Introduction to Psychology

Having completed Introduction to Psychology pushes the next important questions forward.

Where do I go from here and now what?
Now my interest in learning psychology is rooted in my professional journey in communications, marketing, digital and social media, and social-driven organizations, also one project lead to an opportunity to develop a social service product based on psychological-social needs for children with cancer. Having those experiences made me understand the importance of analyzing, looking at problems, or how to solve problems using aspects and approaches of psychology and sociology.
The world is ever-changing and because we as human beings are moving targets the revolution is never-ending.
So what are the problems that are extraordinary and drive me to want to take part?
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Community Management on e-commerce with Muhammad Fikri

#TyasEcommerceProject #4

Interview with Muhammad Fikri, Head of Community Management Bukalapak

Let us open this post with one question. Why is Community Management essential for eCommerce ?

If you had the chance to read my story #TyasDigitalProject and listen to my interview with Bangwin about basic internet communication then the understanding might have been established. Why I really put forward digital community management as an important influence on any digital and social media activities. The concept of social media will always be my fundamental reason why we need to understand digital community.

Quoting Bangwin “Social media is a user based tool. When user become many it grows into a community. That is why, managing the many users on social media is similar like managing a community or through community management approach.” Abang Edwin is a online business consultant also an expert on digital community.


As a translation to the above quote, I would put take any digital business model to synergies face to face with the people who is using those products, those people on social media who has the same liking and are making conversation about the product are the representative digital community of the product.

Any similarity with ? Well according to Fikri, Bukalapak is a market place. Social Market Place. Bukalapak does not sell things and our performance will be determined by the good experience between buyers and sellers. Our business model is to bridge between buyers and sellers at Bukalapak.

What a pleasure and lucky for me, one of my former staff members from PSF’s digital and social media team, Muhammad Fikri is now the Head of Community at Bukalapak. Bukalapak is one of the biggest market place that are influence by social commerce similar like in those time.

To learn more about Fikri, open his blog

That is why I approach him to share his point of view and story on implementing Community Management at Bukalapak.

Let me share you on this short interview here.

Question :

Hallo Fikri, how are you ? Thank you having an interview with me. First things first, can you share a little bit of your community experience background please?

Fikri :

My experience on community was built from early on in life. From elementary I had boy scounts and on that early years being a scout my spirit in being a part of that community was awake and build upon. Because as part of the scout community we are taught to on how to be a leader and be led by a leader. Both important skill set to take part in any community activities. Sometimes, we see there are so many activists that were reluctant to be call upon as leader. However there has to be a leader no matter what right ? So the understanding and the exercise was fundamentally necessary.

My participation on scouting organization continues till I was in college. I was the chairman for UGM Scouting Committee 2006-2007. And another important thing being a part of a community was “contributions”. So my contributions were community service. Helping out a village outside Yogyakarta, its sorta like KKN mini or a community service program, we start with problem assessment, that review what do we have, what can we do, learn how we can contribute and measure the impact of what we have done. And that is what I mean on the important of skill set to be used till now.

Question :

Your experience on Community Management is quite a lot. Could you share your participation, in what industry and also your contribution on each of your experience ?

Fikri :

Since I am passionate in writing I’ve also established network with the blogger community. In Yogya I was a part of Cah Andong community of Yogya-nese bloggers with names like Ndorokakung, tikabanget and many more has been good friends ever since.

Originally I am from Palembang, therefore I am also a part of the Wong Palembang blogger community and in Jakarta with the Jakarta Blogger Community.

With this I gain nationwide network. It really paid off as I moved to Jakarta. My network was already established and become easier for me to get work opportunities, freelancing and side jobs all from the blogger community. Including a part of the Social Media 10 years from that that time I become a part of the pioneers of digital networks.

Me being me, always single and passionate to know more, learn more, I also took part on Rotaract building common interest in helping youth through education.

On June 2013, I was invited by US Embassy to participated in Global Service Leaders’ Inspiring a Culture of Service program in the US for two weeks. Given the opportunity I met with people in volunteerism and service-work in Indianapolis and Chicago as well as joined in an international conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington D.C. That experience led me to believe that the community building we progress here are more advance because of the nature of the people of Indonesia. And I had the chance to share.Having those experience and because I like to take part of some community movement, I believe I am a community person. You could say I am self-proclaim as a community person but I am. I associate with so many people, I this case a social butterfly hahahahahha. People would say, oh Fikri, he’s all over the place. On every event. Essentially that sense of community building DNA is inside me. And I see everything from a community sense of perspective.

As a community person I know the nature, I understand the people, understand why and what’s in it for me that makes people active, the objective and how people come together.

Question :

Okay, please share us your personal understanding about Community Management. The fundamentals.

Fikri :

To me, community management is a way or an influencing way like as part of marketing. If we are to reach a certain objective one of the way to strategise from marketing is through community approach.

As it is an approach, we must approach through listening, sometimes to be humble means being at the same level of understanding like being a friend, humanise a brand or a company.

When we are a part of a company we would understand there are stakeholders that we need to accommodate for example users, buyers, sellers and so on and there are also some functions within the organisation such as marketing, customer service with their own roles and responsibilities. Through community approach, we can share suggestions and inputs towards both sides. As friends we can share attention to the users and feedbacks to the company. As long as there are no transactional trade involve in the process and just influencing for the betterment of process and in then we could divert the solution to Customer Service for instance.

The success factor determine on Community Management would be in overcoming problems and challenges of the company’s face. A militant means “die hard” supporter for the company that open heartedly, without any hesitation or pay and any condition willing to help for the needs of the company. Evangelists. That could be one level indicator success rate on community management.

To grow and make evangelist is certainly not easy. Needs process and will be tricky since it cannot have any transactional factors. Sometimes there will come perception on free vouchers or get opportunities on discounts services but of course that cannot be.

Question :

So would you say it is important or vital for any business to get in digital use influence community management ?

Fikri :

It is very important. Because we manage people. People who uses our platform. And it will be a long term investment. The result might happen after 3 years. However, progress each year can be reviewed. Bukalapak is a data driven company we have our measurements metrics between the community management programs and the results benefited for all pelapak (sellers) at Bukalapak.

How to measure will be determine of course based on the business model and the industry. In terms of bukalapak automatically numbers of transaction is the main goal. Secondly how active we have been will also be an element of factor.

For us how we measure effectivity on each city is also very important uniquely for Indonesian nature we always need to meet up. However, we are active engagement online, if we do not meet the “sense of belonging” will never not happen.

How many attendees, equals how many new store.

How many complain, how many traffic, numbers of comments, and so on.

Those numbers of people on each occasion will be manage by each functions of the community team. So yes, there are divisions of functions, all established by needs and findings along the way. In this case, those new people entering bukapalak needs to be coached and who’s going to do it, in Bukalapak we have our engagement team with sets of responsibilities one of them is to make sure whatever effort we have done will leads to the goal of the company.

The key is to find a common interest between the member of the community and the company’s goal. And the most important is to know why people would be loyal or what we call the “sticky-ness effect”.

But also, community management can also minimize that sense of corporate point of view for Bukalapak. We don’t necessarily gives solution. But we build that bridge to those who might have that ability in the company.

Question :

For Indonesia, might have something to do with our culture difference and how we communicate ya Fikri ?

Fikri :

You are right. Different city, different ways. Bali and Manado will have a total different approach. In Bali meetups in consider rare since they have so many custom tradition activities all around the clock. What become accustom or habitual living should be consider in measuring the quality and quantity success rate.

Question :

What are the challenges met on a daily basis. Can you give examples and how to overcome those challenges ?

Fikri :

Challenges in terms of managing a community are mostly finding leaders. The community leader or the evangelists. As you know the character of each province is very different from on to the other.

And of course there are some rules of the games that one leaders and their members have to commit. Anybody can of course enter another same community like Bukalapak but not the leader. Remember, no transactional activities. Nobody gets paid.

So just like any other community development we empower each community city or region to develop themselves. We assist and support knowledge every step of the way, but the executions is in their hands. They have the power. Bukalapak can only contribute. Empowerment, encouragement and contribution. That’s the essence !

Note. The basic understanding on community is that those who come together are those who has the same the same liking, has join similarity and understanding, but the most strongest bond of community are the ones who has the same circumstances or fate.

Question :

Okay let’s get to the understanding between Digital Community and Community Management do you think there are any difference ?

Fikri :

No difference. We manage people like we manage a village. If we look from Bukalapak perspective, what is the actual reason that someone wants to be a part of Bukalapak community ? Because fundamentally they are a group of traders or merchants. They have the same interest.

“Bukalapak has always been committed to support MSMEs. And want to always be a part of the growing support in Indonesia. To be a part of their growth, to give a platform, a medium to learn and improve their knowledge, their ability not for Bukalapak but for their own prosperity. Bukalapak wants to be a part of them as they are a part of Bukalapak.”

We want to be able to give knowledge that benefits on their performance online selling at Bukalapak. If their performance increase, it will of course impact their welfare. When “what’s in it for me” are answered, it becomes easier for us to take that relationship wherever we want.

So when it comes to business we use community approach in order to maximize their attempt in doing better and gain profit. But do not use the marketing strategies on approaching them. If it was marketing there are always transaction that leads to how many do we need to budget and how do we calculate into awareness or reach or perception or leads. But in community results are more long term for any quality or quantity measurements. For short term is by using community approach, we reduced problems, gain understanding, productivity, feedbacks for our products and of course loyalty.

Question :

How about joint collaboration between Community Management and Marketing. What kind of teamwork would you do ?

Fikri :

The Community management division is under merchants’ departments. Therefore, we are marketing department’s stakeholders. So we collaborate based on brief to marketing on our agenda activities. However, there are times when marketing has their own agenda or activities and they would ask support and collaboration is usually done as a team.

Community has so many branches and can be an influence in so many ways so sometimes our BOD would seem confused.  Hahahahahhaha. Questions would raise like why are you all over the place, what’s your North Star Metric ? For example, we can be the bridge between the sellers and our product team that could help develop new features or get instant feedbacks. That is one KPI. KPI on optimising a product development. Another example is complaint to Customer Service for our priority seller from the Bukalapak Community.

Question :

May I understand how many are the registered online sellers are your member of the community ?

Fikri :

We have around 2,2 million registered online sellers on Bukalapak. The member of Bukalapak online sellers’ community has not reach 5% yet. We give priorities to those are members, yet there are layers of benefits based on how active the members are. Those who are not active will not get the list of privileges. However,  they are influencing other members. (smile). We manage people.

If it was a machine there are automation, there are AI and other learnings.

But in community management, is about relationships.

My division, the community management division including me is 19 staff.

With 4 function, Program, Partnerships, Content and Engagement.

Program ; are to develop the curriculum, standard, gamification system, developing the bible of community management, making blue prints or we call it the center of learning.

Partnerships ; as a bridge to our stakeholders and also support.

Content ; for any needs and necessities content and postings that has access to our sellers.

Engagement ; build relationships, coaching, follow up to other functions and so on. We divide the team based on regional and our interaction could go deeper like coming to weddings, birthdays, so it is not online online relationships.

Essentially through time the functions were identified based on what we see on the field. All the needs were answered based on what we mapped out each year through performance review.

Question :

We talked about sellers community at bukalapak. How about the buyers ? Have you manage their relationships yet ?

Fikri :

Yes, this year (2018) we start doing engagement activities. But that’s on the Marketing Team main responsibilities now.

Question :

I think our readers would be thankful if you could share what are the list of competencies must haves as a Community Manager. What makes them the capacity to be a good Community Manager ?

Fikri :

For me communication is the most important element of all. That is why so many PR people would fit in quite well. But what does it take is mostly to be a social person, outgoing, have an open mind, have compassion and flexible to fit in everywhere since there are basically no standard people you will need to establish relationship with. You will meet with all kind of people. You will need to always find yourself as the middle man between the community and the company. Be the glue of any crisis management, marketing activities, you would also need to understanding branding and much of writing.

Question :

For those who wants to start learning digital community through community management what can we do ?

Fikri :

Well, here at Bukalapak we are always open for internships. But usually it is based on needs.

To me the best learning is to be a part of a community. Join in whatever community based activity you want, it is up to you. It doesn’t matter. The importance is to understand how it feels to be a part of the community and how you can contribute. That way you will understand exactly what it means to manage a community.

Question :

Lastly, give us a quote that you use to reflect Community Management.

Fikri :

“ Learning community management you have to be part of the community itself. “ my own quote. 

My point of view, Bukalapak quite eminently want to make sure the experience of the users is progressively getting better. I believe through this interview it shows that community management gives a valuable contribution as part of the sustainable growth of Bukalapak.

Thank you so much Fikri and Bukalapak. Really appreciate the sharing. Wishing huge success. I look forward to see more in the future. Always do good ya !

Fikri has moved on as Lead Social Media for Grab Indonesia and currently just started as Community Partnership at Facebook APAC, by November 2019.

So, what do you think readers ?

Lastly, eCommerce Facts.

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Understanding the internet world with Abang Edwin

#TyasEcommerceProject #3

 Interview with Abang Edwin – Understanding the internet world.

On this next post we will be discussing about the basic understanding of internet with Abang Edwin is one of Indonesia’s expert on Digital Community as well as a Social Media Practitioner. Dabbled on the internet since 1994 and successfully built an internet-based radio for Indonesian listeners in New York City, USA, Voice Of Jakarta (VOJ).In 2007, Bangwin joined Yahoo! Southeast Asia as a Community Manager until he decided to build his own online consulting named Bangwin Consulting.

Bangwin discovered a gap on the understanding of how to manage social media or taking advantage through the internet from people or brands each time he met. It was the main reason why Bangwin Consulting was established. Bangwin has always push forward the concept of Digital Community on all of his sharing or opportunities.

Hoping this interview would give a more clear understanding on what does it takes to manage digital. The interview will be in Bahasa Indonesia however I have made the English translation on this post together with some additional supporting material. Hope you enjoy.

Tyas :  

OK, before we discuss about the world of internet, can we talk about what leads your interest to the internet, some history or background up until now.

Abang Edwin :

It started from when internet arrived in Indonesia. Around 1994 or 1995. It was when I almost finished college. At that time, it was the first time we got internet connection through internet monthly subscription. It was still windows 31, the earliest version and at that time when I begin to connect with the internet I was so excited because I get to see so many things. At that time, browsers were not like nowadays like chrome but those time we used mosaic, Netscape, even internet explorer was not yet available. Internet explorer arrived provided by mosaic. It was bought my Microsoft then it changed name.

So happy, we can try to make website. At that time, websites are only text based. The image is only on top and all texts. Not interesting at all.

Yahoo was already available but at that time, Yahoo was a search engine. So if we want to search for anything, we go to yahoo. Google was not available at that time. There are no social media or any terms on that. Those time it was only like magazines but online. They were named portals.

And then I started to try “chat” at that time the platform was mIRC. It was a hit at that time. You don’t need a browser, and mIRC was already available since DOS age. Black screen and all text. At that time, it was name IRC or internet relay chat. And when it became a bit modern it changes the name into mIRC.

At that time, first time I connected we had to choose a room, and it had so many rooms. And they would mention you. “Hey, ASL please”

Apparently it was how we introduce ourselves on the internet world at that time. We had to say our ASL, age sex location.

Up until now, mIRC still are used because it is so efficient as a platform.

Tyas :

The Scouts organization internationally still uses mIRC because its reliable and easy access, makes it accessible platform consistent in all countries.

Bangwin :

Yes, we use that on those days. And as we enter we met with all different people all around the world. From Poland, East Europe, Korea, at then I realised this technology is so cool because we are able to connected to any parts of the world as long as we are connected to the internet. So no limits. In terms of communication.

And then I realised there are some relevancies with a book I read before. It was a Bill Gates book and there was a quote about connecting the world. Title book, Overdrive.

On that book it was stated how Microsoft was not only to develop software with Bill Gates envision that the world with all human beings will be connected. As easy as that. In the olden days it was unimaginable but when we try internet then we realised what lies on the future possibility ahead.  It really felt what is the future.

Tyas :

And then when did you start experimenting. Could you share any example from your own experiences ?

Bangwin :

After dabbling on the internet, after chat on mIRC, and then I start learning about mailing list. The concept is the same, connecting with others but thru email. So we it is exactly like if we can imagine nowadays we use “WhatsApp group” but we use email. So we send one message and share through email then message will be distributed and all will be connected to each other. Now that concept is actually can be describe as Online Community. At that time, other than forum the foremost number one concept on Online Community. Because platform forum is specifically design for online sharing. There’s thread. But email is easier and everybody has it. So after mailing list I tried to build online community through mailing lists. So it starts from there.

Tyas :

So it was more than 15 years ago, to be exact 24 years ago that Abang Edwin started to experimenting on the internet. What I can imagine those time learning something new, it has some process of learnings on its own for some people. Funny misconceptions that might happen at that times ?

Bangwin :

Yes, when I was working for Panasonic right after college. I am a designer product so I was working at a factory. And I had to deal with many managers on the factory. And the knowledge about internet is still little. Because I love the internet, I helped the company to adapt internet technology to be utilise for daily work. Now with 3000 factory workers, you can imagine all facilities are completed on the factory. From TV factory, audio factory, internet has been provided for efficiency. You can imagine, it will be easier to coordinate meetings rather than walk hundreds of meters just to discuss where should we do the meetings. Now at that early times internet usage was using modem. And at that time, the understanding was if you use the internet, you are using your phone credit. Well if a company as large as Panasonic subscribe monthly internet usage, fiber optic, quite expensive USD 3000 per month. At that time, we had huge bandwidth, could use 24 hours.

But what we found out was nobody was using. We started using email for invitation meetings but nobody replied or even read. As we went around, and surveyed checked and we found out that they refused to use the internet. Why, because they fear it would be very expensive, they fear the phone billing of the (department) would explode and they could not take the responsibility.

So we finally gathered all managers to a meeting and explain about the subscriptions monthly fee that had been invested by the management for all to use. If not, it would be a waste. And then, they realised and eventually use it.

Tyas :

I can imagine having something new like internet there has been some socialisation, and you were also a part of it ?

Bangwin :

Yes, I also support socialising the whole factory on how to benefit the internet at that time.

Tyas :

Now after all the misconceptions, at that time, you must’ve also realized and foresee all the possibilities that could happen from the internet. Are there any predictions that you see happening or through any books you read at that time that actually happened?

Bangwin :

Oh a lot. Yes. Like business. At the old times, business was making a corporation, and you advertised through newspaper, now we know about Disruption Business where a company / we can gain Digital Economy with relying applications to do the business. At that time, we understand as the modem connected and then I became connected to people on mIRC and this means we can do business.

And through the internet it allows changes to happens like what’s happening now. For instance, ojek online all depends on the internet. Internet becomes something that is inevitable, everything relies on that.

There was a time on hand phone survey that for some people in the rural area, they say they don’t use the internet, but just facebook. And as time goes by, they don’t realize that the internet is all embedded in our gadget. It’s like a given value. All our hand phone numbers have internet connection.

Business media or portals at that time. And then there was search engine, Yahoo, infoseek, lycos. And we chat on mIRC on of the channels for example dog lovers, and I could offer a dog, now that is already e-commerce right ?

Tyas :

Next question, is a question that I have longed to asked and share to all our friends (listeners/readers). About the understanding on basic internet communication, community management and digital community. You have always brought that up on any of your sharing or opportunities as a speaker. Can you share the importance on those concept ?

Bangwin :

Very important. Why I always bring community management on any of my sharing because social media management or internet is based on communication. Communication is a starting point that a community is formed. So if we do not discuss about community (how to manage the community online) it will be a jump. It means we are just putting ads (advertisement).

So for example, if we meet a person, we just informed, that’s it, one-way communication. Once the other person talks back to us, that is already two-way communication but not yet a community. Once there are three, four and more person come together and talk about that ad and discuss about their interest on that product or let say hobby or whatever now that is a community.

Now why it becomes important, because rather than we talk to 1 person, if we talk to 1000 people that has the same opinion as us it would be more powerful. Faster, easier.

So when it comes to those who wants to sell or share and idea it becomes more enjoyable. That is why it is important to talk about online community.

Concept of communication between people. Community allows anyone to share and discuss ideas

Again an example, everything is all about community management. If one person has a twitter account or Instagram, with 800 followers, that is for sure the person needs to be a community manager on its own. Unless we don’t want take benefits from that but if we see we have 1000 followers and we want to take advantage we have to take our responsibility as a community manager to nurture our followers, so that they are happy to follow us. If not, they will easily unfollow.

So on the internet, when we talk about community, we talk about people. Just like hang out in the real world, there always some tendencies to judge or appraise a person. Now, our value on the internet is based on our reputation on the internet. And reputation is build based on trust. So we have to build our reputation on the internet community. Now that trust will become the currency on each person. Each person has its own value. For example, if Abang is speaking I trust him. Now that means our reputation is high. Referring to the book Wuffie Factor that explains it all. Value of each person online. Now reputation online is different from the reputation on the real world.

Let me be the example, I am well known to be a product designer in the real world, but when I come to the online world I am know to be an online community practitioner. So each place we can build our reputation. Now the beauty of being online or on the internet, we have the ability to build that. Build on what we want people to know us for, how popular we want to be. That can happened.

Tyas :

Now as we see on how we take advantage for business from the internet nowadays, there’s e-commerce, fin-tech, service tech, entertainment, media, there are so many, even now, do not realised the benefits or concept on online community influences on the internet on whatever form or model. Why is that, people do not realised til now ?

If I can give some examples, Bukalapak just uses influences community management starting 3 years ago. Other e-commerce just started last year. Why is that people seems to me jump over that ?


There are so many reasons but the for certain reasons, online community is not something easy to be learn. That’s first. And secondly, people is used to see the end results. Whereas community is built for a long period of time, so it we cannot see the immediate result.

Tyas :

Is there are book references to learn online community that you can share ?

Bangwin :

Community Building on the web, Amy Jo Kim. This book til now is still relevant.








Tyas :

Maybe we can learn community management on our own if we some have experience being a part of a community, we know how to manage community, and we could apply that learning on social media, right.

But this is how I view it. I may be wrong. From what I see, people often become too focus on the technology, how to manage the technology but forgot that those who are using those technologies are human beings. Not just the internet or social media but whatever brand or product sometimes a company tends to forgot, at the end of the day we have to give value for those people who buys those products. People do not want technical stuff. Could that be one of the problem maybe? Because they often think or see too technical of things?

You’ve got to start with customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you’re going to sell it. -Steve Jobs-

Bangwin :

Many people sometimes do not realize that when we manage a community we manage the people.  What’s in their heads, the understanding, habit and character that forms how they speak or communicate among others. So it’s about communication. That is why on any of my trainings it all starts from conversation. Because conversation is the initial state of building a community. From a questions and gain more conversation then sharing on each interests.

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Tyas :

The last question is about the future. What technology can you see for the future.

Bangwin :

Technology becomes a part and no longer an options of our daily lives. There are no stopping in the future. Social media might change forms and names but connection between human beings and communication becomes the base of any form of evolution. That is used to support that. It will only change form.

From IRC, mailing list, it was all tools for human beings to communicate. And now we are starting to use a tool to communicate using this smart phone, on the future we might use our own way of tool, telepathically who knows.

That is why when it comes to business it does not become relevant if we say we only want to do business in Indonesia. If the potential buyers come from overseas don’t you want to do business? However, there are still friends with that mindset, I really cannot understand. If we can have connected globally, might as well we try.

Thank you so much for the interview Bangwin !

Next, let’s continue, Interview with Fikri, Head Community Bukalapak.

To learn more about Customer Journey, read also, playing catch up on disruptive era.

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Tyas Ecommerce Project

#TyasEcommerceProject #1

What is Tyas eCommerce Project about ?

I have been wanting to share my experience in eCommerce for so long. Tyas eCommerce Project was inspired by my experience at, one of Indonesia’s eCommerce pioneer rise together with the Philippines market. But from one job to another I couldn’t find the time to start writing.

Before this story, I have shared previously #TyasDigitalProject and #TyasSocialProject . The same reason why I wrote these stories, I feel it is very important to be able to shared what I have done, through all my experiences. To show not only the work but each strategising steps and the implementations of each task. Hopefully could contribute some learning on each industry and the professional world.

I will start from the learnings during and I will share some interviews that I have captured, friends in e-commerce and also an expert in this field. The evolving learnings on e-commerce has always been an interesting topic in the business world all around including Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the emerging markets that dive on this business competition and seems to excites many worldwide investors. was shut down in May 2016 however I would still think the learnings was as much valuable for everybody in this industry till now.

My opportunity to be a part of came through mas Daniel Tumiwa. I will always be forever grateful to have that chance as it became a door opener for my professional growth. So thank you mas Daniel.

Through this opportunity I would also like to give my thanks to Claudio Pinkus. Claudio was the Chief Strategy Officer at and on the early days had work together to map out some of the biggest ecommerce sites during that time.

My time at was short but gave me so much to learn. It gave me a platform and a learning based for the next chapter in the digital world. As the senior marketing manager my role was Strategic Partnership. Of course when working for a startup you have to be ready for whatever opportunity or task given. I had gain experience creating trial practice for new substantial industry like books and music also lead two of the biggest categories, Babies and Kids. And was appointed the Project Manager on Counterfeit Project for the new market place at

The difference from the other Tyas Stories Projects is that I will heavily emphasise on Digital Community management. One concept that I really felt very important on any technology business model should have yet often be ignored.

Let’s start.

#1        Tyas eCommerce project

#2        My experience with eCommerce

#3        Interview with Abang Edwin – The internet world

#4        Community management on e-commerce – An Interview with Muhammad Fikri Head of Community Management Bukalapak

#5        eCommerce Facts

Happy reading.

Continue, My experience with eCommerce

Playing catch up on disruptive era

How did Kim Kardashian becomes the new norm?

One particular example if I may raise on this discussion. Who would’ve thought that at some point in time, all high end fashion line will all go sportswear? Louis Vuitton who is well known for its aesthetics and quite conventional in sophistication would launch a sport shoe ?

Another example I  captured, Carolina Herrera on one of her interview when asked about Kim Kardashian seems show a great dislike. There might be some people with the same feeling like Carolina Herrera. But fact is, Kim Kardashian now represents a whole lot of people. Is there a change in taste ? What is the new mindset of cool ?

My observation is that Kim Kardashian with her platform starting from KUWT reality tv to her own use of social media consistently, non-stop feeding and show casing what she feels is right or cool. Years and years of consuming the show not only builds a new way of thinking but also a new perception of ethics, morals, taste and therefore a shift of culture or a new norm. Or as we now say, Pop Culture. Because the important question is, who is the reference ?

For you who has strong sense of what is cool or not and level of maturity might have your own way of style interpretation. However, inevitably the new trends will challenge your perspective and how you see the world and therefore look things differently.

Remember how Kylie Jenner gave 1 comment about snapchat and made a drop on stock losing $1.3 Billion in value by only 1 day ?

Or when an ad on snapchat made an insult at Rihanna.

So how can we catch up in the disruptive era ?

Generation C or the connecting people who share the same behaviour on using the technology, not necessarily on the same age or demographic but might be the ones who tap on early on changes of belief system and easier to adapt. They are the ones who is redirecting the behaviour of what is cool, how do I do things, what interest me to read, and the list goes on.

Business of course need to learn what the expectations of the consumers nowadays they need to meet. We can no longer can close our eyes on how people feel is value. Because fact again, how your consumer finds value is different than how your business sell value.

Before, I have shared through my own experience the importance of having customer journey identified throughout the cycle of business. Now, for brands of the future must understand the importance of designing the experience to fit in with the consumers.

The future is yours based on how you do things differently. To learn more, read this article from Brian Solis. Happy learning.

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Time to let go Pita Kuning

#TyasSocialProject #9

Telah tiba waktunya saya untuk mundur diri.

Sejak oktober 2015 saya telah memberikan waktu professional saya untuk menjabat sebagai Ketua Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia. Suatu kesempatan yang sungguh memberikan pelajaran hidup secara pribadi dan professional. Proses pembelajaran yang tidak akan pernah saya lupakan. Saya sangat bersyukur atas kesempatan yang diberikan dan penerimaan saya dengan semua kelebihan dan kekurangan saya.

Saya perpegang pada keyakinan atas pengertian untuk tidak pernah melupakan siapa kita dan kenapa kita ada disini. Tugas untuk melakukan perubahan yang diharapkan bagi saya untuk dapat dijalankan demi kelangsungan yayasan ini. Penting bagi saya untuk dapat bercerita atas perubahan yang telah terjadi. Yang merupakan dasar pengertian bahwa tugas saya telah selesai.  Kini Pita Kuning,

  1. Memiliki strategi layanan baru dengan menempatkan aktifitas layanan psycho-social berdasarkan kebutuhan perawatan paliatif sebagai dasar bentuk produk layanan yang baru dan pembentukan visi, misi dan tujuan organisasi yang baru.
  2. Memiliki stuktur organisasi yang terbagi atas hired worker dan skilled volunteer dengan program kerja, pembagian kerja, proses kerja, protocol/SOP kerja dan ketetapan kontrak kerja/komitmen kerja hingga pencarian workforce dan volunteering yang berkelanjutan, tertulis dan terukur.
  3. Memiliki hubungan atau kembali menjalin hubungan baik antar stakeholders dengan pengelolaan komunitas yang regular.
  4. Memiliki perhitungan keuangan dasar dalam pembagian atas operasional dan penyaluran bantuan dengan nilai bantu per anak, dan target 30-50 anak perbulan, se-JaTaBek.
  5. Memiliki pencatatan data penyaluran bantuan dan cerita perkembangan regular bagi setiap Anak Pita Kuning yang dibantu.

Pada dasarnya, kini Pita Kuning memiliki pengetahuan dasar dan dasar alat kerja untuk mendukung proses kerja yang baik melalui knowledge management yang tercatat dan terlatih pada setiap individu yang tergabung dalam Pita Kuning.

 Manajemen Pengetahuan (Inggris: Knowledge management) adalah kumpulan perangkat, teknik, dan strategi untuk mempertahankan, menganalisis, mengorganisasi, meningkatkan, dan membagikan pengertian dan pengalaman. Pengertian dan pengalaman semacam itu terbangun atas pengetahuan, baik yang terwujudkan dalam seorang individu atau yang melekat di dalam proses dan aplikasi nyata suatu organisasi. Fokus dari MP adalah untuk menemukan cara-cara baru untuk menyalurkan data mentah ke bentuk informasi yang bermanfaat, hingga akhirnya menjadi pengetahuan.

Semua pembelajaran dari penyaluran bantuan setiap anak, wawasan, pengalaman, dasar alasan boleh atau tidak boleh menjadi sebuah protocol kerja. Keberhasilan kinerja dan dampak yang ingin dicapai dari segala sisi operasional menjadi disiplin dan acuan kerja yang berazas atas kejadian nyata. Disiplin. Keharusan. Landasan. Beralasan. Harga, Rasa dan Hormat. Kualitas. Menjadikan dasar untuk terus berjalan, melakukan perubahan dan naik kelas. Adalah modal dari apapun bentuk usaha yang ingin dijalankan bagi Pita Kuning. Yang mana sebelumnya tidak ada.

Bagi saya, tujuan yang paling penting adalah untuk dapat menjadikan yayasan ini memiliki fondasi yang kuat sejalan dengan pencarian model kegiatan sosial yang berkesinambungan. Saya berharap dengan adanya knowledge management secara tercatat dan terlatih selama hampir 2,5 tahun saya disini dapat menjadi landasan yang kuat, saling mempengaruhi disiplin diri individu-individu dalam organisasi Pita Kuning untuk melangkah maju.

Tapi usaha pencarian model dampak sosial tidak pernah ada kata selesai. Karena niat saja tidak cukup, kata Ramya Prajna, sahabat ThinkWeb yang membantu dan mendampingi Pita Kuning untuk melanjutkan rumusan Sosial Impact Model sebagai langkah selanjutnya bersama tim Pita Kuning. Dalam kesamaan misi, continue to do good together.

Bagi saya, menjadi pemimpin tidak hanya suatu keputusan tapi lebih lagi sebuah tanggung jawab.

Selanjutnya saya akan terus melanjutkan tanggung jawab saya sebagai seorang professional, berkarya, mengejar mimpi dan makna yang berarti.

Terima kasih banyak bagi sahabat Pita Kuning yang telah membantu dan membuka pintu kerjasama selama masa bakti saya disini. Teman yayasan, DepKes, Rumah Sakit, para OrangTua Anak PitaKuning, para relawan, teman komunitas, para donatur yang telah memberikan kepercayaan dan harapan besar bagi yayasan kami.

Khusus untuk tim Pita Kuning,  hired paid and volunteers, I truly thank you. Apa yang telah kita capai bersama diatas adalah buah karya dan kerja keras teman-teman semua. You make me proud everyday. I hope I have given as much learning, guidance and be a model of compassion for each and everyone of you.

Semoga kita dapat terus membangun persahabatan.

Untuk para Pembina dan Pengawas Pita Kuning, terima kasih atas kesempatannya. I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

Hidup ini indah apabila kita dapat berbagi manfaat bagi yang benar-benar membutuhkan. It was an honor, a privileged and with great pleasure to serve Pita Kuning . Terima kasih. Sampai jumpa dilain kesempatan.

#sayaPitaKuning , lets always do good together.

Love and best wishes,

Tyas Handayani Wongsoyudo.



Bagi yang tertarik untuk menyimak cerita dokumentasi perjalanan saya di Pita Kuning, silahkan click Tyas Social Project.

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Tyas is now Partner at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer and Trainer on Digital and Social Media. For project enquiries :

The trial

#TyasSocialProject #4

How I started at Pita Kuning through 3 months assessments

Langkah berikutnya setelah terplih adalah bekerja. Tapi saat itu saya menawarkan sesuatu yang belum pernah saya tawarkan sebelumnya dalam bentuk pekerjaan apapun yang pernah saya alami selama ini. Saya menawarkan untuk saling menilai. Let’s asses each other. I learn about the you, the yayasan. And you guys can learn about me. Are we fit together. We might not be a good match. Call it 3 month’s probations or an assessment. And so I decided not to get paid. Voluntarily work without pay. So I dive in, heart first.

Was it a mistake or not, feel free to be the judge of it. Entering a professional work without pay. Entering a job, starting to work full and giving your heart and soul into something that put your professional integrity on the line.

I decided pro bono karena saya mendahulukan hati saya dalam hal ini. Hati saya berucap ingin membantu. And this foundation needs help. I was so drawn to the cause, the only thing that matter for me was, nobody was willing to do it but me. So I feel I had to do it. Nobody was available. Harapan saya saat itu, mudah-mudahan pengalaman saya dapat memberikan inspirasi kepada orang lain untuk mau berkarya di Pita Kuning. If I had to be the 1st to jump, so be it.

Because I felt I didn’t know anything about the industry. Saya pun mulai dengan melihat situasi dan gambaran besar atas apa yang terjadi di Pita Kuning dan industrinya. Satupun saya tidak mengerti. Kenapa, bagaimana bisa terjadi. Bagaimanapun saya selalu berdasar atas sesuatu sebab pasti berakibat dari sesuatu alasan atau kejadian. Tidak ada hal yang tanpa dasar. Bahkan boleh dan tidak boleh harus beralasan dan berdasar sebab.

Walaupun saya terpilih, jujur proses saya bekerja untuk Pita Kuning merupakan sebuah proses yang cukup besar berdampak pada diri saya secara pribadi maupun professional.

Pengalaman saya terhadap kanker yang paling dekat terjadi pada salah satu tim saya di kantor sebelumnya semasa di PSF. Dia masuk desember, mulai sakit bulan januari, cek intensif mulai februari, april di vonis CA, mulai juni sudah tidak bisa masuk kantor lagi, oktober meninggal dunia. Cepat sekali.

Ibu dari suami saya, juga meninggal karena kanker. Beliau di vonis 1 tahun tapi berhasil bertahan hingga 4 tahun. Bagaimanapun juga bagi saya, kanker pada anak adalah sesuatu yang baru bagi saya.

Selain dari itu, saya menyadari bahwa untuk membereskan suatu organisasi yang telah berdiri 8 tahun bukan hal yang mudah apalagi dengan latar belakang pengalaman saya.

And so we set a timeline. October to December, 2015. And then I dive.

As I started to swim, I knew that the 1st thing we have to deal with was the process transition from old to the new. Change management. But before that, I needed to learn about this organization as much as possible, as fast as I could.

At that time, I understood very much that planning is still a blur if you don’t understand childhood cancer and how culturally works in the world of social foundation. Especially cancer foundation, how on earth you can make a solution when you do not know what is the actual problem. If there are problems to solve.

Yes, I do have some experience in social institution with Putera Sampoerna Foundation but PSF is, nevertheless, is a corporation. It has all the professional elements on hand, resources and also a complete support of infrastructure. Not to mention around 800 staff on board. PSF although was an organization with social purpose but it run based on corporate business settings. Very professionally.  My experience with PSF was to establish digital social media for business but that is another story I would like to take you soon.

Anyway. At that moment, this was me and me alone. Of course it was scary entering an unknown territory. But like Seth Godin said, if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

So I started doing the research. I came to the hospital (RSKD read Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais). I visited RS Kanker Dharmais as much as I could. Berkenalan.  I tried to open my eyes, heart and be open. Man ! did I need to be open (LOL). I met with everyone on board. Those at that time was the operational team. So saya mulai bertemu dengan mereka. Satu per satu saya interview sekaligus get to know them more better. To assess, to learn more, to understand, itu tujuannya. Do they want to move forward, what was their contributions, do they have any worries or ideas, do they understand Pita Kuning problems and do they want to make this better.

Setelah 3 bulan saya sedikit lebih mengerti orang-orang yang menjalankannya dan bagaimana mereka menjalankannya. Saya sedikit lebih mengerti keresahan mereka. Bagaimana mereka ingin berbuat tapi tidak tahu apa yang harus dilakukan. Atau tahu bagaimana untuk membantu tapi bagaimana untuk mulai dan kemana. Saya sedikit lebih mengerti permasalahan yang dihadapi dalam keseharian di rumah sakit, issue yang terkait secara langsung atau tidak dengan organisasi.

Sedikit lebih mengerti batasan dan kemauan seorang volunteer di pita kuning. Cerita demi cerita terbuka dari segala sisi dan berbagai pihak. Not pouring out though. Not like I wanted. I had to dig in information and be creative in searching what I need as supporting info.

Selain dari komunitas didalam organisasi yang juga menjadi penting adalah penilaian atau menemukan data dan keterangan kongkrit yang dapat menceritakan keadaan pita kuning didalamnya, seperti program dasar layanan dan apa saja yang telah dilakukan selama tahun demi tahun, legalitas, keuangan, cara kerja, milestone dan pencapaian organisasi.

Lalu externally, secara memulai mempelajari apa yang ada diluar sana yang berhubungan dengan pita kuning apakah bentuknya sama sebagai suatu yayasan ataupun tidak.

Sebagai orang baru disini, saya masih bisa melihat dari kacamata orang luar organisasi dan mulai mempelajari, mempertanyakan, mencari tahu tentang bagaimana orang luar mengerti tentang yayasan ini.

  • Siapa saja yang kenal Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia ?
  • Sejauh apa Pita Kuning dikenal orang ?
  • Bagaimana persepsi orang tentang yayasan ini ?

Dari sisi Pita Kuning sebagai bagian dari ecosystem penanggulangan kanker di Indonesia. Bagaimana yayasan lain, pihak rumah sakit, para volunteer, para orangtua dan para donatur melihat Pita Kuning ?

Apakah tantangan dan keterbatasan yang dihadapi pita kuning dan teman-temannya ? Karena menurut pandangan saya, dalam membantu sesama, dalam urusan kemanusiaan, pribadi atau dalam bentuk sebuah yayasan seharusnya bekerjasama dan saling bantu.

Dan yang terakhir, yang juga tidak kalah penting adalah, bagaimana kebutuhan bantuannya yang benar-benar diperlukan? Apakah arti tepat manfaat bagi orangtua dari anak-anak dengan kanker dari keluarga prasejahtera ?

Informasi dan harapan bagi yayasan ini tentunya saya terima tanpa filter. Tidak masalah juga karena bagi saya yang terpenting adalah getting those information dan membaginya dalam wadah-wadah di kepala saya yang akan digunakan kelak saat perencanaan dimulai atau kepada yang membutuhkan bila tiba pada waktunya.

Kesulitan saya, tentunya adalah mendapati informasi tersebut. Heheheheh. Ada kalanya perlu membelakak mata, mengelus dada, atau berlenggang jalan dengan tenang (dalam hati siapa tahu ^_^) and decide to worry about it later. Syulit.

Emenda Brahmana, relawan skill yang menjadi advisory Pita Kuning dalam urusan HRD melihat saya sebagai orang yang hobi menerobos. Luka, sakit, salah atau benar tidak masalah. Hehehehehhe, betul banget. Emenda ini adalah salah satu teman baik saya yang hadir dan mendampingi kami dari awal.

Dalam waktu 2 bulan dari bulan oktober hingga desember saya harus dapat mengerti permasalahan dan kondisi yayasan saat itu. Karena di bulan desember saya janji akan submit hasil penilaian saya terhadap organisasi ini dan rekomendasi saya untuk yayasan ini.

So apa yang saya dapatkan akhirnya ?

Tanggal 14 Desember 2015 saya kembali duduk bareng dengan mas Pandji Pragiwaksono, mas Steny Agustaf juga mas Lanang Aribowo.

CommaID, Santa, 14 desember 2015.

Apa yang saya bawa hari ini ? Sebuah perencanaan awal.

Apakah itu perencanaan awal. Rangkaian pembelajaran awal sebagai pemeriksaan sesuai dengan tujuan project ini perlu dilakukan menunjukkan gambaran dan konfirmasi temuan yang diperlukan untuk dibicarakan, dijelajahi bersama dan dikembangkan bersama para pemegang keputusan sebelum dijalankannya.

Dalam mengawali perencanaan, sebelum apapun itu bentuknya, saya selalu pastikan agar ada suatu framework yang yang dibayangkan bagi kebutuhan staying on track and what’s next saya bersama para pemimpin atau pemilik dari yayasan ini, artinya para pembina Pita Kuning.

Untuk kali ini saya membagi perencanaan awal menjadi 2 bagian

  1. Assessment and recommendation
  2. Change Management Plan yang terdiri dari re-organization and service plan

Planning tips. Suatu catatan yang pada akhirnya kita sepakati adalah bahwa setiap perencanaan harus flexible dan dapat di lihat kembali demi tujuan akhir yang kita inginkan. Kita harus siap akan perubahan dan penyesuaian karena memang tujuannya adalah untuk mencari bentuk yang paling sesuai dengan kondisi dan kelebihan yang dimiliki oleh yayasan ini tentunya. Harus flexible. Itu salah satu yang salah tekankan di awal dalam salah satu isi kesepakatan awal management bahwa setiap perencanaan harus flexible to be reassess and evaluated secara regular juga memiliki perencanaan intermediate. Rencana diantara rencana.

Jadi saat ini kita di Assessment and recommendation part.

Bagian assessment bukan serta merta menilai suatu keadaan dalam organisasi tapi tujuannya adalah untuk memberikan pengertian dimana saat ini organisasi ini berada. Terutama bagi orang orang penting didalam yayasan ini.

Mulai dari pengertian orang luar tentang yayasan ini. Melihat kembali dan mempelajari ulang visi misi dari organisasi karena setelah berjalan cukup lama, kepengurusan berubah, people come people go, kenyataan yang terjadi menjadi penting untuk ditinjau kembali apakah masih sesuai atau tidak.

Perapihan dalam segala sisi mulai dari apa yang jadi priorotas utama hingga akhir.

Struktur organisasi, apa yang ideal dalam sebuah organisasi sesuai dengan layanan yang telah ditetapkan vs apa yang kenyataannya berfungsi setiap

Layanan yang telah diakukan, bagaimana dilakukan, apakah sesuai dengan yang diharapkan. Apakah ada aturan main seperti prosedur dan protocol, adakah isu atau bagaimana penanganan isu atau masalah yang ada.

Posisi keuangan. Apa saja yang pernah terjadi yang mungkin dapat dijadikan sebagai milestone organisasi atau pencapaian termasuk kegiatan penggalangan dana.

Dalam kesempatan ini sayapun mengangkat temuan-temuan saya lainnya, yang baru, yang saya temukan along the way.

Dari semua permasalahan yang ada, permasalahan yang utama adalah bahwa pita kuning, berangkat dari sebuah komunitas menjadi sebuah yayasan tidak pernah naik kelas.

Maksudnya ? Maksudnya adalah, bahwa Pita Kuning tetap menjalankan kegiatannya dengan procedur dan pengelolaan seperti dalam sebuah komunitas. Apakah itu salah semua , mungkin iya mungkin juga tidak. Tapi kita sepakati bersama ada 8 points penting permasalahan yang perlu di perbaiki segera.

Again, tidak ada benar atau salah, tujuannya adalah untuk memicu diskusi, dan arahkan pembicaraan untuk mencari solusi atau sebelumnya rencana untuk menangani kondisi dan kenyataan yang ada. Maka dari itu saya merasa perlu untuk memberikan penekanan pada temuan-temuan dan juga list down those issues pada kenyataan identified as challenges and barriers terhadap tujuan kebaikan dari organisasi ini. No matter how long it is, my job was to put that on the table.Dalam perencanaan produk layanan, melanjutkan temuan yang telah di bahas bulan sebelumnya, saya membawa market update. Hanya untuk menggambarkan apa yang ada diluar sana. Dan kali ini saya mengajak pembahasannya lebih dalam ke permasalahannya melalui customer analysis, SWOT, pembagian dari stakeholders, lalu gambaran singkat produk layanan dengan mempertimbangkan, tujuan sebagai dasar, janji yang diberikan, pembeda dan kesulitan yang ada dalam sebuah definisi yang dapat dibahas.

Dan yang penting bagi saya adalah menggambarkan strategy map pita kuning, bagaimana semua stakeholders beraktifitas satu sama lain dalam sebuah ecosystem organisasi itu sendiri.

Penting karena, apabila ecosystem didalam organisasi tidak dapat hidup, mana mungkin Pita Kuning dapat menjadi bagian dari ecosystem yang lebih besar, yakni bagian dari penanggulangan kanker pada anak di Indonesia. Bagaimana pita kuning dapat memberi manfaat bagi kebutuhan kanker pada anak dari keluarga prasejahtera. Artinya, kualitas kinerja untuk menghasilkan hasil yang tepat manfaat adalah tujuan pertama yang perlu dicapai.

Karena pencapaian itu akan menjadi pembelajaran dan dasar kemana langkah Pita Kuning berikutnya. Bagaimana proses dan bagaimana bentuk tata bahasa pesan saat bersama kita bahas harus dapat menggali pertanyaan dan identifikasi aktifitas-aktifitas lanjutan yang dibutuhkan berikutnya.

Kita juga menyepakati atas apa yang seharusnya terjadi dalam waktu 5 tahun dan kesepakatan atas tahapan-tahapan yang harus kita dapatkan dalam mencapainya.

Tracking atas kualitas dan kuantitas tujuan pencapaian tersebut terdiri dijabarkan atas apa patut disepakati bersama pula.

Salah satu kebiasaan yang saya bawa dari jaman advsertising adalah membuat suatu competitive analysis terhadap organisasi-organisasi yang ada yang bergerak di bidang yang sama, kanker pada anak di Indonesia. Suatu langkah yang simple, jaman sekarang sering diabaikan but for me it still is an important tool, oldie but goodie.

Setelah memberikan pandangan terhadap kondisi organisasi, saya berikan suatu pandangan terhadap apa yang ingin kondisi masa depan. Where do you want to be.

Tapi untuk mencapai where do we want to be, needs, an intermediate plan.

  • Ada temporary recommendation.
  • Ada future recommendation.

Temporary recommendation. Berisi apa kondisi yang ingin dicapai, bagaimana dilakukan dan berapa lama.

Berisi ideas of what we need to do for internal organization and also externally. Pita Kuning telah established 8 tahun, cukup lama untuk sebuah organisasi. Tentunya dalam melakukan hal tersebut para management ingin tahu berapa lama diperlukan untuk siap ke tahap selanjutnya. So, it’s a negotiation. Everytime.

Sedangkan, future recommendation. Saya berikan 3 alternative.

  • Alternative 1. Re-establish YPKAI.
  • Alternative 2. Closed.
  • Alternative 3. Build a new YPKAI.

Setiap alternative perlu di berikan gambaran yang jelas dan pada akhirnya pembicaraan yang cukup lama.

My goal saat itu bukan decision secepatnya tapi memiliki kesatuan visi dan penerimaan kenyataan yang ada tapi juga memiliki gambaran jelas akan mau dibawa kemana ini yayasan.

And at that point in time, they unanimously decided to go for alternative 3, New YPKAI. And yes, based on all the findings, recommendation and the direction, they all agreed to proceed with me as Chairman /  Ketua.

Watch this video that I found :

The Lesson that has guided Ginni Rometty Career

Berikutnya, the beginning of change.

The Task Force

#TyasSocialProject #7

Who are the Task Force of Pita Kuning Psycho-Sosial Formulation

Tyas Amalia Yahya

Tyas adalah seorang relawan Pita Kuning yang telah bersama Pita Kuning selama 6 tahun pada saya baru masuk di bulan Oktober 2015. Artinya hingga saat ini, Tyas sudah jalan 8 tahun bersama Pita Kuning. Bersama Pita Kuning, Tyas sudah mengenal banyak orang, bertemu dan ikut mengalami banyak kejadian. Melihat semua kejadian dan melalui banyak milestones. Dan tetap menemukan dirinya memiliki keinginan untuk terus berkontribusi di Pita Kuning.

Anak pintar lulusan Kesejahteraan Sosial, FISIP UI, adalah satu yang saya kenal dari awal jauh sebelum saya diangkat jadi Ketua Pita Kuning. Kesejahteraan Sosial. Lulusan dari situ adalah menjadi Pekerja Sosial. Suatu peran yang sangat penting di dunia sosial dan bagi yayasan di Indonesia tapi jarang atau tidak banyak yang mengetahui.

Berhubung namanya sama dengan saya. Tyas sekarang dipanggil Lia, karena lia memiliki segudang pengetahuan maka menjadi sangat berharga bagi pita kuning untuk maju kedepan dan menjadi lebih baik. Kontribusi melalui pengalaman secara langsung karena itu menjadi pagar kami dan acuan dalam pengelolaan yang lebih baik.

Ita D Azly

Perkenalan saya dengan mba Ita adalah suatu pengalaman yang bisa dibilang menenangkan hati. Mencari teman untuk Pita Kuning yang merupakan seseroang yang ahli di bidangnya tapi berhubungan dengan kanker pada anak bisa dibilang tidak mudah. At this point, I have met, ngobrol, mencoba berkenalan dengan banyak teman psychologist. Buanyak. Dengan berbagai bidang psikologi dan pengalaman yang berbeda. Tapi memang diperlukan proses yang demikian hingga kami pun memliki learning curve yang sangat berguna dalam waktu yang cukup singkat.

Mba Ita adalah seorang psikolog anak dan keluarga yang banyak memiliki pengalaman menangani kasus kekerasan atau menyimpang. Selain dari itu kasus-kasus akibat dari dampak penyakit yang sulit untuk disembuhkan seperti AIDS, kanker dan lainnya juga menjadi minat beliau. Kontribusi mba Ita dalam membangun layanan baru Pita Kuning tidak bisa dikatakan sedikit. Terdorong dari passion dan niat yang besar untuk membantu mulai menggodok dasar visi dan misi Pita Kuning hingga formulasi dasar yang diperlukan bagi kami membuat suatu layanan yang memiliki komposisi yang sejalan dengan kebutuhan anak dengan kanker. Bersama mba Ita kami belajar banyak tentang apa itu psiko-sosial, bagaimana menilai suatu kasus kanker pada anak dane keluarga, bagaimana kita menjahitkannya dalam proses kerja di organisasi kami yang terdiri dari relawan pada kebanyakan.

Tidak berhenti disitu, peran dan keterlibatan Mba Ita juga memberikan banyak sekali tambahan nilai ilmu dan pengetahuan yang sangat berharga bagi kami untuk membentuk dasar organisasi yang baik melalui berbagai bentuk pembekalan dan training yang selalu siap sedia dilakukan oleh mba Ita. Mba Ita is a true hero for Pita Kuning.

Noviana Eva

Saya mengenal Eva sejak saya recruit dia di kantor sebelumnya, di PSF sebagai digital community officer dalam divisi yang saya pimpin Divisi Digital dan Social Media yang merupakan bagian dari Centralized Marketing & Communication. Eva adalah orang yang sangat  easy going, sharp dan selalu positive memiliki spirit yang sangat bagus. Saya mengajak Eva disini dalam dasar pengertian kemana Pita Kuning akan berjalan yaitu organisasi berbasis kemitraan komunitas dan pengalaman Eva di marcomm juga akan beneficial bagi kami tentunya.

Di awal kontribusi eva dalam formulasi layanan adalah dalam hal mencari kemitraan yang strategically beneficial bagi formulasi layanan kami tapi juga dalam formulasi pengelolaan relawan yang akan menjalani pendampingan tersebut. Eva juga memimpin relawan skill taskforce bersama jagoan-jagoan di dunia kerelawanan untuk membuat formulasi relawan pendampingan yang baik antara lain, Muhammad Fikri – Head of Community, Bukalapak, Yudha Adyaksa – Ketua Pramuka, Yosea Kurnianto – Founder Youth ESN, Hety A. Nurcahyarini – Aktifis Pendidikan, Indonesia Mengajar dan lainnya. Insights menarik dan masukan dari orang-orang yang terlibat langsung membangun initiative sosial di seluruh Indonesia membantu kita sehubungan dengan pillar kerelawanan yang akan selalu mendasar di Pita Kuning. Penting.

Ning Mahayu

Ning adalah salah satu hasil didikan Putera Sampoerna Foundation selama 6 tahun. Memiliki segudang pengalaman antara lain ikut mendirikan 3 initiative social mulai dari Sampoerna Academy dalam bidang pendidikan, Sahabat Wanita dalam bidang pemberdayaan wanita, Koperasi Siswa Bangsa dan terakhir di bagian Cutural Development. Walau saya pernah sekantor sebelumnya namun sebelumnya perlu saya akui saya tidak mengenal Ning secara pribadi tapi sebagai orang yang sangat suka mengamati , beberapa kali saya melihat potensi pada Ning yang saya kagumi dari jauh.

Saat mencari candidate untuk mengepalai layanan saya ingat Ning. Ning memiliki semua yang diperlukan. 6 tahun pengalaman di dunia sosial, terbiasa bekerja secara terstruktur professional, dan menyukai dunia sosial. Perfect. Kontribusi Ning sangat besar dalam pembangunan layanan dan operasional Pita Kuning hingga sekarang.

Among many strengths that Ning have, menurut saya, Ning memiliki kekuatan dalam mempelajari hal baru dengan lengkap dan lebih dalam. She relies on the actual “institution of information” as the foundation and instrument to develop the formulation of a product services. Kejernihannya dalam berpikir dari segala sisi dan memiliki hati untuk melihat membuat kemampuan analisa juga memberi solusi pada suatu permasalahan khususnya dibidang kemanusiaan. Up for any challenge , Ning has the potential untuk menjadi pemimpin yang baik.

Mustika Kusumaningtyas

Tika adalah orang yang terakhir saya ajak masuk dalam organisasi ini. Saya mengenal dia dulu saat bersama di Multiply Indonesia, salah satu perusahaan e-commerce pertama di Indonesia pada saat itu. Saya mengagumi Tika saat melihat dia bertanggung jawab atas operasional customer service. Cerdas, tajam, data driven, teliti, memiliki kemampuan pengelolaan yang kuat secara operasional dan process flow. Karena itu saya approach Tika. Pada akhirnya menyetujui untuk menjadi wakil ketua karena terdorong untuk membantu adik adik dengan kanker di Pita Kuning.

Tika memiliki passion di bidang kesehatan dan anak-anak. You can rely on Tika to do anything finance and operational driven. Kontribusi Tika dalam membangun formulasi layanan Pita Kuning sangat besar karena dia yang membantu menjahit semuanya menjadi satu sekaligus selau berhasil menemukan aspek operasional  yang perlu di tangani atau diperhatikan pada setiap proses maupun kejadian.

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 Going Palliative Care

#TyasSocialProject #8

Pita Kuning going Palliative Care, through Psycho-Social based activities.

Setelah menyelesaikan 3 bulan masa uji coba dari bulan October hingga Desember 2016, juga show case layanan kami dihadapan media dan donatur pada bulan Januari 2017 kami mencoba mengulas dan mempelajarai apa yang kami miliki sekarang.

Baik informasi, pengetahuan, pelajaran, semua kejadian yang kami temukan, dan pada akhirnya dapat mengisi dan memperbaiki kerangka dasar formulasi layanan kami .

Walaupun we still have a lot to learn absolutely, tapi paling tidak ada dasar dari sebab akibat dan semua tercatat. To find solutions of problems and how to handle them, what to do, why do we need protocols and operational supporting activities also division of support will lead to so many things termasuk pengelolaan biaya operasional.

Lagi lagi knowledge management. Pentingnya sebuah metode dasar diambil dari suatu pembelajaran 5 anak terpilih kami dalam 3 bulan aktifitas pendampingan dan penyaluran bantuan dana. Harapan saya dengan berjalannya waktu akan menjadi sempurna dengan suatu tujuan yang selalu sama, perbaikan kualitas hidup anak dengan keluarganya.

Setelah pembelajaran 3 bulan tersebut, kami lebih mengerti dan memahami banyak hal terutama kanker pada anak dan keperawatannya. Dalam penanggulangan kanker sesuai dengan KPKN,

yang kami temukan dan akhirnya pahami adalah bahwa selama ini kami telah melakukan kegiatan-kegiatan yang mengusahakan pentingnya perawatan paliatif. Namun dulu namanya belum ada. Atau pemahaman tentang perawatan paliatif masih salah.

Perawatan paliatif tidak hanya diperuntukan bagi pasien kanker yang sudah lanjut tapi justru dari awal diagnosa. Perawatan paliatif tidak dapat digantikan dengan medis tapi justru saling melengkapi bahkan hingga setelah meninggal bagi keluarga pasien.

Perawatan paliatif adalah rangkaian usaha untuk mencoba mengurangi rasa sakit, mencoba membantu menerima penyakit kepada pasien dan keluarganya, mencoba memperbaiki dampak-dampak akibat penyakit yang sulit disembuhkan dengan tujuan akhir guna memperbaiki kualitas hidup anak dan keluarganya.

Meningkatkan kualitas hidup bagi anak dengan kanker dan keluarga artinya dalam mimpi besar yang kami tuju adalah produktifitas keluarga. Pengertiannya adalah, apabila ada salah satu anggota keluarga sakit atau tidak dapat memiliki kinerja yang baik selayaknya biasanya maka akan terjadi kepincangan dari keluarga tersebut. Bila banyak keluarga yang memiliki kepincangan produktifitas maka kualitas kehidupan sehari-hari atas suatu komunitas RT, RW atau seterusnya sebuah daerah akan timpang. Mencari solusi besar dengan berawal dari apa yang kami lakukan adalah sebuah mimpi besar. Kami ingin menjadi bagian dari Indonesia yang lebih baik.

Bagi kami menemukan apa yang menjadi jati diri kami sejalan dengan sejarah perjalanan kami membantu anak kanker di Indonesia juga perkembangan kebutuhan yang kami temukan melalui 3 bulan uji coba adalah sebuah jawaban yang melegakan tentunya.

Going paliatif tentunya ada banyak adjustments yang diperlukan dalam organisasi Pita Kuning. Tapi dimanapun kita bekerja, dapat dipastikan tidak akan garansi perubahan dapat dilakukan kapan saja. Bagi saya, yang penting saat saya masih menjadi pemimpin adalah tujuan awal saya disini dan tujuan organisasi ini mau kemana tidak berubah. Masih sesuai dan sejalan dengan janji dan kesepakatan saya dengan para pemimpin organisasi ini, yaitu agar organisasi ini memiliki fondasi yang kuat, menjadi lebih baik dan agar memiliki kesempatan untuk dapat lebih banyak anak Indonesia dengan yang bisa kami bantu.

Mas Pandji, Pembina Pita Kuning pernah bilang, “kita masih punya kesempatan dan banyak fleksibilitas dalam hidup kita. Tapi adik-adik yang kita bantu bersama keluarganya tidak. Selalu beri ruang untuk tumbuh dalam organisasi Pita Kuning. Semua demi adik-adik yang kami bantu.”



Bagi kami, kegiatan menuju layanan paliatif banyak yang perlu kami lakukan baik persiapan maupun kedalaman skill dan kapasitas kami.

Kami mulai bekerjasama dan mencoba berafiliasi dengan banyak pihak agar we can rise above, be strong and steady to give the best that we can do of each year’s goals.

Dalam pengelolaan layanan kami yang berbasis kerelawanan dan juga hired workers, pembiayaan yang diperlukan untuk menjadi paliatif diperlukan kegiatan pendampingan dan pembekalan yang cukup banyak.

Sebagai yayasan yang memberikan layanan paliatif banyak yang perlu kita gandeng dan edukasi agar mengerti dan mau bekerjasama. Saya berharap agar Pita Kuning dapat menjadi bagian dalam ecosystem penanggulangan kanker pada anak di Indonesia. Harapan saya agar Pita Kuning dapat selalu memberikan kerjasama yang baik dengan pihak manapun.

Kini Pita Kuning mulai bekerja sama dengan yayasan atau pihak yang sejalan dengan kami dalam hal palliative care.

Rachel House Indonesia dan Rumah Harapan Valencia adalah 2 yayasan yang memiliki kesamaan misi dengan Pita Kuning.

Rachel House Indonesia mission is to provide palliative care for children living with life-limiting conditions, allowing them to live with joy and dignity in a non-discriminatory, safe and loving environment. Rachel House membantu anak Indonesia dengan AIDS dan Kanker dari keluarga prasjehatera melalui tenaga medis dan atas rujukan dokter. Kebetulan, CEO Rachel House yang baru, mba Kartika Kurniasari adalah sahabat lama dari Putera Sampoerna Foundation.

Hand in hand dalam setiap kesempatan merawat anak dengan kanker kami bergandengan tangan, Rachel House dari sisi medis, Pita Kuning dari sisi psiko-sosial. Mulai dari assessment awal hingga masa bereavement kami mengusahakan kebutuhan paliatif terjadi bagi setiap anak dan keluarga. Setiap bulan kami memiliki tanggung jawab bersama untuk review progress guna pengelolaan yang baik dan saling mengisi kekosongan yang ada saat ini dalam penganggulangan kanker pada anak khususnya di Jabodetabek.

Bersama Rumah Harapan Valencia kami bersepakat untuk saling mengasuh anak-anak yang memiliki kanker melalui aktifitas berbasis psiko-sosial. Mba Silly mengajak Pita Kuning untuk meneruskan ke kota-kota lain di Indonesia. Semoga doa itu tercapai.

Catatan kecil : Didunia kegiatan sosial, adalah tidak mungkin untuk saling bekerja sama. Karena yang kita lakukan adalah membantu sesama. Dengan segala kelebihan pastinya ada kekurangan yang dapat ditutupi oleh pihak lain. Dan semangat kompetisi harus selalu ada. Ramya Prajna mengatakan, kompetisi di dunia sosial akan membuat pentingkatan atas kinerja sehingga industri sosial lebih hidup dan exciting. 

Dalam hal pengelolaan anak dengan kanker dengan baik, kami mulai mempelajari apa fungsi Pekerja Sosial yang sesungguhnya. Kamipun berkenalan dengan mba Nurul Eka Hermawan seorang ahli Pekerja Sosial yang dikenal dengan panggilan mba Eka. Mba Eka telah lama bekerjasama dan memberikan konsultasi bagi Department Sosial hingga yayasan dan insitutusi Internasional karena pengalamannya. Bersama dan dibawah bimbingan beliau, Pita Kuning mulai recruit pekerja sosial dengan peran sebagai case manager dari masing-masing anak dan keluarga juga sebagai jembatan hubungan dengan multidisiplin yang dibutuhkan perawatan paliatif.

Kini, Pita Kuning memiliki 3 pekerja sosial yang handal dan dedicated coordinator volunteer dan komunitas yang tetap. Dan mereka adalah millennials sejati. Hebat bukan ?

Harapan saya, setiap anak yang memiliki case management terus menerus memiliki cerita yang dapat diangkat dan dibagikan. Apakah itu menjadi bahan monitoring atau proof of concept bagi kami adalah setiap kasus selalu memiliki pencapaian psiko-sosial yang bertahap berdasarkan kebutuhan perawatan paliatif mereka.

And in the end, I truly believe the impact of what we do will make a full circle of hope for the sustainability of Pita Kuning as part of the childhood cancer countermeasures ecosystem. All for the best in doing good together.

And that is why it is time for me to let go.