There’s always risk in every job

There are jobs that have the risk of losing money. Some jobs have the risk of losing millions of dollars.

There are jobs that have the risk of losing someone’s life. Like doctors.

There are jobs that have to risk losing your life. Like firefighters and police.

There are jobs that have the risk of losing hundreds of people, every time you do the job. Like commercial air pilots.

And there are jobs that have the risk of somebody’s being disturbed, offended, or get mad. And sometimes those feelings do not stop there. It could also lead to being “canceled” on social media or legally sued and not very often but most possible get shot in the head.

Stand-up comedy is a form of art and performance.

The ideal setup of standup comedy is often in a closed indoor setting, depending on how huge the setting is, sometimes on a huge stage but always has a direct focus on attention on the comedian.

It often has one-liners jokes or remarks using common and familiar keywords that society uses. There is powerful storytelling in the performance that is always based on the observation of the comedian’s point of view.

That is why it is valued as a powerful way of communication. Doesn’t matter then or now, the ideal communication is always having aspects of credibility, facts, preparations, speed and it build relationships with the audience. That is why is the communicator becomes authentic. Because at that moment in time the communicator is leading the topic, the issue, the knowledge as any thought leader is the strongest or the only voice in the room.

The situation between Chris Rock and Will Smith on Oscar 2022.

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Coaching in the family

Pengalaman saya dalam perjalanan pendidikan tidak mudah dan jauh dari ideal.

Saya tidak memiliki panutan, orangtua atau pembimbing yang dapat membantu mengarahkan atau bahkan bertanya lebih dalam khususnya dalam hal rencana pendidikan.

Bagaimana saya dapat memilih sekolah, mengarahkan bakat dan minat saya, mengerti apa yang menjadi kelebihan saya dan memupuk kemampuan saya untuk perbaikan maupun masa depan saya. Memiliki kekuatan untuk memilih pun seringkali tidak.

Karena pengalaman saya dan apa yang terjadi pada saya begitu melekat maka saya tidak ingin anak saya mengalami hal yang sama. Saya ingin anak saya mendapatkan teman belajar bersama yang dapat membantu, menemani, mengarahkan, bertukar pikiran dan menjaga kesempatan belajar yang terbaik sesuai dengan minat dan bakatnya dan menyesuaikan dengan kemampuan kami sebagai orangtua.

Dapat merencanakan suatu education outcome yang terbaik bagi anak saya. Mengawali perjalanan saya untuk belajar bagaimana caranya saya dapat membantu.

To be someone who I needed when I was young.

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Do the right thing

Always do the right thing no matter how hard it is. Just.

I have been known to have the ability to make hard decisions, easy.

No matter how hard the outcome, from my experience, seeing that you know consequently, what you will receive is another hard job to conquer.

I have always been someone who can easily take jobs that are hard.

The ones you know just by looking at it will be a long tiring journey. The one that is so blurry, and yet not knowing what will happen in the process.

I will do difficult conversations no matter how many times I get doors to slam in my face, get shouted at, or receive silent treatment.


Because learning from experience, the possibility is endless.


In my experience, you always start by being brave.

And learning from my mistakes, you must execute with kindness.

Intent. Purpose.

As long as the intentions are good.

Life will take its course.

Believe the result is not only best.


And better for the future.

Every time.

At least, you’ll sleep better.

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Impact Education Outcome

Bagaimana dampak (impact) yang akan terjadi dari sebuah education/learning outcome yang baik ?

Ini adalah bagian terakhir dari pembelajaran mengenai Education/Learning Outcome.

Mengingat kembali obrolan saya dengan salah satu tokoh dan praktisi pendidikan di Indonesia.

“Tyas.. jangan romantisasikan perjalanan pendidikan artis-artis itu…”

Teguran itu menempel segitu lekatnya bagi saya.

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Mengapa Education Outcome Penting ?

Kedua. Mengapa kita perlu memahami “education outcome” ?

Bagi saya apabila saya ditanya pertanyaan ini adalah agar anak saya jelas memahami perjalanan pendidikannya dan agar orangtua sebagai orang yang ikut dalam perjalanan tidak salah kaprah dalam membantu anak meraih cita-cita.


Menurut saya, yang paling penting dari sebuah perjalanan apapun itu adalah tujuannya.

Apabila kita tahu tujuan kita maka akan lebih mudah bagi kita untuk merencanakan perjalanan melalui pilihan-pilihan program studi, pengalaman belajar menuju tempat yang kita inginkan.

Memiliki kejelasan atas tujuan yang diharapkan akan membentuk suatu fokus atas hasil yang ingin dicapai. Apabila kita memiliki tujuan yang jelas pada hasil yang ingin dicapai maka setiap akhir suatu tahap pembelajaran dengan demikian kita akan mempermudah bagi anak untuk memilih langkah berikutnya karena gambaran yang jelas dari tujuan dan harapan cita-cita anak kita kelaknya.

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Mindshift Podcast – Season 1

Hi teman-teman,

Selamat datang ke Mindshift Podcast bersama Tyas Handayani.

Season perdana Mindshift Podcast dibuat berdasarkan keresahan saya sebagai pribadi dan keinginan saya untuk menjadi profesional yang baik.

Bertujuan untuk membuka pandangan saya, mencoba belajar dari perspective yang berbeda, keinginan yang besar untuk belajar mengerti dan menambah sudut pandang dan mencari jawaban. Jawaban yang dapat memperbaiki diri saya dan naik kelas.

Untuk itu dalam season pertama saya mengajak banyak teman yang memiliki keahlian di bidang masing-masing dalam suatu wawancara tanya jawab.

Klik link episode untuk mendengar melalui

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Episode 4 – Wawancara dengan Ibu Nenny Soemawinata, pengalaman karir dan karya. Bagian 2. Blogpost.

Episode 5 – Wawancara dengan Margareta Astaman, milenium Indonesia bersaing secara global. Blogpost.

Episode 6 – Wawancara dengan Rizal Iwan, GenX setelah 20 tahun bekerja, self-employed. Bagian 1. Blogpost.

Episode 7 – Wawancara dengan Rizal Iwan, GenX setelah 20 tahun bekerja, self-employed. Bagian 2.Blogpost.

Episode 8 – Wawancara dengan mba Ita D. Azly, Pengertian Self Care. Blogpost.

Episode 9 – Wawancara dengan Pandji Pragiwaksono, Indonesia naik kelas. Bagian 1. Blogpost.

Episode 10 – Wawancara dengan Pandji Pragiwaksono, Indonesia naik kelas. Bagian 2. Blogpost.

Episode 11 – Wawancara dengan DR Sendy Widjaja, pengertian profesionalisme. Bagian 1. Blogpost.

Episode 12 – Wawancara dengan DR Sendy Widjaja, pengertian profesionalisme. Bagian 2. Blogpost.

Episode 13 – Wawancara dengan Andira Pramanta, Personal Branding bantu arahkan karirmu. Blogpost.

Bagi pendengar spotify silahkan search Mindshift with Tyas.

Setiap episode mindshift memiliki rangkuman blog post yang dapat dibaca dan jadikan referensi. Untuk membaca, silahkan klik blogpost di setiap episode diatas.

Semoga bermanfaat dan selamat mendengar !

Berikutnya season 2 silahkan klik disini.

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Think in structure

To put into context on the above quote from Henry Ford, to me, the step of getting from vision into executions will of course need process.

And when it is a process we will need to organise how we think, systematically in structure.

Those who do not agree with me might possibly do not agree how important to think in structure.

That is the technique.

I believe, structure thinking is by far the most important skill on any occasion weather the objective is to execute a business idea or startup or to begin an activity.

Especially nowadays when everything business disruptive caused by digitalisation.

It makes us able to request a buy from point A to point Z.

However point A is in a city in Kalimantan dan point Z is in Jakarta.

To get it done, as part of the execution, we will need to identify the journey systematically. Otherwise structured our thinking.

It’s crazy to not want to understand any planning with structure as guidance. Results and progress are based on those structures.

Am I crazy or I am just hallucinating ?

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things to feel good for the future

Hello 2020.

I would like to open this year by sharing some happenings in 2019 that can make us hopeful and feel positive for the future.

Please have a look, and share your own take on these matter. You could also share your own version of things to be hopeful.

This is my findings.

  1. Control on social media

I think you would agree with me that some things happening on social media are getting out of hands. How we communicate on social media and also the impact of some actions communication on social media.

What I notice, sometimes, the impact becomes so negative. We cannot control the perception and how people would feel. How it drives their judgement. Their understanding. And therefore their decision making.

We can understand that people use social media for different needs or have different agenda. Some might be good. But some might not. Some are mature and can protect themselves. Some need protection.

That is why I feel it is important to highlight the positive and responsible action done by some biggest platform. Making quite the example, Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter bans political ad. Because influence is ‘earned, not bought’.

From the article Big Think,“We’ve made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally. We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted.

“A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people. We believe this decision should not be compromised by money.”

I just love this. I think it’s about time those who has the power, take responsibility in controlling what is good and right. As the owner of the platform it is necessary to do what is right and show leadership. Really push quality content and positive conversation. You gotta start from somewhere. Right ?

Instagram announces global expansion of hidden like counts test. 

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has repeatedly noted that the test is designed to reduce the pressure on Instagram creators, and that the true measure of its success will relate to how it impacts people emotionally. Taken from article Social Media Today.

This way, content becomes the best value that we can qualified based on who you are today, tomorrow, yesterday, every day. In world full of judgment, I think we’re setting it straight through these examples. My point of view.

  1. Improvement on education system

I totally agree when reading this statement. “Learning is not a competition,” by Ong Ye Kung, Singapore’s Education Minister. The Ministry of Education (MOE) is planning a series of changes aimed at discouraging comparisons between student performance and encourage individuals to concentrate on their own learning development.

I remember a quote from Mark Twain. Don’t let schooling interfere with your education. Nowadays, so many education institutions are racing towards the best. Being the best. Well now, Singapore has made quite the change.

Children in Singapore will no longer be ranked by exam results. 

According to weforum article, shifting the focus away from exam perfection towards creating more rounded individuals represents a serious change of direction for Singapore. Alongside academic performance the new policies aim to foster social development among pupils to raise self-awareness and build decision-making skills.

The skills we need to perform at work are changing – and quickly.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2018 suggests that employees will see an average shift of 42% in workplace skills between now and 2022.

Indonesia is also progressing some changes as the new education and cultural minister, Nadiem Makarim has launch 4 program education policy, one of them to remove National Exam starting by 2021.

  1. Action on climate change

Most grateful to see actions being taken in protecting mother earth for the betterment of the future. And we have Greta Thunberg to be thankful for.

“I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.” Greta Thunberg told the annual convention of CEOs and world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2019.

According to Time Person of the Year article, Greta began a global movement by skipping school: starting in August 2018, she spent her days camped out in front of the Swedish Parliament, holding a sign painted in black letters on a white background that read Skolstrejk för klimatet: “School Strike for Climate.” In the 16 months since, she has addressed heads of state at the U.N., met with the Pope, sparred with the President of the United States and inspired 4 million people to join the global climate strike on September 20, 2019, in what was the largest climate demonstration in human history.

Since then, real changes have been made. From the article, among the actions there are,

  • Fortune500 companies, facing major pressure to reduce their emissions, are realizing that sustainability makes for good PR.
  • In June, the airline KLM launched a “Fly Responsibly” campaign, which encouraged customers to consider abstaining from non-essential air travel.
  • In July, the head of OPEC, the cartel that controls much of the world’s oil production, called climate strikers the “greatest threat” to his industry, according to the AFP.
  • In September, workers at Amazon, Facebook and other major companies walked out during the climate strikes.
  • And in November, the president of Emirates airline told the BBC that the climate strikers helped him realize “we are not doing enough.”
  • In December, Klaus Schwab, the founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, published a manifesto calling on global business leaders to embrace a more responsible form of capitalism that, among other things, forces companies to act “as a steward of the environmental and material universe for future generations.”
  • In the past year, more than 60 countries said they would eliminate their carbon footprints by 2050.
  • Voters in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden—especially young people—now list climate change as their top priority.
  • In May, green parties gained seats in the European Parliament from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and more.
  • There was an 8% drop in domestic flights between January and April according to Swedavia, which runs the nation’s airports, and Interrail ticket sales have tripled over the past two years.
  • More than 19,000 people have signed a pledge swearing off air travel in 2020, and the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn reported a record number of passengers using its long-distance rail in the first six months of 2019.
  • Swiss and Austrian railway operators also saw upticks on their night train services this year.

In short, I think the things happening today will take matter for the future and in becoming a much kinder world. A safer world.

Just what the world needs right now. To be kind. To make the world a peaceful place to live in.

Other things that has got my attention is the rise awareness of self-care. And how people in their own way are educating how to care about yourself, how to be kind to yourself as well to others.

The next question,  if things are changing, and people has come to be aware, how to protect it ? How to keep making things good ?

I feel somehow the technology of blockchain is still the most technology that has the biggest impact for the decades to come (Read Blockchain revolution by Don Tapscott or his TedTalk. ). Might be, currently, some people out there are developing block chain based applications and making better new businesses hence ensuring a better world.

Because of the system that is based on integrity of network, control on distribution of power, secured identity, privacy, rights preserved and inclusivity. All those aspect are not optional. It is all or nothing at all.

Imagine how it could end feudalism.

I’d like that. Don’t you ?

Happy new year everyone.

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Tyas Social Project – Time to let go

English Version

#TyasSocialProject #9

At last it is time for me to leave.

Since October 2015 I have given my time, professionally to work as the role of Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia Chairman. One very rare opportunity that gave me great life lesson, personally and professionally.

A learning process that I would never forget. I am truly grateful with the opportunity and those who has accept me with all my shortcoming as well as my advantages.

I always try to hold on to what I believe, as I understand that we can never forget who we are and why we are here today. My duty to make the changes needed for this foundation had been succeeded. All points of issues that needed to solve was completed. It is very important for me to share the changes that has happened. As it will become an understanding that my service is done.

Now, Pita Kuning has,

  1. Owns a a new strategy of service positioned or focuses on psycho-social services to meet the needs of palliative care with new re-define purpose, vision and mission.
  2. A new structure organisation that is divided by hired worker and skilled volunteer work programs, clear division of work, work process, work protocol/SOP , hired work contract/work commitment so the workforce dan volunteering becomes sustainable, recorded and measured.
  3. Have good relationship or re-gain relationship with stakeholders with an ongoing consistent community management.
  4. Own a calculative financial projection that separate operational cost and distribution of support for each child with a monthly target by 30-50 child, within Jakarta Tangerang Bekasi (JaTaBek).
  5. Systematic recorded data of distribution support and also the progress of each child and their family regularly updated on our website through Diary Anak Pita Kuning (the Diary of Pita Kuning children).

Essentially, Pita Kuning now has a guideline and tool work to support their work process through recorded and well trained individual member of PIta Kuning though  knowledge management.

 Manajemen Pengetahuan : the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organisation. It refers to a multidisciplinary approach to achieving organisational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. Knowledge management efforts typically focus on organisational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantageinnovation, the sharing of lessons learned, integration and continuous improvement of the organisation.[7] These efforts overlap with organisational learning and may be distinguished from that by a greater focus on the management of knowledge as a strategic asset and on encouraging the sharing of knowledge.[2][8] KM is an enabler of organisational learning.

All learnings from the distribution support for each child, the knowledge, the experience, the background reason why can or cannot become a working protocol. To achieved the productivity and impact we wanted to achieved operationally becomes a discipline and work guide based on real experience.

The discipline. The requirements. The fundamentals. The reason behind. The price, the notion, the respect. The quality. Becomes the fundamental reason to go in, make changes, and level up. It is the true asset to whatever form of social impact model Pita Kuning wants to reach. That before, was never owned.

To me, the most important goal was to give this foundation a strong base line align with the search to be sustainable. I hope, from the knowledge management that now has been recorded, and trained for 2,5 years I have been at service becomes a strong foundation, influenced by the discipline from each individual within the organisation to move forward. To know where we are, and to have a benchmark of where we are and where we should be, is achieved.

For the continuance to seek the best social impact model will never end. As again Ramya Prajna, from ThinkWeb said, “it is not enough to just care”. ThinkWeb has been very supportive help building our digital platforms including helping and assisting the formulation and knowledge of what is Sosial Impact Model.

To me, being a leader is not only a decision but more so as a responsibility.

I will continue my duty as a professional, crafting my work, chasing dreams and aim a meaningful purpose.

Thank you so much for Pita Kuning and friends that has helped, open their doors to work together during my time at Pita Kuning.

Friends of foundations, Health Departments of the Republic of Indonesia, Hospitals, Doctors, The Experts, Communities, Donors, but most truly, my dear dearest children of Pita Kuning and family that have given their trust and faith to us.

Special thanks to Pita Kuning team,  hired paid and volunteers, I truly thank you. What we have achieved together will be your masterpiece and that is all your hard work. You make me proud everyday. I hope I have given as much learning, guidance and be a model of compassion for each and everyone of you.

I hope we could remain friends.

To the founders, councils of Pita Kuning, thank you for the opportunity. I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

Life is truly beautiful to have the opportunity to serve those in need. It was an honour, a privileged and with great pleasure to serve Pita Kuning . Thank you, I’ll see you next time.

#sayaPitaKuning ,always do good together.

Much love and warm wishes,

Tyas Handayani Wongsoyudo.

Those who are interested to learn more about this journey click here for Bahasa Indonesia or English.


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