you will face many defeats

I just resign from the best job ever.(IMHO)
Not because i could not do it.
But the condition of the place was no longer suitable for my well being.
I was defeated by situation.
But life is a journey.
This means my journey at that place has reach a limit.
Of course if there are anyway that could change the situation, believe me i have tried. everything.
In life, there are highs and lows.
Stopping at one stage in life means starting a new journey.
So what at one point in life defeats you.
If you stop now, you stop your journey.
And then it becomes none.
I’ve read so many stories about famous and incredible people.
At some point, everybody feels defeated.
Many times.
So what.
Look what happen to Meryl Streep.
and now look at yourself. 🙂

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