I love love love traveling.

Especially with my family.
Whether it is just us the three of us, me, my husband and my son.
Or with our parents, and our extended family members.
It is the adventures that we cherish as our happy memories.

Some designation are in Indonesia and some overseas.
We have many #keluargabangwin #familytraveling destination goals !
Very excited to reach every goals. Fingers crossed.

At first, I only wanted to share our journal experience and some lovely pictures.
But as I begin to write I found myself to explore more about what are the necessary things we need to prepare as a family.
The specific information and tips that most families should aware of or we feel families would appreciate the most.

From how to plan, itineraries, what to expect on the city or country, where to go
sightseeing or children’s playgrounds , where to shop and of course safety lists for children and grandparents.
I’d also always share links of my recommendations of places, shops or and supporting information within each stories.

Hopefully our memories could help you make your own family traveling memories.
Enjoy my travel blog