About Tyas

Tyas Handayani is an Indonesian marketer, a partner consultant for online business at Bangwin Consulting , former Chairman for Pita Kuning, a foundation that supports Indonesian children with cancer from underprivileged families.

Her career experience in communication, brand building and strategic planning started from learning advertising with Publicis Indonesia and JWT Indonesia.  eCommerce at multiply.com and leading digital transformation at Putera Sampoerna Foundation became her platform on digital and social media. Her latest work was to re-create a new Pita Kuning mainly to develop changes within the organisation for the sustainability of the foundation.

Tyas has always loves learning new things. She loves the process of it. Process means for her is real practices, learning how to do it, learning from mistakes, understanding the work in progress and figuring things out. From building brands, businesses or supporting parts of the business.

Tyas considers all those experience as building blocks. She believes growth comes from each learning process. As a student in life, Tyas understood the importance in sharing knowledge. And that is why she started writing and sharing her point of view in topics that interest her, feature interviews of professionals as well as documenting her own experience on tyashandayani.com.

Tyas continues to build stories, the “who I am stories” through her strategic management journals as her portfolio, the Tyas Branding Project. She has expand and built a new Podcast series that she named, Mindshift.

For project enquiries:

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