Wise perspective


Dear Evan

Look at this picture. Observe it well.

There is a dog so determine to get the bird. Might want to eat it.

And the dog is so focused on the bird that the dog does not realize dog is running toward a high cliff.

We can understand that might be the end of the dog as we all know dogs don’t fly.

The caption says,

A person can become so determined to destroy another person that they become blind and end up destroying themselves.

So what can we see from this situation above?

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Dear Evan

Here are some thoughts and wisdom. Gathered into stories and reflections.

I hope one day it can help you, guide you, be a source of direction, or even be a “pick me up” when you need it from time to time.

My goal in life is to make you strong. From the perfect embodiment of your reflection to the core beautiful being of your spiritual self.

Mama loves you.

Hope this helps.