Burn that bridge

There come a time when you must do the things you might not realize you could.
I am an “architect”. I build things.
Architectures are very close with building blocks. Infrastructures.
Like most technical geeks we see things differently.
We not only come up with the list of needs to build the future but we also identify what is lacking.
Since building is one thing and making it come alive is another, we began to connect the dots and identify more findings.
It is my job to identify.
From the minute i understood the situation, i begin the journey.
As i learn more about the situation, i begin to discover things that are not supposed to be.
I begin to find missing links, pathway, tools and sometimes vehicles also machines.
The funny thing about this journey, sometimes, some feel offended.
Where the joke is entirely on those who did not do anything.
Lived in comfort.
So what to do? I burn ’em.
Bridges that burned was nessecary.
Bridges that was not , i crossed.
As hard as it may seem, there’s no way it can’t be done.
It’s not about commitment or power or anything in related.
It was an order.
And how do i feel now ? Nauseus. Anxious. Ugly. And relieved.
Hell, i’ ll do it again if i must.
Because at the end of the day, i am here because of an order.
Those who understand, they join me.
They join because they understand.
They understand that at the end of the road they will feel the benefits.
Those who dont usually mock me. Undermind me.
I dont mind. Nevermind.

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