eCommerce Facts

#TyasEcommerceProject #5 

Facts on eCommerce.

The evolution of business on the internet has grown so much including e-commerce.  Each country in South East Asia also has its own way entering the market based on different needs and focus.

Not long ago I met with Angga, another of my former member Digital and Social Media Team when at PSF. Angga is now the Editorial Content Team Lead for iPrice Indonesian market. iPrice is an Online Shopping Search Engine that is the affiliate platform of choice for more than 1000 eCommerce merchants across South East Asia. It is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently serving in 7 market languages. Isn’t that just grand !

Through Angga, some insights shared of different strategies not only for business model but also characters and behaviors in each country are also different. For example, online users in Singapore and Malaysia does not engage through social media the same level like Indonesian people do. And how they strategies on counterfeits products is quite interesting.

iPrice as a technology based company also provide real data insights which I would say quite refreshing.

iprice insights state of ecommerce 2017

You can also get the iPrice’s State of e-Commerce in South East Asia 2017 here. Data from traffic, conversion rate, basket size for each country, COD payments, Mobile Revolution, Time of Purchase and map of e-Commerce on each country based on business models, store types and state of origin are available on their site. For example, Indonesia map on e-Commerce you can review here.

I think eCommerce will continue to excites the business ventures as stated through an article by  DailySocial that huge investments divided between TenCent and Alibaba will make quite an impact on SEA eCommerce Landscape in 2018.

  1. Each local companies on each country will choose a side
  2. Amazon will try to do acquisition for faster penetration in this market
  3. Offline becomes a new online: pure ecommerce players will launch physical stores to offset high online consumer acquisition costs, improve last-mile fulfillment, and accelerate growth
  4. E-Commerce start-ups will start ICO to fight for its existence
  5. 2018 will be the latest wave of ecommerce consolidation as local players adjust to the New World Rules
  6. Go-Pay will venture out of Indonesia via Sea, Traveloka, and JD to become the WeChat Pay version of Southeast Asia
  7. A new mobile-based fashion and beauty marketplace will fill the void left by Zalora
  8. Marketplace will “mature” and rid itself of “grey market” to serve luxury brands and blue chips
  9. Marketplace and e-tailers will introduce private labels and alienate brands
  10. B2B e-commerce will disrupt offline distributors, blurring the line between online and offline distribution

But that is all business.

All in all, what we need to understand is how to get the best online shopping experience.

The main traits on behavior and characteristic of Indonesian users on social media or the internet is how we like to come together. As a family or grow like a family we always find ourselves on regularly meet ups, liking to be a part of a family that has a purpose, and never liked being alone as an individual. Indonesian people will always put forward togetherness beyond anything else.

So I would like to close this story and simplify the facts.

Fact 1. Basic understanding of internet. Connecting through communication.

Fact 2. Basic management on the internet is using communication with influence. The way to influence better communication is similar like how we manage a community. Community management first, before anything else.

Fact 3. Experience is everything.

Thank you for reading.

See you on my next story.

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