Tyas Social Project – The Task Force

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Who are the Task Force of Pita Kuning Psycho-Sosial Formulation

Tyas Amalia Yahya

Tyas has the same name as me. Tyas had to changed her name into Lia when eventually mix-ups became issues during executions with any external parties. Hahahahah sorry bout that. Tyas is one of many volunteers that fell in love with Pita Kuning. She is so committed to help children with cancer for more than 6 years since I came in on October 2015. If today is 2018, Tyas has been with Pita Kuning for 9 whole years. An amazing time and contribution. With Pita Kuning, Tyas met with so many people and experience many things. Witness what has happen during the years, through many milestones, and keep founding herself wanting to contribute more to Pita Kuning.

A smart lady graduated from FISIP University of Indonesia, majoring in Social Welfare, is one of the people I knew way back in the days before my time as chairman for Pita Kuning. Social Welfare. those who graduated become a Social Worker. A role that is so important to the social institutions and foundations in Indonesia but so rare to be understood or lacking awareness about it.

As Lia apparently has gain many knowledge, she became very much valuable in the development of Pita Kuning moving forward and become better. her contribution through her direct experience becomes our  railway or ring fence and structure to a better management system.

Ita D Azly

My introduction in meeting mba Ita was truly a calming experience. Finding the right expert to help us build a new system that supports childhood cancer was at all not easy. At this point, I have met, chat, try to get acquainted with many psychologist. Soooooo many. With psychologist from many field of background and different experience. But it took a while for then we gain learnings that was so useful in a very short time.

Mba Ita is a family psychologist that as many experience handling difficult cases of violence and deviate. Besides that, cases that comes by the impact of disease that is difficult to cure like AIDS, Cancer and others are some within her interest.

Her contribution in building the new services for Pita Kuning cannot be taken lightly. Driven by her passion and good intention to help from the start, like our vision and mission to the formulation needed that has the right composition to fit in with the needs of childhood cancer.

Through mba Ita’s help we have learn a lot on what is psycho-social, how to asses and evaluate a case of childhood cancer and their family, how we put it all the knowledge together within the work process of what we have, a group of hired and volunteer workers.

It doesn’t stop there, her role and presence also gave a lot of values in knowledge that gave us more substance in briefing and trainings. Mba Ita is a true hero for Pita Kuning.

Noviana Eva

I have known Eva from my previously at Putera Sampoerna Foundation. I recruited her as Digital Community Officer for the division I lead Digital and Social Media, a part of Centralised Marketing & Communication. Eva is a person who is always easy going, sharp and has a positive spirit. So I asked her to join in the base of where this organisation is going. Community Partnerships as well as to support Marketing and Communication that would be beneficial for us as well.

In the beginning of Eva contributions of developing the service product formula is to seek strategic partnerships that would give benefits to our services and also the formulation of assistance activities. Eva would lead the skilled task force with the champions in social driven activities, communities and volunteering, consist of, Muhammad Fikri – Head of Community, Bukalapak, Yudha Adyaksa – Chairman of Pramuka Youth (Indonesian Youth Scout), Yosea Kurnianto – Founder Youth ESN, Hety A. Nurcahyarini – Activist in Education, Indonesia Mengajar and more. Gathering interesting insights and inputs from many peoples that were involved in building social initiatives through out Indonesia. As we understood our strength at Pita Kuning that was built upon a group of young volunteers right from the start.

Eva also composed a volunteering bible to support all the activities in Pita Kuning in objective of making volunteering sustainable within the work process.

Ning Mahayu

Ning is someone who gain knowledge from Putera Sampoerna Foundation for 6 years. Because of that she has many experience building social initiatives, programs and activities. She was a part of the team when the social initiatives of Sampoerna Academy by the education pillar, Sahabat Wanita by the Women empowerment pillar, Koperasi Siswa Bangsa or a union cooperatives of students as well as a part of PSF’s Cutural Development. I have worked at the same office but I would admit, I have never work side by side, together in a project with her. But personally, as someone show likes to observe, I have quite fond and witness her potential from a far.

To seek the head of services for Pita Kuning I immediately remember Ning. Ning has everything we need. 6 years of experience in building social programs, accustom of working by professional structure and loves the social institution world. Perfect.  her contributions were huge in building the services and also the operational aspect of Pita Kuning til now.

Among many strengths that Ning have, I feel, Ning’s core strength was having the ability to learn new things completely and in depth. She relies on the actual “institution of information” as the foundation and instrument to develop the formulation of a product services. her clarity to justify from all sides and have the heart to see makes her analysis also producing solutions for humanity. Up for any challenge , Ning has the potential to be a good leader.

Mustika Kusumaningtyas

Tika is one of the last person I’ve asked to join in this organisation. I have known her from back in the days we where in the same company at Multiply Indonesia, one of e-commerce pioneer in Indonesia during that time.

I admire her when observing her role as Lead Operational Customer Service. Smart, sharp, data driven, rigorous, and have a sense of strong management skills for both operasional and process flow. That is why I approaced Tika. Later she agreed to be vice chair for Pita Kuning.

Tika is passionate in healthcare for children. You can rely on Tika to do anything finance and operational driven. her contribution in building this formuation for Pita Kuning service is huge as she was the one who connect it all together, always accomplished to find operational matters needed to taken care of and always care to pay attention to each process and each issues.

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Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Tyas Social Project – The Trial

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#TyasSocialProject #4

I started through 3 months assessments

The next step after chosen is to work. But at that time I offered an arrangement that I have never done before in any form of work I have experience all this time.

I offered an arrangement without pay. Voluntarily work without pay. As I begin to learn to understand the work and the challenges I did not know if this could be the next career path for me. I questioned myself. This is not working like any other previous working situation I have done in the past. It is a unique working environment.

And so I offer to use the first 3 months probation to really get to know each other. To understand each sides and so I say, let’s asses each other. I learn about the you, the Foundation. And you guys can learn about me. Are we fit together. We might not be a good match. And so I decided not to get paid. So I dive in, heart first.

Was it a mistake or not, feel free to be the judge of it. Entering a professional work without pay. Entering a job, starting to work full and giving your heart and soul into something that put your professional integrity on the line.

I decided pro bono as I put my heart first in this situation. My heart say I wanted to help. And this is a foundation that really needs help. I was so drawn to the cause, the only thing that matter for me was, nobody was willing to do it but me. So I feel I had to do it. Nobody was available. I hoped at that time, through my experience may give learning and inspirations for those who wants to craft their career with Pita Kuning. If I had to be the 1st to jump, so be it.

Because I felt I didn’t know anything about the industry. I started by looking at the situation and the big picture of what is happening with Pita Kuning and the industry. I didn’t understand. Why, how.. In any situation or problem, however we look at it, I always start with a based on a simple question why ? Nothing is never without a cause. As evenly can and cannot is always because of one rationale and a cause.

Even though I was already chosen, honestly my process in working for this Foundation made a tremendous impact towards me professionally and as a person.

My experience with  cancer as closest to me was what had happened a year ago with one of my member of my team when I was at PSF.  She came in to the office by December, had intensive check up by February, on April it was confirmed CA, June she was not able to work anymore and then October was when she passed away. So fast.

My mother in law also passed away because of cancer. She was the mother of my husband that has passed also to cancer. She was verdict a year but made through til 4 years living. However it is, to me, childhood cancer is something very new to me.

Besides the facts, I realised that to tidy up an organisation that is already established in 8 years was not an easy task. By definitely with my background experience of course.

And so we set a timeline. October to December, 2015. And then I dive.

As I started to swim, I knew that the 1st thing we have to deal with was the process transition from old to the new. Change management. But before that, I needed to learn about this organisation as much as possible, as fast as I could.

At that time, I understood very much that planning is still a blur if you don’t understand childhood cancer and how culturally works in the world of social foundation. Especially cancer foundation, how on earth you can make a solution when you do not know what is the actual problem. If there are problems to solve.

Yes, I do have some experience in social institution with Putera Sampoerna Foundation but PSF is, nevertheless, is a corporation. It has all the professional elements on hand, resources and also a complete support of infrastructure. Not to mention around 800 staff on board. PSF although was an organisation with social purpose but it run based on corporate business settings. Very professionally.  My experience with PSF was to establish digital social media for business but that is another story I would like to take you soon.

Anyway. At that moment, this was me and me alone. Of course it was scary entering an unknown territory. But like Seth Godin said, if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

So I started doing the research. I came to the hospital (RSKD read Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais). I visited RS Kanker Dharmais as much as I could. Get aquatinted. Try to make friends. This is a process where I need as much to open my eyes, my heart and be very open minded. Man ! Did I need to be open (LOL).

Inside the organisation I met with everyone on board. Those at that time was the operational team. And so I ask to meet with them. One by one I interview them so that I get to know them better. To assess, to learn more, to understand, that was the goal.

  • Do they want to move forward
  • What was their contributions
  • Do they have any worries or ideas
  • Do they understand Pita Kuning problems
  • Do they want to make this better.

After 3 months I begin to understand more about the members and how they are proceeding each programs or activities.

I understood their concerns. How they wanted to do more but not knowing what to do how and when. Or how to help and where to start.  I begin to understand the problems they are facing in their daily activities whether at the hospitals or related directly or not with the organisation.

Getting to understand the picture of boundaries and the will of being a volunteer at Pita Kuning. Stories came from all sides and from everywhere. Not pouring out though. Not like I wanted. I had to dig in information and be creative in searching what I need as supporting info.

Other that from the community of within the organisation what becomes important as well was the perception or when received any data or concrete evidence that could share stories of Pita Kuning conditions.

Whats going inside the operational process ; like the program or servicing activities and what has happen each year, legal status, financial status, work processes, milestone and what have the organisation has achieved.

Then externally, I started to study more on what is out there in related with Pita Kuning in whatever the type of organisation are the same or not.

I started seeing from the eyes of an outsider, naturally. And started to learn, questioned, seeking more information on how people understood about this foundation.

  • Who knows about this foundation, Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia ?
  • What do people know ?
  • What are the perception of this foundation ?
  • From Pita Kuning side as part of the ecosystem in prevention or countermeasures of cancer in Indonesia. How does other foundation do their contribution, what about the hospitals, volunteers, parents of the child with cancer and donors see in Pita Kuning ?
  • What are the challenges and boundaries Pita Kuning is facing with their other foundation friends ?

“Because from my point of view, in organisation that is driven by social cause, humanity, be it by an individual or an organisation, we should come together and help each other.” 

  • And lastly, what is also most importantly is how the needs and the supports are really being treated. How does fitting the benefits meaning towards the main purpose of all, the children with cancer and their parents?

Information and hopeful wishes for this foundation was received without filter. It was not any problem for me as the most significant value. And as I would put in compartments in my head that later on would be useful as the planning begins to start. Or, as one need at the right moment of time.

My difficulties, of course was getting those information. Heheheheh. There are times that I would really made my eyes wide open, sigh in silent, stroke my chest or forehead, or even, just walk away as calm as possible (as deep inside my heart no one knew ^_^) and decide to worry about it later. Difficult is just another word to it.


Emenda Brahmana,  a dear friend that I convinced to help us and then later became one of our skilled volunteer, an advisory for Pita Kuning in anything HR , see me as someone who tends to take charge and worry about it later. Hurt, wrong or bad s never a problem. Hehehehehe , she was right. Emenda is one of my best friends that came in and support us from the start of this new era.



Within 2 months from October 2015 to December 2015 I should have understood the problems and conditions of this foundation during that time. In December I have promised to submit my assessment towards this foundation and my recommendations for this foundation.

And so in the end, what have i gathered ?

On 14th December 2015 we sat down together again with Pandji Pragiwaksono,  Steny Agustaf and also Lanang Aribowo.

CommaID, Santa, 14 desember 2015.

What did i bring ? A preliminary planning.

What is a preliminary plan. It is a sequence of learnings based on some assessments that fits within the objective of this project. To show a definition picture with insights and findings, that was gathered, and needed to be discussed, explore together, expanded together with each stakeholders committee before it is executed.

In the beginning of the planning, for whatever reasons or needs, I always make sure we have a define framework of what we can envision together. It is needed to guide us, to make us stay on track and to show what’s next together with the leaders or the owners of this Foundation, in this case, they are the Councils of Pita Kuning.

This time I divided the planning into 2 parts

  1. Assessment and recommendation
  2. Change Management Plan that consist of the process of re-organisation and service plan

One of the most important understanding I need the management to agree was the importance of why be always be need to be flexible. To have the ability to  look back again to the end goal we are aiming. We have to be ready to change and adjust. As the objective is to seek the best formulation with the condition and advantage this Foundation has. It was the most important highlight that was agreed in the beginning. To be reassess and evaluated in a regular basis and have an intermediate plan. A plan in between a plan.

  1. Assessment and recommendation part.

The part of assessment is not to judge one’s state of an organisation but the goal os to give an understanding of where we are right now as an organisation. It is crucial especially for those who are inside this Foundation.

Starting from the external understanding about this Foundation. Reviewing and learning over again on this Foundation’s vision and mission as it has progressed for quite a long period of time. The management team has changed, people come people go, quite the reality check needed to happen. Again to looked over wether things are still suitable or not.

Making things into order from all aspects are the first main priorities.

The organisation structure, mapping out from what is ideal on social foundation with the services versus what is functions are actually running or not.

The services that has been done, how it does, are they as we expect them to be. Are there any rules and regulations like procedures and protocols? Are they any issues, what are the issues, how are these issues being taken care of ?

Financial status. What has happened during these years that can be describe as organisation milestone, or including fundraising.

On this opportunity, I highlighted my findings, the old, the news and the ones i recently found along the way.

From all the problems that this Foundation has, the most ultimate problem was that Pita Kuning from a community based did not level up themselves. How the operate is most likely like a community based group rather than a foundation organisation.

What does that means ? It means that Pita Kuning has been operating its services or programs with the procedures and managing guidelines just like it was as a community. Is that completely wrong ? Maybe partly yes. However we all agreed on the 8 points problems to be solved and needs to be fixed soon.

Again, there is no right or wrong. The main purpose was to trigger discussions and direct the conversation in seeking solutions or action plan. I felt it was necessary to emphasis on the findings and identify them as challenges and barriers towards the objective, the betterment of this Foundation. No matter how hard it takes for some one to understand, no matter how long it took, my job was to put that on the table.In regards to the product services planning, which was a continuance of the findings discussed the month before, I brought a market update. Just to show what is out there. This time, I suggested the discussions towards the problems through customer analysis, SWOT,  review identifications of stakeholders, and therefore the glimpse description of what the product services that could be consider, a base purpose, a promise given, a differentiation and the difficulties within a definition that could be further be studied.

What matter the most for me was how to I could describe the strategy map of Pita Kuning. How all stakeholders would activated in one organisation ecosystem.

It is crucial, when the ecosystem within an organisation cannot survive, how could PIta Kuning be a part of a larger ecosystem, which is the countermeasure part of childhood cancer in Indonesia. How could Pita Kuning give support for those children from underprivileged families. This means, the first goal to achieve is to produce the right benefit support.

Because through that, it will become a learning and a measurable base for Pita Kuning to understood where to go for the next stage. How to proceed, what  form of words or message that could create deeper meaning to a question and identify next activities needed for the next step.

We need also to agreed on what will happens within 5 years and agree on the stages in getting there.

Tracking on quality and quantity to reach that goal were also describe and agreed as well.

A competitive analysis on other organisations that were the same with us, childhood cancer in Indonesia.

After given a thorough description of what the condition of this organisation, I’d also gave a vision of what we want in the future. Where do you want to be.

But to reach there, to where do we want to be, needs, an intermediate plan.

  • A temporary recommendation.
  • A future recommendation.

Both recommendation shows what to expect and what to achieved. Also, what are the activities and how long.

Temporary recommendation.

I showed some ideas of what we need to do for internal organisation and also externally. Pita Kuning has established for 8 years, quite a long time. Of course the leaders would like to understand how long does it takes to be ready for the next step. So, it’s a negotiation. Every time.

Future recommendation. I gave 3 alternatives.

  • Alternative 1. Re-establish YPKAI.
  • Alternative 2. Closed.
  • Alternative 3. Build a new YPKAI.

Each alternatives will need to be explained and show a clear description and in eventually need to be discussed for enough and sufficient amount of time.

My goal at that time was not to get a decision as fast as I could but to get a mutual agreement on a vision and acceptance of the fact there is. Also a clear vision where we want this foundation to be.

And at that point in time, they unanimously decided to go for alternative 3, New YPKAI. And yes, based on all the findings, recommendation and the direction, they all agreed to proceed with me as Chairman /  Ketua.

Watch this video that I found :

The Lesson that has guided Ginni Rometty Career

Next, the beginning of change.

Tyas is now Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project enquiries, tyas@bangwinconsulting.com

Changing culture and leaderships.

Two of the most intricate matter that we most recently meet. Changes of disruptive business model pushes many companies and its people to make change, adjust, evolve or be creative in sustaining their core business that has been working just fine over the years.

We understand, however, changes would never happen without support from the high tower. And having that leadership role always makes people waiting what will be the next action. How will the leaders act upon these changes, what will they do strategising their need to change? But that alone does not make the process smoothly or the implementation would likely become stuck at some point. And in the end could turnout not as planned.

Leadership is an ongoing learning process that I feel never ends.

I am always fascinated by well-known leaders of big companies and people who have influencing power that would share new learnings to us, the students. I agree with Simon Sinek that we who aspire to be a leader would always consider ourselves a student and these examples I will share to you represent my findings for now, the current moment. But let’s start from his video “How to become a leader, act like a student not an expert.”

How to become a leader, act like a student not an expert. By Simon Sinek

To capture the essence on this video, if I may, here’s what I feel is sooooo so true ^_^

  • Leadership is a skill, a learnable practicable skill
  • Leaders should never consider themselves expert but students
  • Leaders should understand the importance of prioritizing the needs of the people before their own needs
  • Leaders are the caregiver of the people
  • Leaders are those who’s willing to run headfirst onto the unknown or to the dangerous
  • Leaders are those who’s willing to sacrifice their own resources to protect and grow their own people
  • Always a student’s regardless status to improve their leaderships skill based on the understanding that leadership is not a rank to achieve

Now the findings I’ve gathered based on what we can see happening in world and Jakarta where I’m based right now. The first example article I want to share is from inc.com . Uber’s CEO Just Posted New Cultural Values, and Taught a Valuable Lesson in Leadership.

Uber’s CEO Just Posted New Cultural Values–and Taught a Valuable Lesson in Leadership

With background problematic happening at UBER, series of mishaps and scandals that included claims of sexual harassment, multiple lawsuits, and serious fights with regulators due to the need of adaptation in countries all over the world. UBER’s CEO, Khosrowshahi has worked tirelessly to rebuild Uber’s reputation and guide the company to the next level, according to Justin Bariso’s article.

What did he do and how did he do it ?

I would start from Simon Sinek’s points above. As the new caregiver of UBER, Khosrowshahi is willing to go below and beyond to learn from the people. Hence understand the importance of prioritizing the needs. Which is preserving the people. The ones who actually made Uber success.

What he did was, initiate his people to write Uber’s new cultural norms. How did he do it mainly to reach common interest that fits with the company’s needs at this point. And not only on head quarters but through representatives all around the world. Together they managed submissions, work together a voting systems and supporting focus group representatives.

Another learning captured is by giving trust and flexibility to be a part of the change. It’s a project for all. No matter who you are in the company, what role or level. As Justin Bariso shared on his article, it allows people to express themselves. Get to know themselves. Learn more about their challenges, their way of working, their strengths and weaknesses. The results and learning of the new Uber’s cultural norms can be reviewed here.

Another learning is closer to me since I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. Still on transportation sector but from the old ways which is taxi service.

Bluebird is Indonesia’s largest taxi, containers and logistics company previously had many never ending issues and ongoing crisis again, due to the disruptive new way of business. With the new way of transportation options with GO-JEK, Grab and Uber the drivers of Bluebird felt a great impact on the competition. It blew up so fast and become hard to handle since it impacted bluebird drivers labor union from around Indonesia. Chaos in majors cities of Indonesia and one of the biggest incidents was BlueBird Jakarta’s own drivers demonstration held on 22 march 2016 when the anger erupted by the 10.000 drivers.

It’s a good thing that now Bluebird had reach to a point of understanding with the drivers and developed a partnership program with another disruptive company, Go-Jek. So it is all good now. I am not leading this story to the way Bluebird is managing its business strategy. And I applaud Bluebird on moving forward with their new inventions.

This is only an example how leaderships really makes a difference no matter what form of actions are. I was moved by this TVC from bluebird, after quite amount of turmoil they released this. Of course there are so many ways to see this ad but I would take this opportunity to show an example of leadership from the CEO of Bluebird Holding.  I wanted to share how their recent ads captured the heart of Bluebird long time devoted passengers. One of them is me. This leads the example, in this case, how to represent a family member of 45.000. Or with Simon Sinek theory, that as the the leader, willing to run headfirst onto the unknown or to the dangerous.

The ad title is, Berbenah untuk berubah or in English would say, Clean up to change. The ad was taken with voice over of the CEO of Bluebird’s Holding, Ibu Noni Purnomo. I feel it is crucial to have the ad spoken by the leader of Bluebird. To regain trust is the main factor in this narration and what better way to show leaderships up front. This is also a lesson of humility. It doesn’t makes you small but precisely showing how big you are as a person, as Company or as a Brand.

It goes like this,

Changes is not easy.

Maybe for those who are new and agile, changes are easy.

But for us, as a huge family with 45.000 family members, changes are not easy.

They say for one who needs to go the distance, a small boat would be easier to change directions. However, when a steering wheel of a huge ship, the winding turn of sails will feel further when it has reached quite much further along the distant.

We fully realized there are some times we are perceived as blind and deaf by others upon changes of time. And being so slow and late overlooking the window of world that moves so rapidly.

But actually, we are learning to ….listen.

And learning to …..change.

We are the same friend that you used to rely. When you would want to be taken home safely.

But we do realize now that a friend cannot hold on to the old memories.

And yet a friend is when we walk together, strive among the hustle and bustle of the world.

Give us a chance.

We want to be a part of this race.

We are cleaning up.

Because we want to change.

Thank you for reading. See you on the next post.

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