Introduction to Psychology

Having completed Introduction to Psychology pushes the next important questions forward.

Where do I go from here and now what?
Now my interest in learning psychology is rooted in my professional journey in communications, marketing, digital and social media, and social-driven organizations, also one project lead to an opportunity to develop a social service product based on psychological-social needs for children with cancer. Having those experiences made me understand the importance of analyzing, looking at problems, or how to solve problems using aspects and approaches of psychology and sociology.
The world is ever-changing and because we as human beings are moving targets the revolution is never-ending.
So what are the problems that are extraordinary and drive me to want to take part?

To me is education. Or specifically, foster the importance of education outcome.

Usually, education outcomes are considered important for us in terms of getting a decent job or we often hear about it so that Indonesia’s future leaders can fulfill the capacity needed in global challenges. But to be able to enhance the well-being of its citizens, improve its human capital, and achieve its economic and development goals there are so many opportunities for parts of society that have potential.

As I discuss further in regards to the education outcome topic, one of the leaders and practitioners of education in Indonesia who’s a good friend reminded me that we cannot romanticize how one privileged person is able to go or has been given a rare opportunity into the best ivy league schools overseas.

It is true and I agree, for Indonesia, we need to see or take an example of the average fate of Indonesian children in their pathway to education. As well as my own experience in education was not easy and far from ideal. However, the dream of education is not supposed to be ideal. The ideal dream in education is supposed to be flexible, tailor-made, and committed to the student hence becoming the center of planning, chosen program of education, and goal.

That is the reason for me to initiate #temanbelajarbersama in English means a friend who learns together. The core intentions are to learn and share the learnings within the process of education as well as to be there to learn together every step of the way. #temanbelajarbersama is an activity in creating content, sharing experiences and sample cases of the understanding, the process, and the learnings of education outcome.

Education outcome is not about the journey but choosing the right program and educational activities that help the pathway to your education outcome. When access and quality of education are beginning to be improved, the right pathway or understanding of which program to choose becomes the next critical decision whether it is through higher education or vocational learning or even to be an independent scholar. But how and who can help me? These are the questions that mostly each child and parent ask. These are the essence of #temanbelajarbersama.

I would like to be that someone who I needed when I was younger. I would like to be that person who can assist, guide, learn together and encourage them on their journey. Someone who can give directions and support. An encourager. A mentor. A teacher. And my support goes all the way.

As Yeats quote, “Education is not filling a bucket. But the lighting of a fire”.
I want to make sure that the fire within them does not dim but becomes brighter and brighter

Tyas is now a Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project inquiries,

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