the test of life

Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once. Paul Coelho.

So what do you do ?

I remember what Octavia Spencer said on one of her speeches. Don’t let your disappointments and achievements shaped who  you are. If you can meet with disaster and triumph and treat those two imposter just the same. Embrace the mess.

I can see the truth in what she is saying. How we must stay consistent with whatever situation we have. One must stay focus and keep in the rhythm. Keep our eyes above the water and our feet pushing towards the end. Its an everyday life. Its just a phase. Its one game after another. Pushing your limitation as a professional.

How we must stay alive regardless any limitations. Or how we maintain our professionalism no matter the circumstances. How to clear out the clutter and gracefully balance it all.

What i learn that it is all in the mind set. There’s no way than to survive. And a simple sense of appreciation towards life.

The journey you take now will be lead by you alone. No body else has the power to do so. How would you want your story to end ? God believes in you, so why you can’t believe in yourself ?

If you say this is not the end of me, then…

Embrace the mess.  Embrace the test of life.


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