About Tyas

“I only talk about what I believe in and my support goes all the way.”

Tyas Handayani is a marketer who loves to write and share stories with the intention to give perspectives. As she expresses in a form of compassion her stories have expanded through a podcast series named, Mindshift with Tyas.

There is a saying. Be who you needed when you were younger. That is exactly what Tyas aspire to be. An encourager.

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communication, brand building, and strategic planning, Tyas started her love of content creation and strategic planning from learning advertising with Publicis Indonesia and JWT Indonesia. Experienced in e-commerce with multiply.com and lead digital transformation at Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Her latest work as former Chairman for Pita Kuning, a foundation that supports Indonesian children with cancer from underprivileged families, was to make changes and re-create the organization for the sustainability of the foundation.

In several opportunities, Tyas has been assigned to show others how to move mountains. Doing things differently, offering new ways, and never settle. Having the ability to see things from various and different angles, start from scratch, and be involved every step of the way. Tyas loves building things. Always drawn towards the mission, moved by the cause or problems to solve. Her intentions are always to help people or companies have the best possible outcome and build a solid ground that works to thrive and be the best of what they do. Those experiences are considered her building blocks. Believes growth comes from that learning processes. It is a journey of life long learning.

As a student of life, Tyas understood the importance of sharing knowledge. Making hard decisions but decide to do what is right and make things happen. That is why she starts to express her point of view on topics that interest her, feature interviews with professionals as well as documenting her own experience of family traveling and many interests of lifestyle activities on tyashandayani.com.

Currently, Tyas is also a partner consultant and trainer at Bangwin Consulting. She continues to build her portfolio through a strategic management journal she called, the Tyas Branding Project.

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