intelligent people are full of doubts


There was never a time that I don’t question myself.
Am I right ?
Did I come too strong ?
Was that a mistake ?
Left or right ?
Which way is the best way ?
All the time.
I keep myself intact as I constantly ask myself and anyone around me about what I am about to do.
Sometimes although I already did, I still question myself and everybody around me again.
Why is that ?
Because intelligent people knows.
They know what does it takes to do it right.
Planning, executing, planning, executing.
And there comes observing. Learning. Understanding.
Possibilities. Possibilities. Possibilities.
If you are thinking about possibilities that means you are open for new things.
To learn, to adapt, to experience.
To make better plans.
To learn from executions.
That makes excellence.
Those intelligent people understood that we live in a world of imperfection. No one is ever perfect as we see each problem differently from one to the other.

Stay awake girls.
And be aware.






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