misconduct leadership

I have experience this situation.
Its like a world upside down
You became misunderstood by others
Because they don’t have the same level of mindset.
The main barrier is the leader that manages it all.
To left us fighting over what is should or not, what is right and what is wrong.
However there was a point that leader learned something from what I exercised and shared. Did it change the situation.
But for me, not doing anything to make a change is never in my book.
Doesn’t matter. I did what it is needed. What i think is right.
Might not be easy, it makes me feel very much alone. (compared to some).
However the circumstances I kept trying to connect with the others by regular sharing sessions, educational activities, information and coordination.
But that is as far as I can go.
I had that kinda situation where i know but still was not enough.
Not enough to move that “leader”.

It created a climate ripe of misconduct that eventually proven does not gives anything to support the company.
At all.
Why, is a mystery I still don’t understand.

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