Wise perspective


Dear Evan

Look at this picture. Observe it well.

There is a dog so determine to get the bird. Might want to eat it.

And the dog is so focused on the bird that the dog does not realize dog is running toward a high cliff.

We can understand that might be the end of the dog as we all know dogs don’t fly.

The caption says,

A person can become so determined to destroy another person that they become blind and end up destroying themselves.

So what can we see from this situation above?

Let us break it down into questions.

The 1st question that we must put forward after reading the sentence above is why the need to destroy?

The 2nd question is, why so determine?

And the last 3rd obvious question is, why so blind?

In some cases, these situations happen based on something valuable. It could be because of a certain belief that pushes or empower the feeling of determination. What you think, you believe. The mind gives power to how to feel.

You might remember these words I often say,

No one is born evil.

There are people who are not given the opportunity to recover from heartaches, bad experiences, or lessons that occur as a result of what has been instilled through time, life choices, or experiences that have happened to them.

In our language, bahasa Indonesia :

tidak ada orang yang terlahir jahat.

yang ada adalah orang yang tidak beri kesempatan untuk sembuh dari sakit hati, pengalaman atau pelajaran buruk yang terjadi akibat apa yang pernah ditanamkan, pilihan hidup atau pengalaman yang bernah terjadi padanya.

So how to answer the questions. or better yet, how to not be in situations like this?

Psychology says,

if you don’t control your emotions, they will be manipulated against you.

You got to train your mind stronger than your feelings, or else you will lose every single time.

What I would suggest, whatever actions prompt you to do something, always pause and understand the problem. Educate yourself by providing your mind with information and knowledge.

That way, your thinking will wise intervention with your feelings.

Wise intervention is key.


Wise intervention is a science of psychological intervention that aim to address social problems and help people flourish.

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

The goal of wise intervention is to help the mind to think. The thinking will direct our feelings and make out a person’s reaction or action.

Mama loves you.

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