There’s always risk in every job

There are jobs that have the risk of losing money. Some jobs have the risk of losing millions of dollars.

There are jobs that have the risk of losing someone’s life. Like doctors.

There are jobs that have to risk losing your life. Like firefighters and police.

There are jobs that have the risk of losing hundreds of people, every time you do the job. Like commercial air pilots.

And there are jobs that have the risk of somebody’s being disturbed, offended, or get mad. And sometimes those feelings do not stop there. It could also lead to being “canceled” on social media or legally sued and not very often but most possible get shot in the head.

Stand-up comedy is a form of art and performance.

The ideal setup of standup comedy is often in a closed indoor setting, depending on how huge the setting is, sometimes on a huge stage but always has a direct focus on attention on the comedian.

It often has one-liners jokes or remarks using common and familiar keywords that society uses. There is powerful storytelling in the performance that is always based on the observation of the comedian’s point of view.

That is why it is valued as a powerful way of communication. Doesn’t matter then or now, the ideal communication is always having aspects of credibility, facts, preparations, speed and it build relationships with the audience. That is why is the communicator becomes authentic. Because at that moment in time the communicator is leading the topic, the issue, the knowledge as any thought leader is the strongest or the only voice in the room.

The situation between Chris Rock and Will Smith on Oscar 2022.

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