people believe what they see

I am not that flashy and outspoke type.
I don’t like to brag or being loud sharing what i did or accomplished somethings along the way while i was working in advertising.
As you know, most of advertising people are otherwise. heheheh.
So when i did something good or consistently did good work, some would be surprised.

People questioned me when i start supporting my brother as his Business Manager. It was in the entertainment business. What do i know about that industry ? Nothing maybe. But i know marketing. I know brand management. And i know I’m good in management project.
people did doubt me. But, i did established his name on the industry.

One marking for me professionally.

People also questioned my ability when entering a new venture as Digital & Social Media Manager. (a bit note, inside the company did not).
Doubt about pulling off a huge task.
And yet again, i did established Digital & Social Media for business hence i made this place my platform to grow.

Another marking.

Being a pioneer for something does not make you a favor for some.

People will questioned you.
Some will even dislike you. Or your will feel unlikable.
That’s how i felt.

People who do not get you. Do not understand you, are sometimes very negative.

The key is, give something that people can benefit on.
If what you do can help them in doing what they are doing now.
Viola !

If you keep doing that. Giving solution for people.
And then they will believe in you.
Most of the times, support you.

Signed, by experience 🙂

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