take a seat on a rocket ship

I background in advertising, I do have some experience on digital and social media but that was very limited. To me.
I was at multiply.com one of Indonesia’s e-commerce pioneer when I received an offer from a friend.
I was offered to be the digital and social media manager for putera sampoerna foundation.
Why ? They need someone that can established digital and social media on to a corporate business company.
People see something in you that they like to offer that rocket ship.
So why question about it again ? Embrace it. Be positive about it. Own it.
New places, new ventures, as it say, are basically new.
I assure you, everyone on that rocket ship understands that you are new.
Nothing to be worried about.
People on that rocket ship sees something in you that they are very excited to know more.
Questions come pouring down my head but of course I was so excited of the possibility.
Apparently, limited experience from your point of view are sometime a whirl wind new horizon for others.
What you know might be new for others. So I got the job.
What to do on that rocket ship is another issue, another game plan, for another time.
Because I took a chance, I gain so much.
I gain a platform to grow.
I gain a platform to identify a blueprint of what I need to establish, digital and social media for corporate.
I gain more experience, I gain acknowledgement from the industry, and I also gain network.
So when you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, jump !
And be ready for one hellova ride 🙂






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