My Point Of View

Everyone has two eyes but not everybody has the same view.

This is a journal of anything and everything around topics that interest me.

I have a point of view that I would like to share. Around what’s “in” nowadays that captures my attention and triggers my point of view.

Through this outlet, I want to share my voice, reach out and create dialogues, discuss also to trigger ideas. Hopefully, make friends and enrich the point of view.

You will also get to see how I document the journey on some of my projects from marketing or eCommerce to digital social media to a social cause or anything I am passionate about. Some will showcase my contributions and my crafts.

My search for meaningful work, work that matters, and work that allows me to make a difference. To be a service to the world. The ability to express me in a form of compassion.

Some of the topics that I am interested to talk about are shared by themes,

Bangwin Consulting; around projects of marketing, communications, social impact, change managements and also digital social media.

Mindshift ; A podcast of sharing and discussions with intent as an encourager towards life, business, confidence, leadership, happiness & self-growth.

Teman belajar bersama (means, a friend to learn together); topics on education, parenting and children. I want to be who I once needed when I was young. Hopefully could support a voice or help make things easier.

Through these stories, you will find some of my windows of thought on other points of view. So watch out for pictures, words, or sentences that hyperlinks. And then you will understand my point of view.

To look up, search keywords of topics and add my name. Thank you.

Not all stories are in English. Some posts might be dual language, Indonesia, and English.
And some are in the Indonesian language.

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