leaders who fail and start late

Have you ever feel it is too late to start over, to build your own dream or … have you ever feel like you’re having a crisis, or any kind of life crisis on that matter?

There is no perfect life manual if that is what you are looking for. The reason there are so many books of biography is that those who have written shared the common problems like anybody else. What they’ve done to overcome their problems might be enlightening for others. And what makes it even more interesting is those people whose written those books are famous, amazingly accomplished and inspiring people.

People are people. What I learn from them. Is that the only real exception in their struggles are hard work and never giving up. Hey, best things in life aren’t free, rite ?

In the need for growth and evolution, I too seek help. In my search I have found this. A compilation of famous people, who start late, feeling lost before success, how they finally succeed and how to never give up.

Hope you feel better.

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

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