I support lean in



I support Lean In
 “I want to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what we can do.” a quote from Sheryl Sandberg. The one who initiated this movement.
Lean In is a global community committed to encouraging and supporting women leaning in to their ambitions.
There are so many amazing ladies in the work force and the intention is to work together sharing what could help others in pursuing their dreams.
To me, personally, I found myself fascinated to women who are success at their own field but yet maintain a good relationship with their society. Weather at a smaller scope as relationship with their spouse, children, in laws, neighbors, with a colleague and so on towards larger surroundings.
How do they cope at work, what are their insights, what did they experienced along the way.
Not only sharing the results now.
It is the process that makes them who they are now.
That is why biography is sometimes has that stronger sense of message.
Because we see how they deal with the problem at that specific moment.
Lean in is really a very good idea.
Curhat session is what I called it.
And because we can learn from others how to deal with a situation or we can also ask how to deal with a problem, I feel this might also reduce negative friction along the way on any community.
Because its starts from the personality 🙂
If you ask me, I really really, REALLY, reaaaaally, hate anything to do with or have anything relate with negativity.
On any form and any kind.
Either it is bullying, just being sarcastic, personality wise or even a politic step.
Why people are so negative.
By having this movement my hope is to clear out any misunderstanding,
Be brave enough to ask,
Have the sensitivity to empathize with your colleagues,
Able to find your own calling,
Understand what your worth is,
Value your ability,
And dare to move forward.
As Oprah Winfrey would’ve put it, let’s create with intention our best work and offer it to the world.
Thank you.
-this story is inspired by LEAN IN Movement-
If you have any experience similar like mine, let’s share!

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