Playing catch up on disruptive era

How did Kim Kardashian becomes the new norm?

One particular example if I may raise on this discussion. Who would’ve thought that at some point in time, all high end fashion line will all go sportswear? Louis Vuitton who is well known for its aesthetics and quite conventional in sophistication would launch a sport shoe ?

Another example I  captured, Carolina Herrera on one of her interview when asked about Kim Kardashian seems show a great dislike. There might be some people with the same feeling like Carolina Herrera. But fact is, Kim Kardashian now represents a whole lot of people. Is there a change in taste ? What is the new mindset of cool ?

My observation is that Kim Kardashian with her platform starting from KUWT reality tv to her own use of social media consistently, non-stop feeding and show casing what she feels is right or cool. Years and years of consuming the show not only builds a new way of thinking but also a new perception of ethics, morals, taste and therefore a shift of culture or a new norm. Or as we now say, Pop Culture. Because the important question is, who is the reference ?

For you who has strong sense of what is cool or not and level of maturity might have your own way of style interpretation. However, inevitably the new trends will challenge your perspective and how you see the world and therefore look things differently.

Remember how Kylie Jenner gave 1 comment about snapchat and made a drop on stock losing $1.3 Billion in value by only 1 day ?

Or when an ad on snapchat made an insult at Rihanna.

So how can we catch up in the disruptive era ?

Generation C or the connecting people who share the same behaviour on using the technology, not necessarily on the same age or demographic but might be the ones who tap on early on changes of belief system and easier to adapt. They are the ones who is redirecting the behaviour of what is cool, how do I do things, what interest me to read, and the list goes on.

Business of course need to learn what the expectations of the consumers nowadays they need to meet. We can no longer can close our eyes on how people feel is value. Because fact again, how your consumer finds value is different than how your business sell value.

Before, I have shared through my own experience the importance of having customer journey identified throughout the cycle of business. Now, for brands of the future must understand the importance of designing the experience to fit in with the consumers.

The future is yours based on how you do things differently. To learn more, read this article from Brian Solis. Happy learning.

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