PARTIKELIR MOVIE. Film pertama karya Pandji Pragiwaksono

Akhirnya kesampaian juga ya mas. Mimpi dari kecil kejadian juga. Kepengen jadi detective. Kepengen buat filem tentang detective. Kepengen banget bisa buat filem action dengan mystery solving-nya didalamnya.

As a good storyteller that you are, you’ve manage to make your first movie quite captivating til the end. It was very good. Narration to script writing, bagus. Script writing to movie execution, bagus. Banyak surprising moments throughout the movie. Considering this is your first.

PARTIKELIR MOVIE was really funny, had suspense, amusing and enjoyable to watch.

And being Pandji Pragiwaksono di setiap karyamu selalu ada educational entertainment yang membuat orang berfikir. AHA ! Oh Gitu ya? Emang iya ?

I think this could be a chain of movie franchise that would definitely create a new wave of loyal fans. They’d be crazy not to invest more. I can already imagine the gimmicks and activation. Jadi kapan sequelnya ?

What makes it even more sweeter for us was the personal stories embedded through out the movie. It really felt very personal. And only your closest would understand. Ibu laughed so hard, ada ayam nanas orang dusun ooy ! I even felt Gamila’s jokes here and there am I right ?

Any critics on this movie ? Not today. Silahkan rayakan kemenanganmu mas.

Special tribute for Naldo. He would be so proud and honoured. I can hear him say, “makasih Ndjie”. Soft spoken and simple Naldo with his adorable curls. May he rest in peace.

Oh iya, Ayah bilang juga, “Congratulations champ !”

On to the next ! Selamat berkarya.

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