My Point Of View

A journal of anything and everything around topics that interest me. Although I always consider myself as a work in progress. I have a point of view that I would like to share. Around whats “in” nowadays that captures my attention and triggers my point of view.

I found a way to express my point of view, being my own narrator, being my own editor and my own moderator on my own platform, my blog.

Through this outlet I want to share my voice, reach out and create dialogues, to discuss also to trigger ideas. Hopefully make friends.

You will also get to see how I documents the journey on some of my projects from marketing to digital social media to social cause or anything I am passionate about. Some will show casing my contributions and my crafts.

My search in meaningful work, work that matters and work that allows me to make an impact. To be a service to the world. The ability to express myself in a form of compassion.

Michelle Obama said, “Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you.”

Through these stories, you will find some of my window of thoughts to another point of view. So watch out for pictures, words or sentences that has hyperlinks.
And then you will understand my point of view 🙂

Not all stories are in English. Some posts might be dual language, Indonesia and English.
And some are in Indonesian language.