Do the right thing

Always do the right thing no matter how hard it is. Just.

I have been known to have the ability to make hard decisions, easy.

No matter how hard the outcome, from my experience, seeing that you know consequently, what you will receive is another hard job to conquer.

I have always been someone who can easily take jobs that are hard.

The ones you know just by looking at it will be a long tiring journey. The one that is so blurry, and yet not knowing what will happen in the process.

I will do difficult conversations no matter how many times I get doors to slam in my face, get shouted at, or receive silent treatment.


Because learning from experience, the possibility is endless.


In my experience, you always start by being brave.

And learning from my mistakes, you must execute with kindness.

Intent. Purpose.

As long as the intentions are good.

Life will take its course.

Believe the result is not only best.


And better for the future.

Every time.

At least, you’ll sleep better.

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries,

Think in structure

To put into context on the above quote from Henry Ford, to me, the step of getting from vision into executions will of course need process.

And when it is a process we will need to organise how we think, systematically in structure.

Those who do not agree with me might possibly do not agree how important to think in structure.

That is the technique.

I believe, structure thinking is by far the most important skill on any occasion weather the objective is to execute a business idea or startup or to begin an activity.

Especially nowadays when everything business disruptive caused by digitalisation.

It makes us able to request a buy from point A to point Z.

However point A is in a city in Kalimantan dan point Z is in Jakarta.

To get it done, as part of the execution, we will need to identify the journey systematically. Otherwise structured our thinking.

It’s crazy to not want to understand any planning with structure as guidance. Results and progress are based on those structures.

Am I crazy or I am just hallucinating ?

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries,

Self care, what is it ?


Now you get the picture ?

To put it in perspective, here’s what i learn where to start.

Start from self awareness, knowing what you want by starting to eliminating the things you don’t like. People you can avoid, activities, foods, take it out. And then you will get to find out what you like that you wan to keep. Keep doing it or meeting them. Getting to know yourself is the 1st step in self care.

When you realised who you are it is much easier to accept who you are. I know from experience it is a work in process. As long as you’re alive you will get to find new things about yourself. That is call learning. Everyday you learn. For the rest of your life. Be aware of that, be present, because you will get lost and mixed up with the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Learn to stop and take it all in. Edit your life each time you can. And then you can move on.

When you are able to do the first steps of self awareness, self acceptance and be present, you can start to open yourself and seek help. Ask support from people surrounding you. People you like and trust. People who you can rely and know they are in good shape. Supporting system is the next step to prepare you as you realised life is one ball of life cycles. All connected with each other like one crazy electric system. When one cycle of system is down, other system will feel the impact. That is why being kind to one another is the solution for the whole world. But kindness starts from being kind to yourself. And then you can have the courage to share kindness to others.

By getting support and seeking support you allow yourself to attend self comfort. It is ok, it is needed. Every human being is needed for comfort. It is not a sin, it is not shameful. It is part of being human. Because at the end of every day, you can take a ease and rest. By doing so, you will learn to spend time, and energy wisely. Allocating, spending, choosing, time that matters for you as you understand yourself more. Being just not being. Be-ing your true in a whole self. That is the goal each time. Choose the things that makes you happy. And wipe everything else. HAH !

That is why  to be able to have a choice in any matter is important to get the self care you need. be kind to yourself. As it will open your mind gently to more curiosity in life you can to seek your craft, your passions, your destiny.  By being kind to yourself you can the strength to give kindness to others. And by being kind to yourself you will be able to be patience for any process of life takes you. Attention or attentive to yourself and others. Drive from patience that you can do after all the early steps before.

Flows like fluid as you find yourself to adjust the environment with what you have. The ability to think what you can do as part of a bigger life cycle. You will understand how to be mind full and gentle with yourself. As it starts only and only from yourself. And nobody else. And then you can allow yourself to be open and start being a part of a community. A part of a family that you like and would want to grow with them. You are ok with them as you accept yourself first being who you are and therefore accept them.

As it is after all a work in progress. The process is always a work in progress. Nobody in this world stops learning about themselves and others. You only stop when you die. And that is why whatever goal you wan to reach it is always the journey that counts. Focus on that journey. Focus on each process. One step at a time. Know your pace. Being your true being.

Start prioritising. Choosing what you like and what you don’t like. Choosing which way to go. Choosing which road you want to lead. Choosing what is important. Choosing what is good for you first. Choosing your pace, choosing your way. Prioritising your life being.  Make your self worth first.

You come to realised that slowing down is part of the routine. Part of the combination of it all.  And then you can allow yourself you learn more, exploration to do more, have the strength to want more and get the pleasures of life as much as possible, as comfortably as possible. Pleasurable for your own self.

So am i right ? Did i get it right ? I’m no expert and I’m still learning as I go.

But, I am hopeful. I’m hopeful by seeking joy each day, every day.