mind the crowd

“You go on your way Margaret. Mind the crowd”
As shouted by her father on one of the scenes in “Iron Lady”
She was never regular… that Margaret J
One of the strongest lady ever lived.
Cannot deny how her upbringings made her owned a very strong mind and determination.
Never let anyone turn her down.
Yet listen to other people would say.
I remembered on that movie that really captured my mind was a scene her saying,
“It used to be about trying to do something.
Now it’s about trying to be someone”
Would you agree with her ?
To me it means, your goal is your means in life.
Driven by passion.
Leads to achievement.
With consistency it becomes who you are.
And in the end become your legacy.
Nowadays, for some people, it’s the other way around.
For some, it is to be someone without knowing who you are.
Without any goals in life.
Pokoknya, saya mau jadi seperti itu !
As if being someone is more fascinating that the process making of who you are? J
This writing is dedicated to the passing of Margaret Thatcher.
At last she rest in peace.


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