Making Pizza at Pizza Marzano


Dari dulu di TK hingga sekarang masuk SD kalo ditanya cita-cita evan pasti jawabnya selalu, “I want to be a chef mama !”

Makanan kesukaannya adalah cheeeeese pizza !

And he wants to eat it all day, every day.  Oh my ! Hahahahahaha.

Suatu hari saat lagi mikirin kesibukan evan ditengah liburan, punya ide untuk ajak evan buat pizza. Ternyata dekat rumah di Pizza Marzano disediakan pengalaman menarik bagi anak-anak yang mau buat pizza sendiri.

So much fun ! Bareng sepupunya, kami coba pengalaman membuat pizza di Pizza Marzano Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9, tepat sebelah mcD.

Here we go !

no 1. We wash our hand. So important, rrrrrite ?

no. 2 We take the dough and put some flower

no. 3 After that, we roll the dough with a roller

no. 4 Then we give some much tomato sauce 🍅

no. 5 And put a loooot of cheese cheeseeeee cheese 🧀🧀🧀 and a bit of pepperoni , yummy !

no. 6. When ready, we placed it on the pan, ready to go !

no. 7 Let Bapak put it inside the oven.

no. 8 And after that, don’t forget to wash your hand again 😘

no. 9 Sit tight, wait for our pizza !

Now, look at my pizza guys ! 🍕

Pengalaman ini seharga 75ribu rupiah. Lumayan lah buat menghibur si kecil.

Thank you Pizza Marzano
What a treat. Definitely will come again 😘

So delicious kata evan.

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