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How I was approach to be the next candidate of Pita Kuning Chairman.

Let us start my journey at Pita Kuning.

Before Pita Kuning I was working for a social institution that channels CSR program for corporations. This social institution with four pillars missions, education, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and compassionate reliefs. So I was moving from a corporate settings named Putera Sampoerna Foundation to a non profit philanthropy foundation, Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia, in short Pita Kuning.

The question that keeps coming to me was, why ? What was the reason I wanted to take this role as Chairman at Pita Kuning ?

It was a question that was often asked and given to me among friends or colleagues every time and every chance I meet with any of them. And so, every chance that I got I always shared the same answer.

“Because I can and I want”.

Meaning, I can do the job. To be honest, I know that there are so many that could do the job better than me, I’m sure. But at that moment, somehow, someway, God, the universe is giving me this job. And Pita Kuning has been searching for a new candidate for the next Chairman for more than 3 years and yet no one seems to either want it or have the right fit in terms of experience and vision.

And secondly, I want to help, and I understood myself that I have the capacity to do the work. At this point, how I see it, there are people that might have way much experience in business management or the best in the field. But the priority is not here. On the other hand there might be candidates who wants the role but does not have the background needed by this foundation during this period in time and with the much objectives needed to established.

So when that question was answered, the next was, what does it takes for me to be the next Chairman for Pita Kuning ? How was I be the next candidate for Pita Kuning next chair-person.

This is how the story goes. It started with an approach.

I was contacted by Pandji Pragiwaksono, Founder and Counsellor of Pita Kuning. He is also one of the member of c3, Community for Children with Cancer. c3 is the creator of Pita Kuning Foundation. Straight forward he asked, do you want to be one of Pita Kuning’s candidate for Chair ?

It took a minute of pause and then I asked, what do i have to do ?

Pandji then explained,

First, “just make a concept that you envision of how you currently see Pita Kuning and make a short plan of what you plan to make the changes needed for Pita Kuning.”

And then he added, “Don’t get me wrong ya mba, we are searching for the right candidate. We’ve been search for the last two years and we can no longer wait anymore now. Since you are with PSF, I figure you have some experience in social activities and then, …. “ he paused, “I know you, I know how you work, so now I’m calling to ask you if you would consider the opportunity.”

To be frank, I am actually not new to this organisation. I have seen them from the start and continue to watched them grow from a community based, as I remember back in the days when c3 (community with children) was doing fundraising activities at Mall Kelapa Gading with RAN and other artists. Together with ACER Indonesia as main sponsor. I’ve also join in on some occasions at the hospital, Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais and some fundraising events at a local restaurant near Kemang area. But it was a very long time ago.

I also knew most of the people. And they know me. There was also a time when I was still with multiply.com, an e-commerce platform had partner with Pita Kuning as their donation channel. Having strategic partnership role at multiply.com i had the opportunity to educate industries that was new to digital platforms and e-commerce.

To me, I always thought, I will someday take my part and have my turn to contribute towards this foundation but I didn’t know how at that time.

Personally, I myself has always loved being an advocate for those who are voiceless. I am very passionate in voicing out what I think was wrong. In any situation to be honest. You can count on me to rally up a protest or some sort. And somehow I have a huge heart for those who need help. I love to listen to people. And at home, I am the caretaker of the family.

It might be, as I am the only female in my family, therefore when my father got sick, I was the one who make sure everything was right for his need at the time. To coordinate with family members, assist his needs. And somehow my parents also was more comfortable being taken care and assisted by me.

Essentially, the main goal that Pita Kuning leaders wanted was a change. Basically, they wanted to the new chairman to make that change. As what they understood at that moment, Pita Kuning Foundation was not going anywhere. Did not move. Don’t know where to go. Their main goal was to have the opportunity to help more children with cancer around Indonesia. And beyond that, they wanted to also have that chance to grow and evolve to a position that fits with the needs and the betterment of Indonesian child with cancer, especially from underprivileged background.

For those who wants to know you are the owner of this foundation. In Indonesian, by law the owner are the Counsel (Pembina Yayasan) that are also the founders of this Foundation. They are Pandji Pragiwaksono and Steny Agustaf.

Pita Kuning was established by a group of young volunteers join together to help children with cancer from underprivileged  families.  Lanang Aribowo was the Community Leader for c3 ( Community for Children with Cancer) that later on was appointed as Chairman for the Foundation as they established in April 2007. They were the ones making sure of the role of Pita Kuning in partaking support for children with cancer from underprivileged  families.

What also matter was for this foundation to grow and evolve in the social initiative society in Indonesia and be a part for the global cause.

Aside from all the above, they wanted to have growth within the organisation. Growth to those who are in the organisation. Growth for the people who participate, give their support, their value, time and work for the organisation, in need progress and evolve to the knowledge and capabilities needed within the community of Pita Kuning. Grow together.

For this particular need the leaders of Pita Kuning keep trying to seek the right candidate who can do it. Someone to do the job. So for a while, they have been searching for someone who could do the job. Or in this condition, could start doing it.

They, the leaders of Pita Kuning have full faith that this Foundation has a huge potential to support many more child in need. Why, it is based on what they have done so far and the reputation experienced work thus far. Beyond that it was a feeling of responsibility from those who have trust and gives support within the years towards Pita Kuning that they can never ever forget.

As time goes by, the founders which are also professionals in their own way also have priorities and tremendous duties that were also growing. They needed someone that can manage all of the needs. Finding someone particular is never easy.

Someone who has the background, experience, a suitable vision and history of an organisation that at that time was almost 10 years old and can work together with them. It is true, that working in the social industry is not for everyone. Need a lot of compassion and liking to help other people in need. Someone who has the heart for tasks like these.

Within a couple of week after the phone call I submitted my plan. A few pages of general ideas that I plan I think I can do.

I didn’t remember after that hearing from them until a couple of months. At that moment I was in the middle of a change management process in the company I am with. So it was quite hectic and super busy. They called in and informed me, “I think you’re it mba, we couldn’t find anyone else that gave the vision for this foundation quite well as you did”. That was September 2015.

What was most importantly that might people have already known was I am the older sister of Pandji Pragiwaksono. In this case, I work for him.

This foundation is not mine. But I was to be hired by the Foundation, by Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia. And this was also my first question I had asked when was reached by phone, at that time, a few months back.

For those who have known me, might know I have worked for Pandji in the early days building Pandji Pragiwaksono from someone who work for entertainment industry to someone building and crafting his brand. I am someone who help and support in building his personal brand Pandji Pragiwaksono. At that time, evenly, not many realised that I had a family relationship with hi,. Not until someone knows, and then asked, and then I replied. It is probably because we are not that similar in a glimpse and I do not feel it is necessary for me to share.  My experience working for management Pandji Pragiwaksono will also be quite the story that later one day I will share. One story at a time ya ^_^

Continue to, why me ?

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

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