engagement.

Program ; are to develop the curriculum, standard, gamification system, developing the bible of community management, making blue prints or we call it the center of learning.

Partnerships ; as a bridge to our stakeholders and also support.

Content ; for any needs and necessities content and postings that has access to our sellers.

Engagement ; build relationships, coaching, follow up to other functions and so on. We divide the team based on regional and our interaction could go deeper like coming to weddings, birthdays, so it is not online online relationships.

Essentially through time the functions were identified based on what we see on the field. All the needs were answered based on what we mapped out each year through performance review.

Question :

We talked about sellers community at bukalapak. How about the buyers ? Have you manage their relationships yet ?

Fikri :

Yes, this year (2018) we start doing engagement activities. But that’s on the Marketing Team main responsibilities now.

Question :

I think our readers would be thankful if you could share what are the list of competencies must haves as a Community Manager. What makes them the capacity to be a good Community Manager ?

Fikri :

For me communication is the most important element of all. That is why so many PR people would fit in quite well. But what does it take is mostly to be a social person, outgoing, have an open mind, have compassion and flexible to fit in everywhere since there are basically no standard people you will need to establish relationship with. You will meet with all kind of people. You will need to always find yourself as the middle man between the community and the company. Be the glue of any crisis management, marketing activities, you would also need to understanding branding and much of writing.

Question :

For those who wants to start learning digital community through community management what can we do ?

Fikri :

Well, here at Bukalapak we are always open for internships. But usually it is based on needs.

To me the best learning is to be a part of a community. Join in whatever community based activity you want, it is up to you. It doesn’t matter. The importance is to understand how it feels to be a part of the community and how you can contribute. That way you will understand exactly what it means to manage a community.

Question :

Lastly, give us a quote that you use to reflect Community Management.

Fikri :

“ Learning community management you have to be part of the community itself. “ my own quote. 

My point of view, Bukalapak quite eminently want to make sure the experience of the users is progressively getting better. I believe through this interview it shows that community management gives a valuable contribution as part of the sustainable growth of Bukalapak.

Thank you so much Fikri and Bukalapak. Really appreciate the sharing. Wishing huge success. I look forward to see more in the future. Always do good ya !

Fikri has moved on as Lead Social Media for Grab Indonesia and currently just started as Community Partnership at Facebook APAC, by November 2019.

So, what do you think readers ?

Lastly, eCommerce Facts.

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Understanding the internet world with Abang Edwin

#TyasEcommerceProject #3

 Interview with Abang Edwin – Understanding the internet world.

On this next post we will be discussing about the basic understanding of internet with Abang Edwin is one of Indonesia’s expert on Digital Community as well as a Social Media Practitioner. Dabbled on the internet since 1994 and successfully built an internet-based radio for Indonesian listeners in New York City, USA, Voice Of Jakarta (VOJ).In 2007, Bangwin joined Yahoo! Southeast Asia as a Community Manager until he decided to build his own online consulting named Bangwin Consulting.

Bangwin discovered a gap on the understanding of how to manage social media or taking advantage through the internet from people or brands each time he met. It was the main reason why Bangwin Consulting was established. Bangwin has always push forward the concept of Digital Community on all of his sharing or opportunities.

Hoping this interview would give a more clear understanding on what does it takes to manage digital. The interview will be in Bahasa Indonesia however I have made the English translation on this post together with some additional supporting material. Hope you enjoy.

Tyas :  

OK, before we discuss about the world of internet, can we talk about what leads your interest to the internet, some history or background up until now.

Abang Edwin :

It started from when internet arrived in Indonesia. Around 1994 or 1995. It was when I almost finished college. At that time, it was the first time we got internet connection through internet monthly subscription. It was still windows 31, the earliest version and at that time when I begin to connect with the internet I was so excited because I get to see so many things. At that time, browsers were not like nowadays like chrome but those time we used mosaic, Netscape, even internet explorer was not yet available. Internet explorer arrived provided by mosaic. It was bought my Microsoft then it changed name.

So happy, we can try to make website. At that time, websites are only text based. The image is only on top and all texts. Not interesting at all.

Yahoo was already available but at that time, Yahoo was a search engine. So if we want to search for anything, we go to yahoo. Google was not available at that time. There are no social media or any terms on that. Those time it was only like magazines but online. They were named portals.

And then I started to try “chat” at that time the platform was mIRC. It was a hit at that time. You don’t need a browser, and mIRC was already available since DOS age. Black screen and all text. At that time, it was name IRC or internet relay chat. And when it became a bit modern it changes the name into mIRC.

At that time, first time I connected we had to choose a room, and it had so many rooms. And they would mention you. “Hey, ASL please”

Apparently it was how we introduce ourselves on the internet world at that time. We had to say our ASL, age sex location.

Up until now, mIRC still are used because it is so efficient as a platform.

Tyas :

The Scouts organization internationally still uses mIRC because its reliable and easy access, makes it accessible platform consistent in all countries.

Bangwin :

Yes, we use that on those days. And as we enter we met with all different people all around the world. From Poland, East Europe, Korea, at then I realised this technology is so cool because we are able to connected to any parts of the world as long as we are connected to the internet. So no limits. In terms of communication.

And then I realised there are some relevancies with a book I read before. It was a Bill Gates book and there was a quote about connecting the world. Title book, Overdrive.

On that book it was stated how Microsoft was not only to develop software with Bill Gates envision that the world with all human beings will be connected. As easy as that. In the olden days it was unimaginable but when we try internet then we realised what lies on the future possibility ahead.  It really felt what is the future.

Tyas :

And then when did you start experimenting. Could you share any example from your own experiences ?

Bangwin :

After dabbling on the internet, after chat on mIRC, and then I start learning about mailing list. The concept is the same, connecting with others but thru email. So we it is exactly like if we can imagine nowadays we use “WhatsApp group” but we use email. So we send one message and share through email then message will be distributed and all will be connected to each other. Now that concept is actually can be describe as Online Community. At that time, other than forum the foremost number one concept on Online Community. Because platform forum is specifically design for online sharing. There’s thread. But email is easier and everybody has it. So after mailing list I tried to build online community through mailing lists. So it starts from there.

Tyas :

So it was more than 15 years ago, to be exact 24 years ago that Abang Edwin started to experimenting on the internet. What I can imagine those time learning something new, it has some process of learnings on its own for some people. Funny misconceptions that might happen at that times ?

Bangwin :

Yes, when I was working for Panasonic right after college. I am a designer product so I was working at a factory. And I had to deal with many managers on the factory. And the knowledge about internet is still little. Because I love the internet, I helped the company to adapt internet technology to be utilise for daily work. Now with 3000 factory workers, you can imagine all facilities are completed on the factory. From TV factory, audio factory, internet has been provided for efficiency. You can imagine, it will be easier to coordinate meetings rather than walk hundreds of meters just to discuss where should we do the meetings. Now at that early times internet usage was using modem. And at that time, the understanding was if you use the internet, you are using your phone credit. Well if a company as large as Panasonic subscribe monthly internet usage, fiber optic, quite expensive USD 3000 per month. At that time, we had huge bandwidth, could use 24 hours.

But what we found out was nobody was using. We started using email for invitation meetings but nobody replied or even read. As we went around, and surveyed checked and we found out that they refused to use the internet. Why, because they fear it would be very expensive, they fear the phone billing of the (department) would explode and they could not take the responsibility.

So we finally gathered all managers to a meeting and explain about the subscriptions monthly fee that had been invested by the management for all to use. If not, it would be a waste. And then, they realised and eventually use it.

Tyas :

I can imagine having something new like internet there has been some socialisation, and you were also a part of it ?

Bangwin :

Yes, I also support socialising the whole factory on how to benefit the internet at that time.

Tyas :

Now after all the misconceptions, at that time, you must’ve also realized and foresee all the possibilities that could happen from the internet. Are there any predictions that you see happening or through any books you read at that time that actually happened?

Bangwin :

Oh a lot. Yes. Like business. At the old times, business was making a corporation, and you advertised through newspaper, now we know about Disruption Business where a company / we can gain Digital Economy with relying applications to do the business. At that time, we understand as the modem connected and then I became connected to people on mIRC and this means we can do business.

And through the internet it allows changes to happens like what’s happening now. For instance, ojek online all depends on the internet. Internet becomes something that is inevitable, everything relies on that.

There was a time on hand phone survey that for some people in the rural area, they say they don’t use the internet, but just facebook. And as time goes by, they don’t realize that the internet is all embedded in our gadget. It’s like a given value. All our hand phone numbers have internet connection.

Business media or portals at that time. And then there was search engine, Yahoo, infoseek, lycos. And we chat on mIRC on of the channels for example dog lovers, and I could offer a dog, now that is already e-commerce right ?

Tyas :

Next question, is a question that I have longed to asked and share to all our friends (listeners/readers). About the understanding on basic internet communication, community management and digital community. You have always brought that up on any of your sharing or opportunities as a speaker. Can you share the importance on those concept ?

Bangwin :

Very important. Why I always bring community management on any of my sharing because social media management or internet is based on communication. Communication is a starting point that a community is formed. So if we do not discuss about community (how to manage the community online) it will be a jump. It means we are just putting ads (advertisement).

So for example, if we meet a person, we just informed, that’s it, one-way communication. Once the other person talks back to us, that is already two-way communication but not yet a community. Once there are three, four and more person come together and talk about that ad and discuss about their interest on that product or let say hobby or whatever now that is a community.

Now why it becomes important, because rather than we talk to 1 person, if we talk to 1000 people that has the same opinion as us it would be more powerful. Faster, easier.

So when it comes to those who wants to sell or share and idea it becomes more enjoyable. That is why it is important to talk about online community.

Concept of communication between people. Community allows anyone to share and discuss ideas

Again an example, everything is all about community management. If one person has a twitter account or Instagram, with 800 followers, that is for sure the person needs to be a community manager on its own. Unless we don’t want take benefits from that but if we see we have 1000 followers and we want to take advantage we have to take our responsibility as a community manager to nurture our followers, so that they are happy to follow us. If not, they will easily unfollow.

So on the internet, when we talk about community, we talk about people. Just like hang out in the real world, there always some tendencies to judge or appraise a person. Now, our value on the internet is based on our reputation on the internet. And reputation is build based on trust. So we have to build our reputation on the internet community. Now that trust will become the currency on each person. Each person has its own value. For example, if Abang is speaking I trust him. Now that means our reputation is high. Referring to the book Wuffie Factor that explains it all. Value of each person online. Now reputation online is different from the reputation on the real world.

Let me be the example, I am well known to be a product designer in the real world, but when I come to the online world I am know to be an online community practitioner. So each place we can build our reputation. Now the beauty of being online or on the internet, we have the ability to build that. Build on what we want people to know us for, how popular we want to be. That can happened.

Tyas :

Now as we see on how we take advantage for business from the internet nowadays, there’s e-commerce, fin-tech, service tech, entertainment, media, there are so many, even now, do not realised the benefits or concept on online community influences on the internet on whatever form or model. Why is that, people do not realised til now ?

If I can give some examples, Bukalapak just uses influences community management starting 3 years ago. Other e-commerce just started last year. Why is that people seems to me jump over that ?


There are so many reasons but the for certain reasons, online community is not something easy to be learn. That’s first. And secondly, people is used to see the end results. Whereas community is built for a long period of time, so it we cannot see the immediate result.

Tyas :

Is there are book references to learn online community that you can share ?

Bangwin :

Community Building on the web, Amy Jo Kim. This book til now is still relevant.








Tyas :

Maybe we can learn community management on our own if we some have experience being a part of a community, we know how to manage community, and we could apply that learning on social media, right.

But this is how I view it. I may be wrong. From what I see, people often become too focus on the technology, how to manage the technology but forgot that those who are using those technologies are human beings. Not just the internet or social media but whatever brand or product sometimes a company tends to forgot, at the end of the day we have to give value for those people who buys those products. People do not want technical stuff. Could that be one of the problem maybe? Because they often think or see too technical of things?

You’ve got to start with customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you’re going to sell it. -Steve Jobs-

Bangwin :

Many people sometimes do not realize that when we manage a community we manage the people.  What’s in their heads, the understanding, habit and character that forms how they speak or communicate among others. So it’s about communication. That is why on any of my trainings it all starts from conversation. Because conversation is the initial state of building a community. From a questions and gain more conversation then sharing on each interests.

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Tyas :

The last question is about the future. What technology can you see for the future.

Bangwin :

Technology becomes a part and no longer an options of our daily lives. There are no stopping in the future. Social media might change forms and names but connection between human beings and communication becomes the base of any form of evolution. That is used to support that. It will only change form.

From IRC, mailing list, it was all tools for human beings to communicate. And now we are starting to use a tool to communicate using this smart phone, on the future we might use our own way of tool, telepathically who knows.

That is why when it comes to business it does not become relevant if we say we only want to do business in Indonesia. If the potential buyers come from overseas don’t you want to do business? However, there are still friends with that mindset, I really cannot understand. If we can have connected globally, might as well we try.

Thank you so much for the interview Bangwin !

Next, let’s continue, Interview with Fikri, Head Community Bukalapak.

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