Tyas is not satisfied unless achieving the highest standards. Works relentlessly to improve skills and knowledge, and the quality of work output. Always succeeds in explaining ideas clearly. Others find Tyas easy to understand. She also has the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand, and then to respond appropriately. Conversations with Tyas are two-way. People tend to listen and follow her example and guidance. Tyas is chosen as a leader without making an issue of leadership.

She also always contributes vigorously to the efforts of the team, whether as a leader or a team member. Understands own weaknesses and others’ strengths and goes to the right people for help. Sympathetically helps others to address their weaknesses. Tyas reacts quickly and decisively in an emergency, keeping a cool head and effectively leading others.

Muhammad Fikri, community partnerships Facebook Asia Pacific, ex Grab Indonesia, ex Bukalapak

Tyas Handayani is the ultimate strategist.
She is detailed oriented. She understands the big picture. She sees the long road. She plans meticulously. And the best part, is that she learns continuously.
Strategic planning at times needs to be relentless in practice. Because planning & executing are two different ball game. Consistency & Persistency are Tyas’ core strength. And if all this praise can only be simplify with one sentence, you can read what i told you at the beginning of this writing.

Pandji Pragiwaksono, Stand-up comedian, director, actor, writer, rapper, indiepreneur, founder Pita Kuning

One thing about Tyas is that she is a very outspoken person, expresses her views well, does not shy away from problems, and you can depend on her to get the job done. She may come across as being stubborn at times, but this stems from her belief and commitment to defend what she views as the correct or appropriate solution to a problem or issue. In her world there is no shades of grey just black or white. Outside the working environment she is a fun person, who has a lot of things going for her.

Nenny Soemawinata, Former Managing Director Putera Sampoerna Foundation, Founder The Transformation Institute

Tyas is a very capable professional  in her field. She gets thing done. She quickly adapts to the new environment and learn fast. She is a very good analyst and work systematically to find the best solution to a problem. She is also a capable leader and encourage her team to always be creative, but at the same time, she is a fun person to work with.

Sakto Wibisono, Former IT Director Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Tyas is the consummate professional whose calm demeanor belies the determination she possesses to succeed.

Her humanity shines through in all her interactions with people. She is a wonderful person who generously gives of her time and lends an ear to her many friends.

Dilip Kumar, Ex Sampoerna Strategic Group

No-nonsense and no fuss. Tyas is always about the honest-to-goodness insights, and you can expect the same level of integrity on her page…This is more than just learning from her own experiences; it’s also discovering more about yourself.

Azel Solano, Creative Manager at Putera Sampoerna Foundation / Sampoerna Schools System

Tyas Handayani adalah sosok pejuang yang tanpa kenal lelah terus menerus belajar. Berangkat dari latar belakang pendidikan ekonomi, memiliki segudang pengalaman di ad agency, masuk ke dunia ecommerce di Multiply, membangun divisi digital di sebuah korporasi dari nol (from scratch) di Putera Sampoerna Foundation, sampai akhirnya ia juga berhasil membenahi manajemen sebuah yayasan kanker anak (Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia).  (more…)

Abang Edwin SA, Founder Bangwin Consulting

For me, personally Mba Tyas is like a great book, the more you get to know her, the better it gets. Professionally, Mba Tyas is a prudent and systematic professional.  She is able to step back and remind us of the bigger strategic picture of the business.

Dr. Sendy Widjaja, Founder IndoSeni

Tyas is an optimistic and positive person. Such a pleasure to work with her.  She is very supportive to the team and genuine to make things happen.

Bagus Rahman Syah, CEO Gagasimaji

…For me, Tyas was and still is very reliable. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend Tyas to anyone who wishes to conduct business with her…


Emenda Brahmana, HR Business Partner for Commercial & Corporate Affairs