Lifestyle is about other topics i am passionate about.

Much curiosity to explore.

My journal fitness. What I have gathered through my experience in how to stay fit better than before. It is a series of postings my personal experience in getting to know the kind of exercise routine i like and what i need to do to stay healthy.

Photography. Still a beautiful mystery to me. Wanting to the learn more.

Fashion. An obsession. Before I do not dare to speak, to comment, to discuss. Interested with the lively intellectual beings of so many different category of creative people in this industry. Immensely adore their work and what they do.

Parenting. Will always become an ongoing learning. Fun experience with my child.

All have recently became series of projects like #TyasParentingProject or #TyasCookingProject and more to come.

These are my journal to explore more. And I need help.

Let’s start here 🙂