do what is right, not what is easy


Why do I always find myself in these kinds of situations.
The kind of situations that always takes its toll on yourself.
Patience. Self control. Conflicting interest. That uncomfortable feeling in your stomach… making decisions that is never easy.
Searching for solutions for others. No matter how ugly the process will be. No matter you know it will make you feel more alone than you already is.

Doing what is right, often, never is favoured by many.
People would just run away in that matter. 
Hey, why bother anyway.

Well that’s easy. The easy way out.

In my situations i always can’t. i wish i could. But i can’t.
I can’t runaway or push it away or leave it be.
People are counting on me.

And then my mind keep saying, make it right. conscience.

However many times those people who are counting on you are not the most favourable group. Not the large group of people. Not the fun and easy likeable peeple.

In some conditions it will require heavy moping, non stop, all the time, never ending moping, sweeping, again and again. 
You feel like a police traffic at one point. 
Or a sheep herder, so do speak.

Eventually, it is the end results that counts.
The end that you know, deep in your heart, the truth will say, that you know you are solving something.
That you know you are doing something good for the long run.
For the main objective. The whole in that matter. But most of all the valuable lessons are the learning itself. What you have gone through and all that ability become your additional skills.

People might not understand. Yet. Or might not want to understand. At all.
But that does not matter.
Because what matter the most is what is good and best for the whole point.
Life is never easy. 
Never ideal.
Never normal.
What is normal nowadays anyway.
Do something right, you know.
However the process might be difficult.
The understanding that it will eventually leads to safety, security, positivity and makes everything alright for many in the long run will now seems so easy for those who needs it.
When before it was not.
So what is right always seems hard or even impossible.
But in time.. with many experiences, with practice, many times, will makes it easier.
Train yourself to do all the right things in life.
And then, your life will be easy.


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