The Hollywood Con Queen from Indonesia

One day, a friend shared with me a link about an article through a WhatsApp group. And just in an instant, I saw the title of the article. I was stunned. Unbelievable. And I cannot stop saying that word ever since.

The link opens the door to other links and we all believed this could end up in a movie someday. The story was really unbelievable.

How we unmasked the Hollywood Queen Con Queen Suspect. The article titled from Vanity Fair.

Photograph by Pal Hansen/@ 2018 from Vanity Fair article (click to read article)

It’s about an Indonesian who impersonated famous women of Hollywood and also elsewhere such as Kathleen Kennedy, Amy Pascal, Donna Langley, Dede Gardner, Deb Snyder, Wendi Deng, Gigi Pritzker, and many more.

Essentially this Hollywood Queen Con Queen, suspect, allegedly manage to succeed hundreds of Hollywood workers from make-up artists, photographers, trainers, actors, stuntmen to Indonesia to shoot big blockbuster movies.

You can also hear how this Hollywood Queen Con Queen in action here.

Absolutely unbelievable.

They even made a series podcast about the Hollywood Queen Con Queen.

Click to listen to the podcast series

I would really suggest you to listen to understand and grasp what actually happened. Really. Listen to it till the end.

What I find saddening is to found how these Hollywood people at this time of age, with many digital channels and network access, did not do that much research before. Not doing the homework before entering a professional job you are about to engage that is in another part of the world.

At the same time, why, I find this story crazy is because I once know this person. Well, not much but I remember the first time this person was introduced. The GM who was an ex-pat presented this person as a very smart guy. But it doesn’t take a while to notice this person was just … off. I feel.

I guess after all this time, he did not get the kind of help he needed. Learning from these articles and podcast series, this is a person who really cannot be able to live in the real world. Let alone socially. This is the kind of person who really REALLY needs help. Clinically .. psychologically, in .. a … hospital ….or some sort.

As Indonesian or Asian, we are used to a family being close by. I wonder what happens to his relationship with his family. The first and foremost important support that you can get in regards to mental health is family. I mean if money isn’t a problem then why can’t he get the care that he needs? Or maybe he has?

At the time this post was made, just got the news that the Hollywood Con Queen was arrested, in Manchester, England.

And there’s also a book coming up.


I guess we will continue to hear from the Hollywood Con Queen and these convictions. Meanwhile, I will put some links below and update them from time to time.

Stay safe everyone.

Tyas is now a Partner Consultant and Trainer on Digital and Social Media at Bangwin Consulting, Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, Podcaster. For project inquiries,

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