Its all about the mindset

How can you tell someone what to do when that person has no idea about the concept.
No senior person can comprehend when the reality is, they have none experience. At all.
Any educational process weather it is a socialization of some sort of fundamentals. A series if training sessions or a mind blowing talkshow to open up their eyes is as far as you go.
So how far is too far ?
Under capacity. So do speak.
It doesnt matter spearhead partnerships supports along the way.
We can only let the nature drive its course.
Nevertheless we try our best to make it easy on them. So easy that it is ridicoulous !
Again, i look at the page on my deck and say,
Its all there !
What more do you need to explain ? Cant you see ?
It is not my responsibilty anymore now. I’ve done my part.
Over and over and over again.
Now its your time to move.
Check mate.

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