new years resolution 2016

The hero in me.

This is what I wish for myself this new year.

I realise that it’s about time I should be the hero for me. For my self.
I should start embracing the goodness that people see in me.
To start owning what people see in me. That said, helps to empower others.

That said, i have something good and powerful.

The big secret was before i felt what i do all these years are just normal.
I thought what I have is so usual people have and do everyday.

Although there were times, in the past, that people gave appreciations to what I brought to the table.

But it was just recently those gratitudes becomes an awakening. 
I began to open my eyes.
They say, when you’re not ready to see, you’re just not ready to see.

Maybe it was just timing.
This year, I will become that hero for myself.
I owe that much for all the things I have accomplished.

I owe it for my life.

I am the hero I need to become.

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